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Transforming Lives with Gratitude Gains Appreciation: An Interview with Martine Pronk, the GGA Queen

Jul 05, 2024
Transforming Lives with Gratitude Gains Appreciation: An Interview with Martine Pronk, the GGA Queen

In a recent heartwarming interview, I had the pleasure of reconnecting with Martine Pronk, who I affectionately call the GGA Queen. Martine has been practising the GGA™ (Gratitude, Gains, Appreciation™) method daily for over three years, and her dedication has set an inspiring record within our community. Our conversation was a beautiful exploration of how gratitude can truly transform lives.

Martine's Journey with GGA

Martine's journey with the GGA method began through my foundational programme, The Awakened Soul Program (yes, that is intentionally spelled 'Program' for this course as it is global and a lot of my clients are also from the USA, which has also been my home for several years in the past. So it is an honourary spelling). She then continued to embrace the practice in Soul Goal Academy. Her commitment to the GGA method has been unwavering, and she has now practised it daily for over 1,000 days. Martine's story is a testament to the power of consistent gratitude and how it can shift one's entire perspective.

The Benefits of GGA

The GGA method is all about transforming mental thinking, shifting one's frequency and vibration, and celebrating small progressive steps. For Martine, this practice has brought significant benefits to her health, well-being, and overall mindset. She shared how GGA helped her turn negative experiences into positive ones and supported her through various challenges, including stressful times. By practising gratitude, gains, and appreciation, Martine felt more centred, calm, and confident that things would work out, even if not as initially expected.

Daily Routine and Practice

Martine’s dedication to the GGA method is evident in her daily routine. She typically practises GGA at night before going to bed, ensuring she reflects on her day and ends it on a positive note. Occasionally, she notes things throughout the day to include in her GGA journal later. This nightly ritual has become a cornerstone of her practice, helping her to end each day with gratitude and a positive mindset.

I always emphasise the importance of practising GGA at night. It shifts your energy into a positive state before sleep, fostering a restful and peaceful mindset. Instead of ruminating on worries or conflicts, focusing on gratitude and gains helps improve the quality of sleep and overall well-being.

Impact on Personal and Family Life

The GGA practice has not only transformed Martine’s life but also positively impacted her family. Her daughter has started practising GGA, reflecting the method’s influence on their family dynamics. Martine’s friends and co-workers have noticed a positive change in her energy and demeanour, further validating the method’s effectiveness.

Martine shared a touching story about her daughter, who sometimes writes down her own GGA entries. This practice has helped her daughter develop a positive outlook and appreciate the small things in life. Additionally, Martine noted that the GGA method has brought more peace and less drama into her life, allowing her to stay clear of negative energies and focus on positivity.

Advice for Newcomers

For those new to the GGA method, Martine advises starting by looking for small positives in their daily lives. Initially, it may be challenging to identify things to be grateful for or gains to celebrate, but with consistent practice, it becomes easier. This shift in mindset from focusing on lack to recognising abundance can profoundly transform one’s perspective and overall well-being.

I always remind my clients that the GGA method is the centrepiece of all the tools I offer. It aids in the transformative process and helps individuals focus on what truly matters. I encourage newcomers to integrate this practice into their daily routines, assuring them of its long-term benefits.

The Launch of GGA Journals

I'm thrilled to announce the upcoming launch of GGA Journals for adults, kids, and teens. These journals are designed to cater to different age groups, making the practice of gratitude, gains, and appreciation accessible to everyone. Along with the journals, additional bonuses such as guided meditations and activity packs are included to enhance the GGA experience.

Martine expressed her excitement about the upcoming journals, recognising their potential to impact more people positively. She emphasised the simplicity and profound benefits of the GGA method, encouraging others to adopt this transformative practice.


My conversation with Martine Pronk highlights the incredible power of the GGA method in transforming lives. Her journey and insights offer inspiration and practical advice for those new to the practice. By incorporating gratitude, gains, and appreciation into daily life, individuals can experience a significant shift in their mindset, well-being, and overall quality of life. As Martine and I both affirm, practising GGA every day can lead to a more grateful, fulfilled, and peaceful life.