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Personal Alchemy - Lessons From A Silkworm

inner transformation intuition & spirituality personal growth Dec 14, 2021
My son watched with delight today as several more moths emerged from their cocoons… and was tickled pink when they willingly crawled on his fingers and tickled his skin. ❤️😍🌟
The silk worm 🐛… to the butterfly 🦋 (moth)…. Nature is a pure insight in which direction we need to go.
Like the silkworm, spinning it’s cocoon and going inside for a complete shedding of its old form to transform into one with wings…
We humans too, must go WITHIN for the opportunity to shed the ego and transform to fly with our soul.
To awaken the soul is an inside out commitment. It begins with a willingness to let go of the ego (everything you think you know and try to control), and allow yourself to rise with your soul, led by connection with a Divine force and intuition.
I always say to my clients: “prayer is you telling God what you want, but meditation is when you stop and listen to what God is saying. God speaks in many ways, but for one core way for sure, it's through intuition.
To ignore your intuition, is to ignore the Divine force energy of God guiding you.
And God knows, we ALL need some extra guidance to navigate these challenging times.
So go within yourself to TUNE IN, to your intuition. That’s where the magic happens. That’s where intuition guides you.
You just have to listen and take action.
So why then, do so many struggle with connecting with or listening to their intuition? Or worse, “know it” but don’t act on it. Is this a struggle for you too?
I’ll share another post soon to highlight what interferes with our intuitive connection… and how to connect without giving away your power ever again. 💥