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"The Dark Night Of The Soul"... Is A Lie! Here's What It Is Instead...

5d consciousness inspiration intuition & spirituality May 17, 2021

“The Dark Night Of The Soul” <—— is a lie...


The Soul is nothing but love and light.


What we go through when we awaken, is “The Dark Night Of The Ego” and it tumbles to it’s death, as your body and mind releases the programming, the conditioning, the illusions and false narratives that have kept you entrapped in stress, doubt, anxiety and worry —- which at the root of all that is fear.

Fear is the ONLY obstacle to JOY.
ALL healing comes as the result of releasing FEAR.
The key is harnessing and mastering your energy to align confidently in your power, to listen to your intuition, to allow that to guide you without fear attached.
So why am I smiling, and feeling so much joy?
Because, it is time....
The world is about to go through another collective spin in the cocoon to liquify the old form and transform into the new.
For many unaware, it will feel like death.
For those awakening and awake, it will be the realisation that it is the natural process to emerge with NEW BEING.
Stay your focus on what you are creating —— ask yourself, “What experience am I creating for myself - in this moment, today, tomorrow, for my future, and the collective future of humanity?”
Release all resistance - the illusion of fear.
Keep your vibration high by focusing on what you are positively creating and doing what fills up your cup - that which gives you joy!
The higher your vibration, the higher and more expanded will be your perspective of what is unfolding.
Just like being on top of the mountain, versus at the bottom ready for the high climb; from the top your perspective is much more expansive 360 degrees, able to stay calm, clear, and making better quality decisions to step in the direction your Soul is guiding you, instead of being reactive from your ego trying to avoid the perception of pain.
Take extra care of what you are putting in your mind and body —- for those who are not paying attention, will have their energy system ‘hacked’....
Make wise and even bold choices for yourself right now...
Your Soul IS calling you to pay attention, and listen, so it can guide you.
Remember, YOU are the LIGHT.
And when it’s the darkest it ever seems to be ——- remember, the light is WITHIN YOU.