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The 5 Levels Of Burnout

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Personal development may first seem exciting but the truth is, in most cases you will reach a burnout at some point.

Here are the 5 stages of such stress:

1. Honey-moon phase

During the honeymoon phase, you are performing well physically and mentally and are just surfing the flow of positivity.

This stage is characterised with the lack of resistance and high levels of performance.

2. Stress on-set

After some time in the productive vortex, you may find yourself lacking time for personal needs, hobbies and other forms of enjoyment.

3. Chronic stress

If the stress on-set lingers on for some time, it becomes chronic stress.

This phase is characterised with a decreased ability to solve problems, as well as overall decreased performance.

4. Burnout

Chronic stress inevitably leads to a full-blown burnout, if you sustain it.

A burnout is characterised by a higher desire to isolate yourself from social environments, with a tendency to become more pessimistic and anxious.

5. Habitual burnout

If you don't work through the burnout and skip recovery time, you might reach a full, habitual burnout.

The habitual burnout is characterised with depression, chronic mental and physical fatigue and lack of meaning in general.

To avoid these, you have to learn how to manage your energy, thoughts, emotions and actions, in order to achieve balance across all aspects.