The Four Levels of Consciousness - And How To Evolve Through Them [Part 1]

4 levels of consciousness energy four levels of consciousness frequency spiritual evolution Nov 25, 2022

In every moment we view the world based on our emotional state of being, which is filtered through the quality of our self awareness. Our reality can be experienced by life events, beliefs, patterns, programming, social conditioning to name but a few. Or it can be experienced by what we view from within ourselves first. 

Because the human journey is one of navigating it's way through waking up from the programming of this 3D (matrix) world and working to dissolve the projections, patterns, programming, and conditioning awakening to remembering who we really are, we fluctuate with our state of awareness in any given moment. We use these constructs to contextualise our experience and determine the nature of our reality, which the experience can change through the shift with our emotional and spiritual awareness. 


The four levels of consciousness we view the reality of our world experience through are:

  • TO ME (victim consciousness)
  • BY ME (responsibility consciousness)
  • THROUGH ME (surrender consciousness)
  • AS ME (oneness/unity consciousness)

While we may predominately live in one of these states of being more often than others, the truth is we fluctuate through these states several times a day, sometimes in minutes, other times in hours. 

Below I describe these four states of consciousness how these come into effect, and how you can shift your awareness through your emotional state. 




In this first level of consciousness, reality is experienced from a place of "life happens to me." There is a feeling of a lack of control, believing that everything experienced is at the effect of someone or something outside of themselves. They will live in reaction to external forces and personal history, feeling like they can't do anything about it and have no awareness of personal responsibility for one's own reality. Blaming and complaining, pointing the finger, making excuses, justifying why things can't or won't change unless someone else should fix it. 

The internal dominant question will be "Why me?" "Whose fault is this?"

There is a lack of self-leadership; and leading others is perceived as a burden, often believing that others are incompetent. Happiness is fleeting, there is a sense of never having enough time, life is lived in scarcity, never experiencing enough of anything, and void of any sense of purpose. 

Benefits (the reason why someone clings to this state of consciousness) include: experience separateness (so they can be excluded from blame or taking responsibility), due to lack of purpose channels energy into drama for entertainment, and feeling good through an adrenalin (and dopamine) high. Supports empathy towards others (especially pain).  

This first level of consciousness operates in a fear-frequency.

Is disconnected from their intuition.

In order to 'up level' to the second level of consciousness, one must let go of blame.



In this second level of consciousness, reality is experienced from a place of "life happens to me." It is the duality of the first level of consciouses, reacting to external forces and personal history from a place of personal responsibility and control. The ego leads, (falsely) believing it has complete control of one's life. From this level of consciousness, life is lived from a sense of personal empowerment, including appreciation and curiosity; with a leading belief that we create our own reality. Problems are often created to give one existence and purpose to learn from them and solve them.

The internal dominant question will be "What can I learn?" "What do I want to create?"

Takes responsibility for self leadership with a focus on what skills are to be mastered. Believes happiness and purpose are both a choice to be decided and created. 

Benefits include personal empowerment and a focus on clarity defining wants and desires. 

This second level of consciousness may surprise you, but it is also rooted in a fear-based frequency.

Doesn't trust their intuition.

In order to 'up level' to the third level of consciousness, one must let go of control, and surrender to a Higher Power to trust and be guided by their intuition. 



In this third level of consciousness, is the first higher level emotional state that operates in a frequency of love. In this state, life is experienced from a place of "life happens through me." In order to rise up into this frequency to experience this emotional state with regularity requires giving up the fear-based context of the two lower states; letting go of negative ego-drive reality (blame and control) and surrendering into a trust-based reality that is anchored in a frequency of love. In both the upper states, we realise that we are the co-creator of our reality AND we are trusting and observant with positive anticipation for what wants to occur through oneself. One is a conduit for spirit to move through us to which a heightened level of intuition is both mastered and immediately actioned upon. 

The internal dominant question will be "What wants to happen through me?"

Believes they are the source of all meaning of experience, things are perfect, whole and complete, and that life handles all apparent "problems; that everything will work out". 

Takes responsibility for self and for others, stepping up in leadership whenever the opportunity presents itself and there is a need for someone to step up. Lives predominantly in a state of happiness, and is present living life in the moment. 

Benefits include non-attachment, unlimited possibility, living wonder, awe and in the flow connected to Higher Power, experiences an abundance of everything.  

Operates with a frequency of love.

Has mastery of their intuition.

In order to 'up level' to the fourth level of consciousness, one must let go of the idea of separation.



In this fourth level of consciousness, life is experienced from a place of "life happens as me." It is often described as feeling connected "as one with everything," and experienced as unity with all that is. Others are simply an extension of self, having a unique expression and experience of life, but one all the same. It is the place of non-dualism. It is a blissful state of consciousness, spacious and a deep sense of peace. 

There are no more internal dominant questions, rather an experience of "knowingness." 

Believes this is only oneness. There are no problems, and no one to "solve" them. 

Benefits include an experience of oneness and non-dualism, unlimited freedom and peace, a heightened awareness and mastery of energetic vibrations rather than a focus on moods or thinking states. Serenity is the consistent experience. 

Is self-directed, deeply understands oneself and others, and shares leadership roles. 

Connected to source, operates from a state of "knowingness."

Operates within a frequency of love. 



There are no wrong 'levels' of consciousness. We are ALL on the journey as spiritual beings having the human experience. But one's life experience may be greatly up levelled with a new appreciation of life with these insights and taking note of which level of consciousness we are currently operating from, and elevate ourselves from the pit of feeling like a victim from life's circumstances to embracing a sense of wonder, joy, ease, awe, and abundance. 

You cannot skip levels, leaping from one over another to the next one without the experience of the previous. They each require an awakening (and remembering) to a more intrinsic awareness of who we really are. Spiritual evolution is not linear either. Meaning you don't evolve to the next level and stay there. It's a fluctuation, not of 'up and down' but rather a network of frequencies often determined and released by identifying limiting beliefs, programming and conditioning, as one shifts from living from the ego and surrenders to the power of their Soul, connected to Source. 

As a leader in your life and or business a valuable insight to truly understand is that people receive and interpret understanding from the level of where they are currently at. This is an acknowledgement of the power of awareness in language and communication. If someone in 'as me' communicates to someone operating in 'to me,' they will filter and interpret the content differently with their own life experience (context). 

It is estimated that 97% of people spend 90% of their time in the first two levels of consciousness, in 'to me' and 'by me' emotional states, being aware of this can enhance our ability to communicate more effectively and elevate not only ourselves but others when we prioritise our focus on being connected with our Higher Power, in flow, being in 'oneness' and not only activating but expanding our creativity. 

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