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Are you feeling stuck in your life, or an area of your life but unsure of what's holding you back?

Do you feel like you have hidden energy blocks that are keeping you from living the life you truly desire? 



If so, then this free masterclass is perfect for you!


In this masterclass, you'll discover how to identify and clear energy blocks that are preventing you from living the life you love. You'll learn about the Clarity Map and how to use it to create a personalised clearing practice that works for you.


This is the exact same process Katie uses for herself and her clients to identify and clear energy blocks and design a life you love to live - with clarity, purpose and joy!


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Let's Clear The Fear And Release The Resistance So You Can Create A Life And Business That You Love!

Thousands of students worldwide trust Katie Joy. Register for the masterclass now!

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What's In Your Clarity Map Masterclass:

Gain A Deeper Understanding

of energy blocks and how they affect your daily life. 


Learn Practical Exercises And Techniques

for identifying and clearing your energy blocks.


Develop A Personalised Clearing Practice

that will help you achieve your goals and live a fulfilling life.


Living A Life You Love

Tips for maintaining a clear energy flow


Who Is This Masterclass For?

The "Your Clarity Map Masterclass"
is FOR you if you are:

  • Seeking clarity and direction in your life.
  • It is for you if you feel stuck, uncertain,
  • Or overwhelmed
  • And if you are looking for guidance and tools to help you gain clarity and focus on your goals.

The "Your Clarity Map Masterclass"
is NOT FOR for any one who is:

  • Not willing to put in the effort and work towards gaining clarity.
  • It is not for any one who are not open to self-reflection and growth
  • Or for any one who is looking for a quick fix solution without putting in the necessary effort.
  • The masterclass is also not for any one who have already achieved complete clarity and are satisfied with the direction of their life.

Meet Your Mentor,
Katie Joy


Katie Joy is a certified Advanced Neuro-liguistics Practitioner, Hypnotherapist, Energy Healer, Business Mentor and Transformation coach with almost 15 years of experience helping people overcome their energy blocks and design their life to live the life they love. She is passionate about helping people break free from their limitations and achieve their full potential.

Through her podcast, blog, The Manifesting Circle membership and her signature foundational course "The Awakened Soul Program" she has helped thousands, of people around the world learn the self-awareness skills to harness and master their energy to identify and clear energy blocks so they are able to manifest a life they love!


$197 FREE!

Let's clear the fear and release the resistance so you can create a life and business that you love.

Thousands of students worldwide trust Katie Joy. Register for the masterclass now!