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What Is Intuitive Knowing? How Spiritually Connected Are you?

intuition intuition & spirituality spiritual connection spiritual disconnection what is intuition? what is intuitive knowing? Dec 16, 2022

Let’s talk for a minute about

It’s something I certainly know a thing, or two, or three about.

For a start, it’s the ☝️ ONE THING that since you’re born you’re being positioned and programmed to disconnect from. Because when you’re cut off from Source (or believe you are), it’s much easier to convince you to feel like you are alone, separated and therefore more easily manoeuvred into becoming dependent:

☝️ Dependent on being told who you are
☝️ Dependent on being told what to do
☝️ Dependent on being told when to do it
☝️ Dependent on government assistance (and worse have you believing you’re entitled to it, so you expect it even demand it…. Because you pay taxes (another dependence).
☝️ Dependent on job security, working for someone else to make sure you get your needs met
☝️ Dependent on digital devices (like crack)
☝️ Dependent on processed foods - because they are convenient, and as a society we’ve moved so far away from nature and nurturing ourselves because we’re too busy working in jobs, paying bills, paying off debt because we bought things we don’t need to fill the void of being bored or needing to be entertained so we’re distracted from listening to our Soul’s deepest calling to live out our more purposeful, meaningful life.

As a society we’ve become entrained to go to school, get a good job (work for someone else’s dream or the government’s whippet), travel (on debt), buy the fancy car (on debt), buy the house (on debt), upgrade the house (and the mortgage), get divorced, split the kids, become even more isolated, unhappy, unfulfilled, and more in debt.

What a model for a system to become an entrained slave. And worse, many will beg and fight to stay in the ‘security’ of such dependency.

Never checking in with themselves what they REALLY Want. Rarely, if ever being connected with Source and guided by their intuition, to step their Soul path to freedom and fulfilment.

❤️ I’ve always been a paradigm breaker.

❤️ I’ve always been a pioneer, ahead of the curve, before they become trends (I began the laptop 💻 lifestyle working 4-hours a MONTH since I left my career as a Paramedic in 2008 (intuitive move).

❤️ I’ve always been the “Why?” “But why?” 20 “Why’s” deep, since I was a child.

❤️ I’ve always had a sense that “there’s a better way to live and BE.”

❤️ I was always the “black sheep,” the odd one out, in my family and community.

❤️ I never felt like I belonged here, on earth. I’ve always felt I came from somewhere else.

❤️ I’ve always been “Sensitive” and for the majority of my life that was weaponised against me. But I know it’s my super power.

❤️ I’ve always been able to sense when people lie (and I have an odd Spiritual Gift of smell that detects hormonal changes when people lie, and I sense it. Even remotely.)

❤️ I’ve always cared deeply about people yet also had an odd awareness of frustration why people think and behave in the ways they often do (at 47 and lots of life experience I’m now a lot more clued in and care with even more compassion than before).

❤️ I’ve always had a deep inner knowing and psychic abilities since I remember as a child (often then admonished for it), but now years later awake, skilled and masterful at using my intuitive and psychic abilities (Spiritual Gifts) to not only help me make my best moves every single day with the actions I take aligned with my Highest good, but I actively use them as my super powers in my business to help others. Help them to reconnect to themselves. And help them to advance their skills also as they break free from the egoic dependency of trying to feel ‘safe’ and into their Soul path TRUSTING THEMSELVES AS THEY STEP INTO THEIR FREEDOM.

❤️ I’ve always used my intuition to guide me like night googles in the dark when rationally it didn’t even make sense to me or others at the time.

🌟 Like when I KNEW the doctors in ED were wrong about me having “uterine issues” and I KNEW it was a burst appendix. I didn’t represent as ‘typical’ but I trusted myself and DEMANDED to speak to the Mister. The young doctor 👨‍⚕️ arrogantly made that difficult but when I did, the Mister quickly reorganised the surgical schedule to put me first in the operating room at 8am the next morning. At 6:30am all I remember was waking up with an intuitive urgency to hit the emergency 🚨 bell. I then passed out. It was later that afternoon that I came to, surrounded by 5 doctors and the nursing staff telling me how lucky I was they had caught my life in time. My stomach was full of gangrene, with a leaky appendix for God knows how long, and I was critical. The journey forward was painful with complications. But I lived to tell the tale. I WAS 25 years young.

🌟 I’ve used my intuition as a Paramedic to save countless lives

🌟 I’ve used intuition to save my own from abusive relationships and situations that I had lots of life lessons to NOT be codependent on.

🌟 I use intuition to time my actions in both my personal life and business

🌟 I’ve even trusted and used my intuition to turn an idea into $22,000 in the bank within a short 4-day period (with more 💰 and amazing clients flowing)

🌟 I’ve got some weird and crazy ways I’ve used intuition… but I’ll leave those stories for another day.

And when I haven’t listened to or trusted my intuition, it always led to more challenging outcomes 💔 

The thing is, to be CONNECTED with our INTUITION….. AND TRUST IT, it’s simple but not easy, given the way the world has set up and entrained almost every action most people take.

Actions that are preloaded on the foundations of beliefs that we:
❌ are alone
❌ not powerful
❌ not good enough
❌ not worthy
❌ be a “good boy” or “good girl” or you don’t get (presents, resources, attention, LOVE, etc)

All these dependencies and More are primed through fear and traumatisation.

The odd thing is trauma is so ‘normalised’ that most people don’t even perceive it as trauma. They just know that something feels wrong, or “not right,” about their life.

❤️ LOVE ❤️ is a frequency, not a need.

CONNECTION is how you get there. Not from being plugged into the tv 📺 or your 📱


Not in a ‘hit’ and ‘miss’ sort of way… but rather a consistent course of KNOWING.

THAT’s how you are connected to your POWER 💥

And everything in this world is designed to keep you from that.

When you become aware and master YOURSELF first, being connected to the TRUE NATURE of who you are, anything is possible…

And you certainly live freely , and oddly ‘secure’ in the KNOWING that you are always looked after, always being guided, always have access to an abundance of resources readily available the minute you set your intention and ask (clear of the energy blocks keeping you from receiving).

Are you tapping into the true nature of who you are?

Are you utilising your #1 Super Power in life and business?

Are you designing your life, and living it on your terms?

If you read this far, your my Soul tribe. Thanks for reading.

And if you want to have a deeper chat about how I can help you reconnect to your intuition and activate your Spiritual Gifts, send me a DM with “Intuition” as your start word, so that I know you’re as much of a Soul Deep Diver as I am ❤️

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