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Are You Burnt Out and Feeling Low? Understanding Depression: What It Is, Why It Happens, and How to Shift It!

May 14, 2024

Are You Burnt Out and Feeling Low? Understanding Depression: What It Is, Why It Happens, and How to Shift It!

Have you ever experienced depression? Or maybe you're experiencing it right now? Have you ever wondered what it really is and how to move forward? Well, stick with me because in this short article, I'm going to share with you what depression is and how to move through it quickly.

Hi there, it's Katie Joy, the Global Butterfly, founder of and the Awakened With Love and Rise With Pure Joy podcasts. Today, I'm excited to share a quick energy hack to help you understand what depression really is and how to move through it.

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What is Depression, Really?

So, what is depression? We often believe that it's something that happens to us, but there's more to it. In my foundational program, the Awakened Soul Program, I teach my clients from all over the world how to harness the most of their energy. This means using your mindset to manage your mood, not letting your mood determine your mindset.

Thoughts drive your feelings, which drive your physical sensations—the biological response in your body. This chain reaction determines your decisions, actions, and behaviour, which ultimately shape your results. Most people aren't aware of what they think or the full range of their feelings. They might just say, "I feel sad" or "I lack energy." The physical sensation might be anxiety or tiredness. This often leads to inaction and poor outcomes.


The Thought-Feeling Connection

Let's address a couple of things around depression. I've already mentioned how thoughts become feelings, feelings drive physical sensations, and this feedback loop can either spiral down or climb up in frequency. How you think determines your decisions, behaviours, and actions, which shape your results.

Now, let's break down the word "depression." DEP means depart from; RESS comes from a rechargeable energy storage system (your body is your vehicle); ION means energy. So, depression essentially means a departure from your rechargeable energy storage system. This happens when you are not living in alignment with your soul's truth and purpose.


A Quick Exercise to Shift Your Mood

You might be wondering, "What are you really talking about, Katie?" Let's do a quick exercise. Grab a pen or pencil. Recall a time when you felt depressed. Focus on that feeling and notice your body's response. Now, put the pen in your mouth and look up to the sky. Keep thinking about those depressive thoughts. You'll notice it's hard to access those feelings anymore. This shows how your thoughts create your feelings, and your body has to be in a certain position to feel depressed.


A Fun Strategy to Elevate Your Mood

Here's a fun strategy to elevate your mood. When I went to Disneyland with friends, we decided to skip around the park instead of walking. This elevated our mood and created a memorable, magical experience. If you're feeling down, choose to be happy by moving your body in joyful ways, like skipping.


Closing Thoughts

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Love, light, and manifesting miracles, magic, and more. See you in the next article!