Powerful Healing & Manifestation Affirmations: Reprogram Your Mind, Heal Your Body, Manifest Your Dreams

affirmations energy energy healing healing manifesting positive affirmations Oct 21, 2022

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This is Katie Joy, welcome to your guided affirmations. 


Without even noticing, we are constantly having a conversation in our mind with ourselves and with our body.


We are constantly having internal discussions about what  is occurring in our life and what we make it to mean. What we believe is possible or not possible. What we think we and our body can do, or cannot do certain things.


We sometimes even unintentionally tell ourselves that our life or our body is not good enough or even that things are not going well.


Everything is energy.


Our thoughts are energy. Our feelings are energy. Our body responds to energy, and transfers it with trillions of actions every single day. 


How we feel in our body often reflects how we take action or take little or none at all depending on our energy and mood. 


If we talk ourselves into feeling bad, or that things are going bad, I believe we can also talk ourselves into feeling good, and that things are getting better, going well, and life is amazing as we intentionally create it day by day.


The great thing about the mind is that it is neuroplastic. Simply meaning that it allows for new, positive thought, habit pathways to be formed and strengthened the more we exercise our focus on what we are grateful for, what is going well in our life, and on the things and people that we appreciate. That includes highlighting those gems about ourselves too, not just others and what’s going on in the world outside of ourselves, but also what we are creating in our minds eye with the vision we hold for our best self, best life and new possibilities. 


At first, the mind may buck, reject or resist. 


But in  time and with repetition, the affirmations we speak will reflect through our language, our bodies, our wellbeing and manifested in our life.


This change is inevitable. You either choose to stay green and grow with intention, or ripen with beliefs that the best is over or that nothing new and great can be created which will take you down the pathway to feel like you and your life will rot. 


Either way you choose. You always choose. You’re always at choice. 


We can’t control or always have input on the actions of other people and circumstances that happen in the world, but we do always have control on how we think, what we choose to focus on, what we choose to believe and what actions we take or don’t take. 


Words are a wand or a weapon. So use them wisely. 


We’re always making statements, either in our head, or out loud in conversations with others. 


These are some powerful I AM statements


Or affirmations, that have been intentionally chosen, selected by me to support you with consciously directing your language and conversations that fuel your best ability to create a better version of yourself, and your life. 


I had been stuck in a negative thinking pattern about being energetically attacked, and feeling low in energy.


For a while, no matter what I did, I struggled with raising my vibration and feeling good in my energy again. 


As soon as I began writing down these affirmations, and repeating them, I noticed a shift in my energy immediately and continued to rise over just a few days to feeling invigorated and inspired once again. 


Within one week, with some solitude, rest, and repetition of these affirmations connecting my next version of myself, identifying with my bigger vision of my life and what I’m creating, my energy felt more balanced. 


Through these affirmations, I was calling in the energy field and the reality I am choosing to create and live. 


Not only has my energy returned, but I also learned some valuable lessons through this experience of an energy spell. I was asked to slow down and listen to my heart, listen to my soul, allow my body to rest while new energy codes were downloaded and activated. 


Remember “ASK! And it shall be given.”


So ask great quality questions. Ask for great things to manifest. Command them into your existence through the power of speaking words intentionally into existence. 


That is the universal truth of the world we live in. We manifest through our words. Words begin with thoughts. Thoughts repeated become beliefs. Choosing empowering beliefs and releasing limiting beliefs is the way of conscious and intentional living.


Focus on the thoughts you have, for they direct the energy to determine how you feel. How you feel will determine what action you take. The action you take will determine the results you have in your life. 


I recommend listening to these powerful affirmations repeatedly, every day for 30 days to strengthen the neural pathway of these beliefs feeling true for you. So that you can build the connection to them identifying them and owning them as the next version of yourself that you are stepping into, much like you would if you were to step into a pair of amazing new jeans that surprise you with perhaps being a size smaller than you expected and also look amazing when you see yourself reflected back in the mirror. 


The Affirmations Begin Here At [7:02]


Each affirmation is an active intention, directing your mind to instruct every cell in your body to respond and align with the frequency it is given, so that you become more in tune with the Universe, matching your vision and requests with the receptivity and acceptance of what you are asking for, and filled with a knowing that  you are enough, deserving and worthy to receive. 


Repeat these affirmations along with me silently in your head or out loud.


Let’s begin. 


I am free to be happy and healthy.


My body heals itself, naturally and quickly.


I choose to live a vibrant and healthy life. 


I now experience a harmonious balance of mind, body and spirit. 


I nurture my physical body in healthy and loving ways.


I love and accept my body as it is and as it changes.


I see beauty in all parts of my body.


I am safe. 


I  allow the healing energy of love to flow through me now. 


It is safe, fun and easy for me to be lean, fit and healthy.


My body is healed, restored, and filled with energy.


My body is strong


I deserve a healthy life and it starts right now


I am excited to feel happy, healthy and vibrant


I release thoughts of dis-ease


I release thoughts of scarcity


I release thoughts associated with lack


I release thoughts of not being enough, not being deserving or not being worthy


I have an abundance of energy to be healthy


I am safe


I am surrounded by the divine, healing light


My body is wise and it knows how to heal


I allow my body to balance, align and heal


I am releasing all fear


I am choosing to trust my body


My body is strong and capable


I let go of negative energy and thoughts about my body  


I let go of negative energy and thoughts about my health


I let go of negative energy and thoughts about my life


I am ready to live a plentiful, vibrant life


I deserve to be healthy and happy


My body wants to be well


I am choosing to be in perfect health 


My body is a perfect mirror of Divine perfection


Every time I take a breath in, I heal and get stronger


My body is showered in radiant light and positive energy


I love and respect my body


I deserve to live a healthy and happy life


I trust my higher self


I listen to my intuition


I give my mind and body what it needs


I am making changes that my body needs for it’s best vibrant health


I am taking one small step at a time and heal gently, with ease


I am choosing to support my body


I am choosing to support myself with love and kindness in all ways


I am ready to experience my perfect health!


I am ready to experience my energy abundantly flowing!


I am ready to experience joy rising within and inspiring me into action every single day.


Now is the time I choose my best health and vibrant energy


Now is the time to feel healthy and whole 


Now is the time I allow Divine energy to flow through me


Now is the time I receive inspirational downloads and put them into action


Now is the time I commit to taking regular action with small steps to live my best life


I call on all my cells to vibrate at their highest frequency


I call on my mind to quieten and be still


I call on my body to find the perfect balance


I call on my Higher Self to guide me with clear messages that I receive with a deep knowing of feeling guided and supported


I call on myself to trust my decisions


I call on myself to take immediate action


I dissolve any doubt


I dissolve any fear


I dissolve any worry


I dissolve any resistance


I am watching my body getting healthier and stronger every day


I am watching my vision for my best life become clearer and clearer


I am watching myself to take regular action feeling more inspired with every movement


I am ready to feel my healthiest, most vibrant self


I am ready to design my life, live my dreams


I am ready to experience the best of my life yet!


My body knows how to achieve perfect health


My soul knows how to guide me on my path of purpose


My heart knows how to listen and lead me


My mind knows how to show me the way connecting ideas and inspiration from my Soul


I let go of the survivor in me


I am choosing to thrive instead


Every cell in my body glows in superb health


Every cell in my body radiates light and love


Every cell in my body vibrates with joy and gratitude


I enjoy being in my body, it is perfect for me!


I enjoy being in my life as it is now, and am excited about the changes occurring now and in my future.


I enjoy the moments within the journey, trusting my actions will eventuate in my best destination. 


It is natural for my body to balance and heal


It is natural for me to experience prosperity and abundance


It is natural for my life to align with synchronicities that fulfill all my needs with the resources I need and desire.


My soul knows what to do and when


I am listening to my heart and my soul


I am choosing to care for my heart and my soul


My body knows what it needs and when


I am listening to what my body needs 


I am choosing to care of my body 


I am choosing to think and feel good about my health


I am choosing to think and feel good about my life


I am choosing to feel energetic and joyful


My Soul loves me and guides me


My heart is open and full of love for myself, for others and for life


My body knows how to balance, align and heal itself.


I trust my body, mind and soul completely


I am forgiving myself and others


I release all imbalances to my well-being


I release all interferences keeping me from living my best life


My soul is strong


My mind is strong


My heart is strong


My body is strong


My immune system is strong 


I am relaxed and at ease with myself


I am relaxed and at ease with what I am creating with my life


I am always guided and protected


I am feeling good


I am feeling healthy

I am feeling happy


My energy is high.


My body is a magnet.


I live in the vibrational frequency of love, joy and gratitude. 


Every cell in my body vibrate with the frequency of happiness, health and prosperity


I am free to create my life as I choose it to be


I give myself permission to create the best version of my life yet


I allow myself to activate my full potential


I choose to feel energetic


I choose to feel powerful


I choose to feel good


I choose to love myself


I choose to love life


I love myself


I love my life


I love that I get to create my life how I choose it to be


Yes, YES!


That’s wonderful!


May you manifest miracles, magic and more!


Listen daily to get the most out of these affirmations.


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See you next time!