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Episode #62 | Successful Manifesting lessons from a 7 year old

Successful Manifesting Lessons: From A 7-Year Old


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Have you ever wondered why it sometimes seem to be hard and full of effort for some people to manifest what they want, and for others it seems to come with effortless flow?


🎙️ Introduction:

In this episode, Katie shares an important process, and a very important key, that most adults miss, that she shares with you in this story of her seven year old son who has a masterful successful lesson to teach by his own ‘beingness’. Whether you're an aspiring entrepreneur, a conscious creator, or someone seeking to manifest your goals and build your dream life, this episode is for you. 


🔍 Who's This For:

This episode is not just for parents—it's for everyone striving to turn dreams into reality. Whether you're an entrepreneur, a conscious creator, or simply someone with big dreams, this is a must-listen.


🌟 Key Takeaways:

  1. Be calm and centred. Breath to balance your nervous system
  2. Have a clear goal and visualise it
  3. Visualise the process of manifesting the goal
  4. Visualise your ideal self, being the version of yourself now
  5. Take aligned action.
  6. THE KEY: Act and speak with positive expectation. 


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