PODCAST 11 | A Solution To The Chaos - What Are You Creating?

In today's episode I share a story about my journey of awakening from the chaos to creating my ideal life and living it! I delve into a time when I was living with an abuser, in a place that felt like hell, and using these key tips I share to move myself forward out of that entanglement and into creating my ideal life on my terms.

So here are a few key tips from this episode:

  • Choose what you wish to create. Choose wisely.
  • Focus and fix your thoughts daily on the vision which you choose to manifest. 
  • Heal within; all you need is within you to do that. 
  • Release yourself and from the ego-attachments and entanglements
  • Radically forgive yourself and others
  • Awaken to who you truly are so you can create and manifest your ideal vision of your world, and make the world a better place. 

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