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The Four Levels of Consciousness - Related To Goals [Part 2]

four levels of consciousness goal setting goals results Dec 02, 2022

Before you begin this read, if you haven't read the first article "The Four Levels of Consciousness - And How To Evolve Through Them" be sure to check that out first. 

In this article, I will cover a little more information on HOW you are choosing your goals based on the four levels of consciousness, driven by your dominant view of the world.

If you are one of the few who actually set written goals and act on them, well done! Did you know that, statistically only about three percent of the population set goals and only about one percent actually write them down! The key to successfully achieving your goals is to CLEARLY KNOW WHAT THEY ARE, and writing them down not only helps to clarify them, but to also amplify their speed into your reality. 

Setting clear goals, and writing them down gives your conscious mind, and more importantly your subconscious mind, a direction to point its attention. Where your attention goes your energy flows. Without a clear direction of what you are creating, you are more likely to default to habits of thinking, feeling and doing that repeatedly cycle over the same fears, doubts, concerns, worries, and reactiveness to life.

Instead, when you are clear on what you want to create (instead of what you don't want), and set foot in the direction of your goals with consistent daily action, you act with purpose, precision and experience more adventure on your journey as you manifest your goals into your reality.

The Four (4) Levels of Consciousness Related To Goals

Level 1: Life happens TO ME (Victim)

In victimhood, from this perspective (or view of the world) based on their beliefs, programming and experiences, most of the goals are a reaction to AVOID failing, or avoid not fitting in (not being accepted or fear of being rejected by family, culture, society). Rarely are these goals written down. If they are consciously chosen, it is more a focus on what they believe OTHERS want for them. For example, to become a medical doctor or lawyer, because that's what the family expects of them. To get married, be a 'good wife' and 'stay at home mother' because "that's what my family expect of me (that goal is FINE if it is truly what you want). 

Often the goals (rarely written down) are survival goals. With a focus on 'problems' and being stuck in them, without consideration of solutions or other possibilities. Often people in this frequency will believe they are helpless to their circumstances, and their fate is in the hands of others, rather than being aware they can choose new possibilities in any give moment. 

Goals are usually 'avoidance' goals, often focused on what they "don't want." For example, "I don't want to be in this toxic relationship anymore" or "I don't want to be in this job that sucks all my life-force energy anymore," (but they fear leaving it for lack of finances, or fear of the unknown and instead focus on "the devil they know.") 

'Avoidant' goals lack a direction to aim at to create new possibilities, because the subconscious mind is locked on and focused on what they "don't want." Let me help you out with understanding this. As you read this, don't focus on an orange elephant in a blue tutu. Did you see that orange elephant in a blue tutu in your mind? Your subconscious mind deletes the 'don't' and only focuses on the next instruction. So make sure when you set your goals they are specifically pointing your attention on what you WANT, not on what you don't want. 

The 'victim' consciousness is completely disconnected from intuition, and may not even realise it is available to them. 

Goals of the Victim archetype are typically fear-driven. And they will give up at the slightest challenge, obstacle or when things get tough. In fact, they may not even ever get started. "Someday" is their mantra. Within this consciousness, the belief is "when I have that thing, then I will be happy and I will do 'x'."

Level 2: Life happens BY ME (Hustler)

The Hustler, is awakening to new possibilities, driven by questioning the status quo, challenges reality and pushes back on the rules imposed. The Hustler will stretch into educating themselves to learn new skills, practical, spiritual, emotional, and professional. 

The letting go of blame (level 1 - Victimhood) and embracing responsibility, has the Hustler shift their attention to what is important to them, their values. They also focus on creating a new vision of possibility for their life, which acts as a 'north star' to determine what goals align with their vision and values. So the goals are more internally focused. 

Goals of the Hustler archetype are typically fear-driven because they are still based in survival, focused usually on the self - for example "my finances, my business, my health, my relationship with a soul mate." 

The trap for the Hustler who is stuck in goals happening 'by me' is they WILL get results, often because they push, control and manipulate their circumstances to accomodate, and at times willing to bend or conflict with their values to meet survival needs and make their goals happen. Without learning to let go of being controlling, they don't practice trusting themselves and their intuition. Hence the 'fear-based' frequency with these goals. They simply don't believe they will come true, or that things won't get done without them doing it themselves, in a way that they understand and can control.  

These goals are often material focused, and very much central to their self-based needs and goals. 

Because their goals are so central focused on the self, they often struggle with procrastination, lacking motivation when challenges show up or things get tough. Their REASON WHY is too small, lacking a greater impact beyond themselves. So without an inspiring reason to stay in the realm of "what else is possible?," they may easily give up, only to cycle back into being motivated again when they get too uncomfortable with their current reality.



Level 3: Life happens THROUGH ME (In Flow)

Moving into a love-frequency, connected to their Higher Power, those In Flow will not only align their goals with their highest values and vision for life, they are now operating with a MUCH BIGGER PURPOSE.

Goals are internally inspired for the HIGHEST GOOD AND PURPOSE of their soul and serving others for the greater good. 

Because the person In Flow is deeply connected to their intuition, and trusts it, they are flexible in their approach, enthusiastic most of the time (and in the moments they are not, they bounce back really quickly because they REST and tune INWARDS to LISTEN to their Soul guiding them with their next best step, even if it doesn't directly make sense). So for example, you're a healer in business, and wondering how you are going to promote your services to get some more clients. You might feel a 'block' so you meditate or even simply allow yourself to get grounded by going out into nature for a walk, or doing the dishes, or switching to a fun creative task in your office, and during a 'download' you feel inspired to suddenly go to the store to buy groceries to make a delicious healthy dinner for a meal that night. As you head to the store, you drive past a bus and on that bus is an advert for a company. Something about that advert triggers an idea for you to use within your promotions. So you pull up at the store to get your groceries now INSPIRED and EXCITED with a social media post idea. You take a moment to type it out on your phone and post it. It lands well with your message and for who are seeking your services. And you find you have a really deep connection with someone who reaches out to you in your private messages to ask you how they can work with you, before you've even made it home to prepare your dinner. BOOM! You have just listened to and been guided by your intuition. THAT is the pathway to soul-aligned success!

These goals while they may have a material aspect, that is rarely the FOCUS. For example, the Hustler will focus on MONEY, therefore it's about getting money. They only see money as the 'thing' that has value, when money itself is only the agreed token of exchange for value. The person IN FLOW will focus on how to SERVE OTHERS TO ADD VALUE, and as a direct result of that benefits from receiving money and other resources (because they understand that money itself is not the thing they are after, but the effect of what money can help them experience - the home, the lifestyle freedom, time to workout on their own schedule, etc). Do you see the difference?

Level 4: Life happens AS ME  (Oneness/Unity/Enlightened)

The focus on life happens 'as me' shifts from setting goals to "KNOW" goals. 

At first, when I say this out loud to clients, they hear it as "NO GOALS." 

But rather it is a fully activated presence on being IN THE MOMENT, and moving with LIFE in a way that is in FULL KNOWING (listening and guided by their intuition and psychic senses) and relaxed in a state of bliss, joy and ease as they move within each moment simply BEING. That being is a consciousness and energy that inspires to act (DO) in appropriate times to HAVE and manifest what they set their intention on. It's a deep surrender in leadership of self and others, allowing all their senses to be activated in awareness of the physical world and the spiritual world to form reality.  

Life in this consciousness is a full flow of ease, joy, and bliss knowing that we are ALL connected, and how to connect with the Higher Self to be guided by the awareness that all wisdom, information and manifestation is available at any given moment, when we let go of the idea of separation and realise that we are all ONE, living out different aspects and experiences. Which means all the information is available within the energy field, since we are all energy, and from ONE SOURCE. 


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