Slow Progress Is Better Than No Progress

adpatability change consistent progress progressing success Jul 21, 2022

Do you ever feel like you're spinning your wheels, stuck in ground hog day with all your responsibilities while your dreams and goals are on the back burner… instead of joyfully manifesting them?

Or maybe you have lots of "great ideas" and you get into action, and you are moving forward, but it's like taking two-steps forward then five steps back! You know you have what it takes to manifest your ideal results, but it's just not happening fast enough. Am I right?

Here's the truth. 

There is real value in the fable, "the hare and the tortoise." 

Slow and steady wins the race. 

Run your own race!

If you still struggle with the idea of "competition" that weaves it's way through the human social conditioning, or that there is not enough to go around if you don't act quickly or you will lose out (scarcity program) then it's good to know (or remember) that abundance truly abounds and is available to all of us. Including you. 

But now I can hear you wondering, "but Katie, how is it available to me!?"

It begins with being crystal clear with your intention on what you are creating, what your end result is. 

And I'm not suggesting you 'attach' yourself to the specific material end result (whether that is business, health, relationships, or anything else), but rather, experience visualising your end result as already achieved and even go beyond that 'point in time' and experience how you feel now that you have accomplished that. What do you experience within yourself when you go there in your mind?

Now, unless you have learned to harness and master your energy, for some this visualisation process can point their attention straight back to the current reality pointing at the evidence of their dream not yet come true, and screaming "but nothing has changed! Look! My life still sucks!"

But I ask you this. When you attach yourself to the energy of where you are currently at, and keep telling yourself and others THAT story, how do you feel?

But when you truly focus your mind and align your energy with positive charged emotions in your body because you can see, hear and feel your goal DONE in your mind's eye..... NOW HOW DO YOU FEEL?

Good.. or GREAT, right?

Let's see how great you feel, shall we?

  • Excited, ready to move into action
  • Happy, with a big smile on your face even!
  • "Happy feet!" because you are jigging on the spot with glee!
  • Not just hopeful, but full of inspiration, so full in fact that nothing will hold you back from taking immediate action NOW!
  • Energised, because the vision, your goal, your emotions and the action you are now taking are aligned and flowing with the energy of LOVE, not fear. 


But here's the thing. 

Just like turning a massive cruise ship around in the ocean which won't happen on a dime, but rather, by setting a new course in the navigation system, then moving all the team in alignment to turn the ship around, it is just as important to have your conscious mind, subconscious mind, and daily habits (starting small), ALIGN to move you in the direction towards your ideal goal outcomes. 

You gotta realise that like most people (if you're human this includes you), there are a whole lotta layers of social conditioning and programming, lots of limiting beliefs and negatives story scripts that run in the back of your mind that would be really useful to release and let go, as well as reprogram your mind for success. Wouldn't you agree?

And you gotta be gracious with yourself.

Acknowledge where you are at now (and that all your previous choices led you to THIS very reality you have created, but also celebrate knowing that you can make new choices to move you into a new reality). Know what you want to create for your new reality in any, or all, areas of your life. Then move in the general direction of that end result. 

And let go of trying to spin there on a dime, as the journey is equally important if not more so, than the end result, because there are skills you will need to learn (personal development, business, emotional, spiritual, physical, mental, emotional, etc). Without these skills, or adequate mastery of the skills you require to be the new version of you, even if you got the money now, or the ideal relationship, or a leaner body, or a 100K+ a year online coaching business without having to work more than 20 hours a week, you'd likely sabotage it in just as quicktime, with limiting beliefs about 'worthiness,' 'deserving,' 'good enough,' or even simply having the confidence to HOLD that reality, and maintain it.

Not just maintain it, but grow to the next level again. 

Whether we're talking about physical, mental , emotional, spiritual or financial progress, slow progress is always better than none at all.

This is because long-term success is nothing but a build-up of small, consistent steps and actions.

Plus, progressing slowly allows you to adapt to the changes and learn everything along the journey, so you can up-level your skills, or hone your mastery of them, along the way. 

Being consistent, and tuning into your energy to know when to rest and know when to sprint, but most of the time, know when to PACE, is the key. 

So, are you a sprinter or are you in for the long run?


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