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Slow Cooked Beef Stew & Business Success

beef stew food adventures food for flavour health lifestyle recipe for success results slow cooked beef stew Jun 03, 2022

Cooking and Manifesting Success in life or business are the same. To get your satisfactory outcome, you need a a clear vision, a recipe to model, and creative flair guided by your intuition for a joyful result.

If you're a busy mum and entrepreneur like me, who has a passion for health and eating home cooked meals more often than not, then celebrate - because I'll be sharing some of my recipe inspirations from time to time too. After all, it's about self care. And the daily practice of self care is the foundation for high energy, peak performance and successful results.

I LOVE cooking. Creating in the kitchen is something that I'm deeply passionate about. Especially food that is comfort to the mind, body and soul. 

And, working from my home office most days, there is nothing better in winter, than the delicious smell of something so 'homely' wafting it's way through the house, begging your stomach to growl and building up an appetite to eat!

This Slow Cooked Beef Stew is a super quick and easy to prepare meal. Simple to cook - a one-pot wonder. And little clean up to do. That means I can focus my energy on other creative projects and ideas in my life and business, as well as spend quality time with my loved ones, while nourishing my body with some scrumptious food. 

There's a couple of extra tips I will share here, so pay close attention:

  • I use the best quality ingredients I can find - the vegetables are best when organic, or from my garden. 

  • Make sure you get fatty meat - gravy meat (it's from the shin of the cow), chuck steak/blade/shoulder steak (it's from the shoulder blade), or Osso Bucco (forearm). All these cuts are tough and often fatty. The tough meat cooked over a long time, with the fat, breaks down the meat to be super tender. The best bit is, it's extremely affordable meat). Where you can, opt for organic or TRUE grass fed meat. 

  • The servings for this recipe is "4" but just know they are generous in their portions. If you are a light eater or moderating your intake, you can easily get 6-8 portions out of this recipe, and still feel deeply satisfied. :)
  • Have FUN preparing and cooking. It's the LOVE you give the food that infuses it with so much 'mystical' flavour. Really!

  • A delicious wine, while cooking, always adds more fun flair to the experience. Double really! :P

Slow Cooked Beef Stew

Please, download this Slow Cooked Beef Stew recipe to keep and use... and be sure to come back and share with me how you LOVE it! 

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