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EP #78 | How to Define and Live by Your Core Values for Better Life Decisions

How to Define and Live by Your Core Values for Better Life Decisions


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In this episode of the "Awakened With Love and Rise with Pure Joy" podcast, Katie Joy, the Global Butterfly, dives into the importance of understanding and living by your core values. Discover how core values can guide your decisions, define your character, and lead you to a more authentic and fulfilling life. Learn practical steps to identify, define, and test your core values, ensuring they align with your true self and help you manifest your goals.

00:05 - Introduction
00:29 - Core Values: What Are They?
01:34 - Core Values: Your Personal GPS
02:01 - Defining Your Core Values
03:57 - Testing Your Core Values
04:36 - Question 1: Monetary Sacrifice
06:40 - Question 2: Stress Test
07:16 - Question 3: Future Self
08:20 - Question 4: Competitive Disadvantage
10:10 - Conclusion

Key Takeaways:

  • Understand the essence of core values and their impact on your life
  • Practical steps to define and live by your core values
  • Four essential questions to test the authenticity of your core values

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