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Create & Activate Your Ideal Vision For Your Life

5d consciousness lifestyle mind & body Mar 02, 2021

What does it mean to create and activate your ideal vision for your life?

It’s setting a clear intention for creating exactly what you want to experience in your ideal version of your life. It’s creating a clear picture, and even creating new magical memories in the moment rehearsing what you want to create in your imagination, so that you can activate it into your reality.

When you are clear on what you want to experience, and most importantly how you want to feel, then it becomes a new mental pathway, a new focus for you to practice with imagination, and an ideal vision to create a new reality, called your ideal life.

Why is it important to do this?

It’s important to intentionally create and activate your ideal vision for your ideal life because the reality is you are already using your imagination every moment, every day.

But the problem is, until you are intentionally creating, typically you’ll be defaulting to imagining based on previous experiences and memories in your past, through a filter of limiting beliefs and meaning, which often leads to visualising the worst case possible scenarios.

Like, “what if I fail?”
Or “what if I’m not enough?”
Or “what if I do this and I’m rejected?”
Or “what if I go for the job and I just don’t get it?”
Or “if I share my offer with the world, who will want it?”
Or “if I let him or her know that I like them, what if they don’t feel the same way about me?”

You see we tend to typically imagine the worst case scenarios because we are programmed to stay safe. That’s the brain’s way of protecting you. However that’s not a very conscious or mindful way of living and creating your ideal life, is it?

What happens when we imagine the worst case scenario? We tend to shrink back, contract, and maybe not even go for what we want to create, that is, what we desire never gets activated! And worse, often what we don’t want, is what we focus on, and that becomes part of the pattern of your life experience, again and again.

And here’s the kicker, what we think about, determines how we feel. It calibrates our emotional frequency. So if you’re having negative or doubtful thoughts, it would make sense then, that you would feel hesitant, and less likely to take action. Or if you do push ahead, it’s likely those actions are rooted in FEAR based thinking, therefore in a fear-based vibration, and you will get fear-based results.


That never works out well. Usually, those dreams, quickly become nightmares. At first you attract the charming partner, who within weeks or months begins to reveal their tendency to be toxic and harmful. The new dream job or client you attracted, quickly turns your attention to finding an exit strategy because it’s not at all a pleasant experience working in the new environment or with the new client. That sparkly opportunity that seemed so amazing, now shows at its core that there are some unpleasant things to deal with.

Do you want to know why these things happen, and to you?

This is a Universal truth.

It’s because you don’t get what you verbally ask for.

You get what is a vibrational MATCH to your core frequency. Are you in a vibration of fear, even if you are excited about what you are asking for, when you ask for it?

Is your attention on your intention CLEAN, and CLEAR of emotional resistance?

You see, even if you are clear on asking The Universe for that which is your desire, but you have 65,000 (or even 1) negative conflicting dominant thought VIBRATION, then the most dominant vibration will reflect in what you REALISE. It’s your vibrational frequency that is communicated to The Universe. And while all words carry a vibration, your emotional experience supporting those words, whether spoken out loud or in the quiet recesses of your own mind, are what the Universe communicates with.

The thing is, most of the negative and fearful programming is so deep within our sub-conscious mind. You know it’s there, because you can FEEL the resistance in your body, but you may not be aware of the emotional block(s), the beliefs that are rooted there and the meaning you give each of those experiences, that is holding you back from truly realising your IDEAL outcome. Or it’s what’s causing you to sabotage the good stuff that you do manifest. You might want to accelerate dissolving these blocks, with an Energy Balance and Clearing session. 

It’s your vibrational frequency that determines what you tune in to, to receive and experience.

So are you ready to raise your emotional vibration to tune into the frequency of your most ideal soul-aligned success?


How do you know if you’re ready?

Intentionally creating an activating your ideal vision for your ideal life is for you if you know you want to create a better experience, A better reality for yourself, and others.

You might be thinking about transforming a particular area in your life, like a relationship, your health or your career/business. But the truth is, everything is energy. And how you do anything affects everything. So when you focus on transforming one key area in your life, your whole life will have an uplifting experience, as you raise your overall frequency.

By using the “Create & Activate Your Ideal Life & Business” method you create a better reality for yourself because you will be feeling more in alignment with the frequency of the vision and imagination of your success. And by using this for your own self, it means that you will express the highest version of yourself and experience the highest version of your life which means others get the benefit from your brightest expression too.

So how do you create and activate the vision for your ideal life?

It requires clarity, knowing what you want.

But understand this. Whatever you desire, the things or experiences that you want to realise in this 3-D world, that we call reality, they all start with a thought, with what you can imagine.

But the truth is, whatever it is that you desire to bring into manifestation, the real truth is you seek the feeling of that which you believe you will feel when you have this desire materialised.

So knowing what you want to create as an experience is important. Just make sure that you are clear on how you want to feel as a result of realising the thing or experience you are attracting into your reality. And here’s how you succeed with heart-activated and soul-aligned success.

You align yourself with the frequency of that feeling now, and feel it now!

So some key areas you might want to look at as you imagine how you want your ideal vision for your life to be experienced, might include:

Starting with your ideal lifestyle.

  • What is your ideal day or ideal week even look like?
  • What’s your life‘s purpose?
  • How are you expressing your passion through Career or creating a business?
  • Who are you serving with what you create with value in the world? Who are your ideal customers or clients or maybe who is the industry that you choose to serve if you’re working for someone else?
  • Another key area that creates excitement and activation fast is, asking yourself “what is my ideal dream vacation”?

These questions are helpful. So use them. Journal your answers down. Contemplate them daily.

And again here’s the key. This area is so important! What is the highest ideal version of yourself to live out your best life?To help you get into a powerful frequency, in the right energy to imagine the best version of your ideal life so that you can create and activate your ideal vision for your life and business, click the link below and listen to the “Create & Activate Your Ideal Life” meditation.