A Solution To The Chaos - What Are You Creating?

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I remember living and working as a Paramedic in Port Hedland, Western Australia like it was only a few years ago. The reality is, it was 2005 - 2007 when I lived there. 


The entanglement of choices I had made back then of living in a toxic marriage that was full of deceit and manipulation plus working in a place on earth that I can only describe as “hell on earth” were part of my journey to who I have become today. In my personal opinion, I was living with an “A-hole” and lived in an A-hole. I have always said that “if God were to give the planet an enema it would be down the Main Street of Port Hedland.”


When I moved there, the locals said “you will either love it or hate it here.” And the truth is, I hated it. Mostly because from the first day we arrived and began unpacking from boxes to settle into our new home, my then 6’7” husband stood over me while I sat on the couch unwrapping a small wooden elephant table stand that I used to hold my favourite selection of crystals; he clapped to get my attention and was rubbing his hands together, along with a wry grin as a he said “now imagine what it will be like living here for 5 - 7 years.” 


I sat horrified. As the deal we made was a 2-year agreement; that’s all I agreed to support his promotion at the cost of my own career path at the time. And to make it even harder, he was also my boss. I had chosen to find a way through it and enhance my career with a plan to continue to study Critical Care Paramedicine so that when we returned back to the City of Perth I could apply to work on the rescue helicopter. But if he intended to stay 5-7 years that plan I had would also go down the toilet along with any confidence or trust I had left in him, or our relationship.


That first day in Port Hedland of disclosure of his real intentions, led to two years of me figuring out how to disentangle myself from the choices I had made to give my power away to a narcissistic manipulator. Most would call his type a Psychopath. 


I endured many years of power moves he made, continued attempts at psychological battering to cast my self esteem into my socks and doubt myself or my value, which while I tried to shrug the insults off they still wove their way into the fabric of my being with impact. It was less the direct ‘hits’ emotionally, verbally and yes even physically too, but rather the fact he had convinced so many others in our social circle, even my family at the time, that I was the crazy one. 


The ‘charm and harm’ strategy is what I call it. Both to get you, the ‘victim,’ into their control, but also the triangulation of pulling others into the mess and mind controlling them too with their “authoritative” narrative. 


The Hive Mind. 


Honestly, not much different of an experience that so many world-wide have been subjected too with intensity during these past two years or so, from the Governments and Media ‘acting’ as the ‘Authority’ but undermining anyone who can see through their psychopathic plays, and triangulating the masses of people who are ‘hive mind controlled’ to turn on those who stand strong in their truth, often calling them ‘conspiracy theorists’ or ‘crazy’. 


So the problem, or challenge for those of us who have ever had the experience of dealing with a psychopath, is how the chaos created can turn your mind and world, inside-out, upside-down, and back-to-front not unlike being caught in a big wave in the ocean and being slammed under, disoriented, not knowing where to go to for air. 


It’s terrifying. 


But here’s the thing. 


You gotta understand their game. 


Their game is DECEPTION. 


It’s ALL about the lies, to trick you, and trick anyone who falls for their mind control, to be under their control so they can get what they want, at any cost. 


While they may ACT like they ‘care’ there is zero empathy on their part. In fact, they will quite happily sneer and laugh at your suffering as for some sick and twisted reason it fuels their soul-less entity with some version of ‘joy’ feeding their ego with pleasure. 


You can never appeal to the ‘good’ in these folks. Because there simply is no ‘good’ in a soul-less being. They have NO Conscious. 


So the ‘trick’ to master to move through the chaos is to take every step possible to disentangle and distance yourself from their game, and don’t give it any energy what-so-ever. 


Do the healing work required to rebalance and restore, to clear the trauma loops and calm the nervous system to be fully rested and in creative mode. Because if you stay fighting against the system, whether that’s inside of an intimate relationship, within a corporate entity, or opposing the Government, then you simply will be feeding right into their food chain with them harvesting your energy like they have an IV inserted straight into their veins, and you are the IV Bag of fluid. 


When you are focused on being in the present, without the emotional sandbags of painful triggers or reactions, you can then harness and master your energy purely on what you are creating. 


The key here is having no resistance to what you are creating; first no resistance in your mind’s eye with the thought of what you choose to manifest, and second with aligning your feelings with the powerful and positive vision that you are creating of your ideal life and business. 


When you are creating in alignment, from a place of possibility and belief, then you shift yourself into the parallel world of heaven, creating and manifesting your solution. 


Just like my now ex-husband and I no longer share the same world, yet we both exist, his presence and choices he makes has no impact on me or my world, only if I let it. 


And for a short while, in fact still a few years after I moved away and travelled the world even for four years full-time, he still rented space for free in my head, heart and body until I committed to leaning in to heal all the layers, and there were many layers that needed to be healed. 


Only then, was I free. Truly free. 


The same is true for every conscious human on this planet, awakening to the truth of who they really are… a bright, powerful being of light and love. 


The contrast of experience is what helps us define that. 


I know for me, that marriage and experience I had was a defining one, a spiritual Bootcamp, for me to awaken to the power and potential of who I truly am. 


The same is true of the world events, the chaos and the storm so many of us are experiencing; it’s the catalyst for evolution to shift into the power seat of our own Soul, to BE the Creator we were born to be. 


So here are a few tips from me:


  •  Choose what you wish to create. Choose wisely.
  •  Focus and fix your thoughts daily on the vision which you choose to manifest. 
  •  Heal within; all you need is within you to do that. 
  •  Release yourself and from the ego-attachments and entanglements
  •  Radically forgive yourself and others
  •  Awaken to who you truly are so you can create and manifest your ideal vision of your world, and make the world a better place. 


You were born different… and you know that. But maybe you have often struggled with the reality of that. But know this…. You are different, because you are here to make a difference. 


It’s experiencing the polarity of this world that truly helps to break open the limitations of any social conditioning that you perhaps bought into, to be the difference so you can make a difference in this world. And you ignite that light to shine in doing that, by first transforming your inner world. 


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