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homeschool lifestyle parenting Feb 23, 2021
Community, now more than ever, is so important. Being with your like-minded, like-hearted tribe.
I made the decision while I was pregnant🤰 that I would simply home-school my son.
2020 made that intuitive decision really clear and confirmed.
We’re now in 2021, and while many other 4-5 year olds are headed into the school system, we’re embracing home-schooling more each day and every week.
Here’s the thing I want to share with you.
It’s a LOT OF FUN! And it’s not that hard.
But what it does take is a commitment to setting your lifestyle design up to support your goals.
I’m a single-parent, mum-preneur. I run my own business and have set it up more and more each year to be leveraged and automated to reach and impact as many lives world wide as possible, to create incredible transformative shifts, now without me even needing to be ‘there’ (at least not so much. Less than 12-15 hours a week).
While you can still collect benefits, and many home-schoolers do, I made a conscious choice during the birth week of my child to never place myself in the system. I receive no money, nor any financial support. I’m fully self funded. I’ve been financially independent since 2008 when I retired from my career as a Paramedic, from investments and continued to build cashflow income streams through business.
It hasn’t always been easy, but has the freedom been worth it?
An ABSOLUTE “Yes! yes!”
I’ve backed myself again and again to follow my path, to turn ideas into income, to live life on my terms, to build my own dreams and not someone else’s.
So of course it’s a natural step for me to follow suit with my son, to allow him to create life experiences and expand upon his skills for a tailored home school experience.
I share this message to give hope, inspiration and even encouragement to those of you who would love to make the shift to home-schooling your kids.
Through making the choice and taking action, I promise you will figure it out on every level.
I know that the biggest hurdle most people face is the belief that they will struggle financially. I bet that you won’t and don’t. Why? Because if you’re willing to follow your inner guidance you will follow your Soul’s calling to fund your family life adventure in ways you can’t even possibly imagine when you are still living the ‘safe and secure’ way hanging onto a job working for someone else to build their dream and live according to their agenda.
When you decide and take action to love and live life on your terms, you will ❤️
P.s. if you're like to know and learn exactly how I created my lifestyle freedom reality, living my life on purpose, creating multiple streams of income - much of it leveraged or passive, then you can check out more info here.