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You are guided through this workbook, which is jam-packed with powerful questions to help you create an instant shift in clarity and action to manifest your goals - including Katie's signature 7-Question Framework.


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This is the same method Katie uses to reflect on and set goals in her own life and with her clients. In her true authentic fashion, it makes implementing and creating change fun, inspiring and informative.

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About Katie Joy


Hey There! I’m Katie Joy, “The Global Butterfly,” known for transforming lives and businesses from the inside out with LOVE. I’m the host/founder of the Soul Goal Mapping Challenge, The Manifesting Circle, The Awakened Soul Program, Soul Goal Academy, and The Money Game—Mind It! Make It! Manage It! Multiply It! and “Confidence, Clients, Cash KICKSTART!” along with The Katie Joy Podcast: Awaken With Love And Rise With Pure Joy!

I'm a spiritual alchemist, energy healer, & lifestyle transformationist specialising in energy alignment & emotional intelligence, healing past trauma, and soul alignment, so you can upgrade your reality to live with purpose and experience more joy, love, prosperity, and abundance.

I'm also a spiritual mentor, money, marketing, and mindset coach, healer, and former paramedic, trained in psychology, critical care paramedicine, and chiropractic care, along with a myriad of healing and coaching modalities. My life's mission is to help accelerate your spiritual awakening, heal your heart, align with your soul's purpose, and activate your new, upgraded reality! So that you can live your authentic, meaningful life on your terms, with peace, purpose, prosperity, joy and abundance.

  • I’ve been called an ‘Alchemist’ and ‘Activator’ for my ability to bring out the best in people for true (and lasting) healing and transformation

  • I have helped clients from 13 different countries, across many different industries, careers, and roles, to clear energy blocks that were once holding them back and the guidance to spread their wings and fly!
  • I have helped people transform relationship conflict from their ‘worst case scenario’ to their ‘best case scenario, shift small business owners and healers from swapping only their time for money to elevating their business models with more impact, more reach, more clients, and more time for themselves again.

  • I have helped hundreds of people shift out of physical and/or emotional pain into purpose, thriving with vitality and creativity for life again!

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This workbook will give you guidance and tools.
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