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"They Live" [1988]... Is It A Movie, Or... A Documentary?

5d consciousness agenda energy intuition & spirituality mind & body Oct 13, 2021

“They Live” 1988 Sci-Fi movie. 1 hr 33 mins.

OKAY, this is for you IF you are aware that the world is NOT right. 

This is for you if you are CURIOUS and ASKING QUESTIONS about this current reality, and trying to make sense of it.

It's NOT for you if... you are a troll wanting to spew your opinion about why this is a 'conspiracy theory'...if that's you... MOVE ON. 

Now that is established...


Here's a quick bit of important info:


The FULL movie is available BELOW, at the end of this blog post.


Before you watch the movie, I’m going to share just a few of the key things that stuck out for me in this movie (notice now if you see them too?).

My hope is to start a conversation that you can contribute some of your insights too, in the comments below.


First, A quick intro to the details are:


“Nada (Roddy Piper), a wanderer without meaning in his life, discovers a pair of sunglasses capable of showing the world the way it truly is. As he walks the streets of Los Angeles, Nada notices that both the media and the government are comprised of subliminal messages meant to keep the population subdued, and that most of the social elite are skull-faced aliens bent on world domination. With this shocking discovery, Nada fights to free humanity from the mind-controlling aliens.”


Release date: 18 May 1989 (Australia)


Director: John Carpenter


Starring: Roddy Piper; Keith David; Meg Foster


Adapted from: Eight O’Clock in the Morning


Budget: $3 million


Box office: $13 million (North America)


So here are just a few fascinating things I am aware of in this movie:


There are so many indicators in this movie, visible to those who already see, but also available to those with eyes WILLING to see.


This is my take on it.


For a start:


The Opening Scene: A Vaccination Needle in the middle of the screen hovering over what seems to be the world.


Remember, this movie was created in 1988.


We’re now in the midst of a global pandemic (2020-2021...) with the only solution being pushed as the vaccine agenda.


Co-incidence? I think not.


But the important thing here, is that you need to THINK FOR YOURSELF.



The ‘sunglasses’ represent one’s THIRD EYE, open and seeing past the veil.



The Television [Tel-lie-vision]


When Nada is at the shanty 'town' community, standing back and watching the tv in the evening, suddenly the signal is jammed by a strange video of an old man warning “poor people are growing more and more. Laws and human rights are ignored. “They” want to control the human race and take over Earth through a special TV signal”.


The use of the Tel-LIE-vision to hypnotise folk, is one of the many FREQUENCY strategies to ‘dumb down’ the people, to shut down their ability to ‘see’ with their third eye. The frequencies emitted from the tel-lie-vision, along with the constant propaganda, is designed to distract, their world view - that is, those who fall prey to watching and believing what is being told is true. The challenge is so much of the imagery and what is being said is designed to by-pass the conscious mind, and enter the subconscious mind, to activate the programming.


Subliminal Programming people in limitation, lack, scarcity, and slavery, being disempowered with fear and not activated in knowing who they truly are.


Subliminal Programming to “obey,” “do as you’re told,” “trust authority,” “consume,” “be afraid,” “buy”, “Sleep,” etc.


To suppress and control those who listen and fall for the hypnotic lies.


Aliens commingle with the humans and manipulate their minds...


With the use of the sunglasses (representing third eye activation to ‘see’) Nada discovers he can see those who are authentically human and discern those who are ‘alien’ pretending to be human.


Mostly, the ‘alien’ are rich and the ‘elite’.


Also often, infiltrated in roles as police, doctors, nurses, and other 'authority' roles.


Later there is an underground scene, where humans from all industries, who have joined the alien forces, joining the ‘elite’ have sold themselves out for money and power.


How is this represented in our world?


What is ‘alien’?


I’m Australian, with citizenship (that’s a whole other rabbit hole), bound to Australia. But I’ve lived in the USA for two years from 2010-2012. During that time, I was considered a ‘resident alien.’ I was alien to that country. Different citizenship (bound to the ‘ship’ of Australia), temporarily residing in the USA.


But what else is ‘Alien’?


It’s anything ‘foreign’ that does not represent the ‘same’ as a group.


In this case, ‘human’ versus ‘non human.’


Those who represent ‘alien’ could be interpreted by some as ‘demons.’


And the humans who give up their ‘soul’ for money and power to join the ‘elite’ are taken over, becoming hosts to demonic forces.


Here is a short video review of a walk through of more of how the infiltration is achieved, particularly through radar signals, drones, and more:



The Fight Scene...

Between Nada and his work mate Frank, where Nada is trying to convince him to wear the sunglasses so he can see what he sees.



This is such a visual representation of the divisional conflict between those who DO see, trying to awaken those who don’t yet realise the agenda.


Those who don’t see will fight to defend their ignorance. The ego is aggressive when it comes to staying limited. Being ‘right’. Defending what it already knows and believes is true. For fear of ‘rocking the boat’ and feeling insecure or unsafe, should the new knowledge impact their ability to earn money, to feed their family, to protect their family (with what they already know and believe they can do, or not do).


The ego, seated in the ‘tower of terror’ of left-brain thinking is also what is being manipulated by those trying to control the power of the people. They understand humanity, better than most of humanity understands itself.


THAT’s the problem.


The SOULution, is waking up to the truth of WHO WE REALLY ARE.


Inner standing our true power.


For it is THAT INNER POWER, that THEY (those that have tried to control for so long), fear.


The Infiltration.

I’m talking about the woman Nada kidnaps to escape the police, but who also tries to kill him, but he escapes. She works for one of the main tv stations. She works for ‘them’.


She shows up in the underground scene. Pretending to be ‘awake’ to infiltrate the group, and give ‘them’ access to attack and disband.


But also within the movie, the ‘awake’ group are encouraged to accept any opportunities to join the elite to infiltrate them - and clearly report back intel.


This is war at play. Infiltration is real.


Often the people who work to build trust and relationships with you, often at the most intimate level, are intentional to betray you.


How do you overcome this challenge?


Wisdom and discernment. EXPERIENCE and using your INTUITION to guide you.


Stop just trusting what people ‘say’ and witness what they ‘do.’


At the very local level of our own lives, this is in action.


I’ve definitely experienced this, have you?


The SOULution is to stop focusing on how others betray you, and stop betraying your own self, your own intuition, and instead TRUST YOUR GUT. TRUST YOUR INSIGHT. TRUST YOURSELF.


Aaaaaah, but back to that TV hypnotic programming, one of the biggest infiltrators that has been working to undermine everyone’s (who fall prey) intuition, gas-lighting their own ‘knowing’, disempowering people with fear, and programming to second guess themselves. Instead, ‘trust the authorities’.



My final thoughts:


Is this a movie, or a documentary?


A warning. And a foretelling of how humanity is to take their power back?


To disrupt frequency INTERFERENCE.


How to take your own power back.


When you raise your own frequency above fear, and into love, you violate their frequency interference.


When you wake up to realising who you REALLY are, you have the power to create a difference.


When you see beyond the lies, you see with your real eyes, and you REAL-EYES the truth.


Your central nervous system (brain and nerves) is an antennae, a transmitter. It co-ordinates your actions through sensory input.


You are not your thoughts. Thoughts are information IN THE ELECTRO-MAGNETIC FIELD that surrounds us.


The ether.


Your frequency you tune into determines the signals you receive, the input.




Break the word down...




Means =  In Form With (Position) Energy.


Your frequency, like a radio station, or tel-lie-vision channel, will tune into information that it is aligned with.


While you get a clear signal of that information, it is also true that all other signals and information is active in the field, but not ‘audible’ or ‘visual’ while you are tuned into the one channel.


It’s still there.


Are you actively choosing to tune your frequency into a higher vibration of love, gratitude, joy, peace, abundance (for all) and therefore accessing the information available to help you manifest that?


Or are you living by default, allowing others to program you, tune your ‘channel’ to a frequency of fear, lack, hate, division, scarcity, greed, insecurity, etc.?




You can activate your higher frequency through harnessing and mastering your energy, reclaiming your power to think for yourself, to clear and release disruptive signals to your nervous system (which effects how you think and act).


You can activate your higher frequency through clearing your energy field and doing a securing your energetic boundaries - mental, emotional, physical, spiritual and financial.


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Align yourself with a frequency of LOVE.


Allow your LIGHT to shine, for love and light activate your ability to see and discern truth from lies.


Blessings... and be sure to watch the FULL movie below, then share your insights from the movie “they live” below in the comments... I look forward to reading them.