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The #1 Goal-Setting Mistake & The 2-Minute Fix: Transform Your Life Today

Jun 28, 2024
The #1 Goal Setting Mistake & The 2-Minute Fix | Katie Joy

If you struggle with taking action or moving into momentum with your goals, then stick with me here. Today, I’m going to share with you the number one goal-setting mistake and give you a two-minute fix that will change your approach to achieving your dreams.

Hi there! I’m Katie Joy, founder of and host of the Awaken With Love & Rise With Pure Joy Podcast. In every single episode, I share ideas, insights, strategies, and methods for awakening, healing, and manifesting so you can design your life and live your dreams. And today, I’m excited to share a powerful strategy that will help you realise your goals immediately.

The #1 Goal-Setting Mistake

The number one mistake I see time and time again, whether I'm working with new clients or those who have been with me for a while, is focusing on what you don't want. It’s such a common issue. People often tell me, "Katie, I’m stuck with my goals. What's my next step?"

Here’s the problem: when asked what they want, most people respond by focusing on what they don’t want. Let me give you an example. When I ask someone about their goals, they might say, “I don’t want to be old, fat, and tired anymore.” This response focuses on the negative and keeps them stuck in that mindset.

Why Focusing on What You Don’t Want is a Mistake

Focusing on what you don’t want keeps you stuck in a negative loop. When your mind is filled with thoughts of being old, fat, and tired, that’s what you continue to experience. It’s essential to recognize that while knowing what you don’t want can help identify problems, it’s not useful to stay focused there. Instead, we need to shift our focus to what we do want.

Imagine this: if you were searching for a solution online, you wouldn’t type “old, fat, tired” into Google. That wouldn’t lead you to the solutions you’re seeking. Instead, you would search for positive outcomes like “how to feel vibrant and energetic.”

The Two-Minute Fix: Shift Your Focus

Here’s a quick and powerful two-minute fix to help you shift your focus. Grab a piece of paper and draw a line down the middle to create two columns. On the left side, write down what you don’t want. For example, “I don’t want to be old, fat, and tired.” This exercise helps you identify the negative thoughts that have been holding you back.

Now, in the right column, write down the opposite of what you don’t want. Instead of “old, fat, and tired,” write “I want to feel vibrant, lean, and energetic.” This shift changes your focus from negative to positive and gives you a clear vision of what you’re working towards.

Practical Examples

Let’s look at another example. Many people come to me with business-related goals and say, “I don’t want to have stress from inconsistent income anymore.” This focus on inconsistent income and stress only amplifies the problem. Instead, shift your focus to what you want: “I want to build consistent income and feel relaxed.”

By writing down what you don’t want and then flipping it to what you do want, you create a new focus that guides your actions. This simple exercise helps you reframe your mindset and sets you on a path toward achieving your goals.

Create a Clear Vision for Your Future Self

Now that you’ve identified what you do want, take a moment to envision your future self. Imagine living a life where you feel vibrant, lean, and energetic. Picture yourself with consistent income and a sense of relaxation and peace. This clear vision will motivate you to take the necessary steps to make it a reality.

Why This Works

This two-minute fix works because it helps you break free from negative thinking and shift your focus to positive outcomes. When you focus on what you want, you’re more likely to take actions that align with those desires. Your brain starts to seek solutions and opportunities that bring you closer to your goals.

Implementing the Two-Minute Fix

Here’s how you can implement this powerful strategy today:

  1. Identify the Problem: Write down what you don’t want.

  2. Shift Your Focus: Flip it to what you do want.

  3. Create a Vision: Envision your future self achieving these positive outcomes.

  4. Take Action: Use this new focus to guide your daily actions and decisions.


The number one goal-setting mistake is focusing on what you don’t want. By shifting your focus to what you do want, you can transform your mindset and start taking meaningful action towards your goals. This simple two-minute fix is a powerful tool that you can use to create the life you dream of.

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Much love, light, and manifesting miracles, magic, and more,
Katie Joy