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Aimee Hanson, USA

“She talks to herself in the funniest way when doing 1:1 balances and her memory, or access to what’s in that mind of hers/universal knowing, is really f***ing amazing - the way she stacks things! She obviously knows and lives what she teaches - its the water she swims in .. the air that fills her lungs. SHE WALKS HER TALK.”

Wendy Johnson, Australia

“Katie has such a huge loving energy to share. She is willing to share her experiences, and what she has learnt to inspire us all to be the best we can. To live a life of love and light and joy!...When you choose to do Katie's programs it will be one of the best gifts you can give yourself!”

Laura Trimble, Ireland

“My experience of Katie Joy is she is wonder woman. She doesn't just help you, you gives you the tools and guides you to show up and do the work for yourself. She is truthful with her words and she shares parts of her life that help you feel connected. Her intuition and energy is magical. Words can't describe how I feel about Katie Joy but until you experience her you will understand for yourself. One word I will say is Grateful. I am grateful for Katie showing up in my life and what it is leading me to.”

Traci Scherck, USA

“My experience of Katie Joy is she is love and light..[She's an] energy force that is soulfully connected."

Päivi Pätsi, Finland

What she delivers is always over my expectations. She makes us feel special. She knows how to make an impact.”

Jordene Sydney, New Zealand

"Thank you my sister. You are an inspiration and I love you immeasurably. Thank you for helping me on my path to fulfil my mission here on earth, to soar like an eagle, be me, be of service to self and others in love light and peace.

Dianne Elson Townsville, Qld. AUSTRALIA

"I have had the pleasure of working with Katie Joy for quite awhile now. Katie has opened up a whole new world for me. I cannot put into words how much Katie has helped me dig really deep to unlock and allow the real me to start to shine. Katie has a unique talent that I have not come across before. I feel very blessed to have come across Katie"

Kathy Hector, Spain

"She has guided me from a complete unmotivated mess not being able to function on a day to day basis in the 'normal' sense of the word, to believing that improvement IS possible and that I have the power to change the downward spiral that I was on."

Nadine Schaefer, Byron Bay, NSW AUSTRALIA

"Katie Joy has turned my life around! she is an absolutely amazing life strategist, straight to the point and spot on every time! Do yourself the favour and take one of her life changing courses! You will not regret it!"

Sylvia Schaefer, Germany

"Buddha says "What you are is what you have been; what you will be is what you do now." I had read and heard this saying many times before, but only after being on Katie's program, my heart was open for the message. I was the procrastinating queen, dreaming up and planning all sorts of fantastic journeys and goals, but not moving towards those goals, because, to me they didn't seem perfect yet. Katie taught me the most important lesson: Taking daily small (imperfect action) steps will bring instant change and lead to my goals in the end. Don't wait for the perfect time or big signs, just get up and go, the small signs leading the way, are there already. Trust your instinct and go for it. Thank you Katie for your amazing program and thank you to all the loving soul sisters in the group."

Marcia Miatke WA AUSTRALIA

"I've done multiple programs with Katie Joy and honestly don't know where I'd be without them. I have manifested more than I could imagine and my emotional state is amazing. I feel like I am thriving despite some really challenging circumstances in my personal life. I know that all these experiences are serving my growth. While I knew this on a deeper level, doing these programs have helped me reconnect with this knowing on a more consistent basis. Since started her programs last year I manifested my dream house (literally), co-authored an international best-selling book, attracted and booked my first coaching client, and the list goes on but most importantly, I FEEL LIKE I AM IN MY POWER!!! I AM A MANIFESTING QUEEN!! Thank you so much Katie Joy, Love you to bits!!!"


"I initially spoke with Katie when I was feeling frustrated about my coaching business not getting results I knew I was capable of. I wanted to start leveraging my time and doing one to many work, instead of one to one. 

However I wasn't sure what to do. There was information overload when I searched online and nothing seemed to fit. Katie invited me to join her "Design your Life, Live Your Dreams" Program to see what's possible. 

During this program [and 1:1 coaching] I was given the framework I needed to create something pretty special. I'm only on my second round and already have over 70 participants registered - and that's without advertising!

This absolutely exceeded my expectations. However the best part is that I'm now reaching my target audience in a way that feels authentic. I know I'm on the right path as I've witnessed huge transformations with the participants in my group. 

Although it's still early days I am confident that this structure is the key that I was searching for. 

Thank you Katie for helping me to help others. xxx

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