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The REAL reason why you struggle to manifest your goals, and what to do instead

goals limiting beliefs manifestation mindset self-sabotage Apr 07, 2023

Have you ever tried your hardest to accomplish an important goal, just to come up short in the end? Maybe you even tried to manifest it with the Law of Attraction or other methods, but still couldn't make it happen. It can be frustrating, and discouraging, and make you feel like giving up. But what if I told you that the real reason why you struggle to manifest your goals isn't that you're not doing it right, but because you're not focused on the right thing?


We've been taught to believe that success is all about setting goals and taking action towards them. But what we often forget is that our beliefs, thoughts, and emotions play a much bigger role in our ability to achieve those goals than we give them credit for. In fact, they're the foundation on which our goals are built. If we don't address them first, we'll always struggle to manifest our goals no matter how hard we try.


So what should you do instead? Here are some steps to help you shift your focus and achieve your goals with ease.


Get clear on your beliefs.

Your beliefs shape your reality, and if you have limiting beliefs about yourself or your ability to achieve your goals, you'll subconsciously sabotage yourself every step of the way. Take some time to reflect on what you believe about yourself, your abilities, and your potential for success. Are these beliefs serving you or holding you back? If they're holding you back, challenge them and replace them with more empowering beliefs.


Pay attention to your thoughts.

Your thoughts create your emotions, which in turn influence your actions. If you're constantly thinking negative thoughts about your goals or yourself, you'll feel discouraged and unmotivated to take action towards them. Pay attention to your thoughts and when you catch yourself thinking negatively, reframe them into positive affirmations that support your goals.


Focus on the present moment.

We often get so caught up in the future and what we want to achieve that we forget to enjoy the present moment. But the truth is, the present moment is all we have. When we focus on the present, we're able to appreciate what we have and feel grateful for it. This positive energy can then fuel our goals and help us manifest them with ease.


Take inspired action.

While beliefs, thoughts, and emotions are important, they won't manifest your goals without action. But instead of taking action just for the sake of it, take inspired action. An inspired action is an action that comes from a place of alignment and joy. It's an action that feels good and that you're excited to take. When you take inspired action, you're not only more likely to achieve your goals, but you'll also enjoy the process.


Let go of attachment.

Lastly, let go of attachment to your goals. When we're too attached to a specific outcome, we limit ourselves to that one possibility and close ourselves off to other opportunities that may be even better. Have faith that everything is working out for your ultimate good and that the universe has your back. When you release your hold on anything, you make room for infinite change and allow yourself to enjoy the journey towards your goals.


Remember, manifesting your goals isn't about doing it perfectly or following a specific formula. It's about shifting your focus from the external to the internal and aligning your beliefs, thoughts, emotions, and actions towards your goals. When you do this inner work, or as I like to call it ‘inner play’, you'll not only achieve your goals, but you'll also experience a greater sense of joy, fulfilment, and abundance in your life. So don't give up on your dreams just because you haven't been able to manifest them yet. Shift your focus and watch the magic unfold.


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