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EP #75 | Are You Burnt Out and Feeling Low? Understanding Depression

Are You Burnt Out and Feeling Low? Understanding Depression: What It Is, Why It Happens, and How to Shift It!

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Have you ever felt the heavy weight of depression dragging you down, making it hard to move forward? Or maybe you're experiencing it right now and wondering what it truly is and how you can break free from its grip? 🌟

In this insightful episode, Katie Joy, also known as The Global Butterfly, dives deep into the nature of depression and shares powerful strategies to move through it quickly and effectively.


Who is this for?
This episode is perfect for anyone feeling the burdens of depression or low energy and for those looking to gain a deeper understanding of their mental and emotional health. Whether you're struggling with these feelings yourself or know someone who is, you'll find valuable insights and practical tips to help navigate through challenging times.


Highlights of this podcast:
Understanding Depression: Learn what depression really is and how it affects your mind and body.
The Thought-Feeling Connection: Discover how your thoughts drive your feelings, which in turn impact your physical sensations and actions.
Quick Energy Hacks: Katie shares a simple yet powerful exercise to instantly shift your mood and energy levels.
A Fun Strategy: Hear a delightful story from Disneyland that demonstrates how changing your physical state can elevate your mood and create lasting joy.
Mindset Management: Gain insights into managing your mood by mastering your mindset, a key component of Katie’s foundational program, The Awakened Soul Program.


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Love, light, and manifesting miracles, magic, and more. See you in the next episode!


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