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My 6-Month Body Goal Review and Reveal!

Jul 01, 2024


Hello, beautiful souls! 🌟

I’m absolutely thrilled to share my 6-month body goal review and reveal with you all today! This journey has been nothing short of transformational, and I hope my experience can inspire and uplift you on your own paths to health and wellness.

It’s also my 6-month celebration for ZERO alcohol this year — my best decision ever!

Let me share some incredible milestones from this journey:

Down two dress sizes
Now sleep deeply for 6-9 hours a night
Haven’t had a single hot flash in 4 months!
Consistent energy
No aches and pains in my knees or feet anymore
Glowing skin
Hair and nails are healthier and stronger
Crystal clear mental clarity
Heightened intuition - “tuned in!” more than ever (which says a lot!)
Increased body confidence
Feel better in clothes
Have my figure back (no more “barrel belly” 😂)
Bound up stairs without puffing
Increased strength and fitness
Business is booming because my energy is so high, clear, and consistent!

It’s astonishing how much can change in just six months with the right vision and consistency. It took me 8 years of putting my best health and fitness lower on my list of priorities to get out of shape, but I'm joyous at the results I’ve achieved in the last 6 months. I’m in massive momentum for the next 6 months, excited to see these results compound even further!

The Journey:

1. Zero Alcohol: The decision to cut out alcohol has been life-changing. Not only has it contributed to my physical transformation, but it has also provided mental clarity and emotional stability. It’s incredible how much more in tune with myself I feel.

2. Consistent Sleep: Deep, restful sleep for 6-9 hours each night has been a game-changer. Sleep is when our bodies heal and rejuvenate, and the quality of my sleep has had a profound impact on my overall wellbeing.

3. No More Hot Flashes: For those of you who have experienced hot flashes, you’ll understand what a relief this is! Four months without a single hot flash has significantly improved my quality of life.

4. Increased Energy and No More Aches: Consistent energy levels and the absence of aches and pains in my knees and feet have allowed me to enjoy activities that I love without discomfort.

5. Glowing Skin and Healthier Hair and Nails: The outward signs of good health are undeniable. My skin is glowing, and my hair and nails are stronger and healthier than ever.

6. Mental Clarity and Heightened Intuition: The mental fog has lifted, replaced by crystal clear clarity. My intuition is sharper than ever, helping me make decisions that align with my highest good.

7. Body Confidence and Fitness: Feeling confident in my body and regaining my figure has been incredibly empowering. I no longer dread climbing stairs, and I feel strong and fit.

8. Booming Business: With high, clear, and consistent energy, my business is thriving. When you feel good, it permeates every aspect of your life, including your professional endeavours.

Key Takeaway: Vision and Consistency of Right Action

This journey has taught me the immense power of having a clear vision and taking consistent, right actions towards it. It’s not always easy, but the rewards are beyond worth it. Remember, it’s about progress, not perfection.

Thank you for being part of my journey and for your unwavering support. Let’s continue to inspire and uplift each other as we strive for our best selves.

Here’s to the next 6 months of health, happiness, and success!

With love and light,

Katie Joy 🌸