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Manifesting Miracles: How Trusting My Body and Intuition Transformed My Life

Apr 19, 2024

Have you ever had one of those moments where you pour your heart out in a Facebook post, unsure of how it will be received, only to find that it strikes a chord with countless others? That's exactly what happened recently when I shared a deeply personal reflection on my journey as a Paramedic and the profound transformation I experienced through trusting my body and intuition. The response was overwhelming, with so many of you reaching out to share your own stories and resonating deeply with the message of empowerment and possibility.

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Original Facebook Post:

Trust your body and intuition. Allow it to guide you in manifesting your reality.


This is me when I was working as a paramedic for the Western Australian ambulance service.

Listening to my body and intuition saved my life on many situations and also saved lives of others.

There were situations that were a threat to me when serving, and situations when patients or by-standers lives were under threat (or threatening me or others).

Those threats weren’t always immediately evident. But my body and intuition ALWAYS gave me signals.

Listening to and trusting the language of my body and intuition not only protected me, but it also served to make me excellent at my role in helping others, and guided me to advance with opportunities.


Everything is energy.


And if you also know that’s true, then you must believe that we’re all connected energetically.

Something else is incredible I learned during my career as a paramedic that we create our reality. Everything and every experience. Yup. Even medical emergencies and trauma.

Now I might have lost some of you here with that last statement. Or you might be spitting your coffee up on the screen right now.

It’s a tough truth to chew for most at first. Yup, it was a shock for me too.

Until I realised that it also meant I could change my undesirable circumstances by creating a new reality for myself.

What am I talking about here?

What we think about with our most dominant thoughts and energised by our feelings (fear or love) we bring about.


Every thought + feeling energises your energy field to tune into a specific frequency.


That frequency will match what exists in your reality.

If you’re tuned into the frequency of love and creation, you will manifest great experiences, abundance, love, harmony, and health.

So if you’re focused on fear, doubt, worry, lack, hate, illness, conflict, and chaos, you will attract more of that.

The challenge is that most people’s physical and energetic bodies are packed with lots of unresolved emotions, unaware consciously of the energy frequency they operate at but seeing it in their reality.

It might not be a medical emergency or traumatic event (yet, if left unchecked), but it may show up as discontent and wanting more for your life, health, wealth, and happiness.

My turning point was after being relocated to Port Hedland and working as a paramedic there for two very long years.

That two years doubled-downed on some of the most hellish experiences professionally and personally.

I felt like I was in a hell hole πŸ•³πŸ”₯

At the time, I hated my location, my marriage was shockingly toxic and even dangerous to my life, my career was not fulfilling me, and I was depressed.


So I knew something had to change. It was ME.


I began by reimagining a new reality for myself.

That took focus to envision what I wanted to create, then courage to take action.

My first step was to bring on a mentor/coach.

Me and my ways, I brought on coaches with intensity! So I hired a Property Mentor, a Life Coach, and a Business Coach.

Most say life doesn’t change overnight. But as both a previous Paramedic and a Manifesting Queen πŸ‘Έ

I’m here to state, “Yes, it can!”

Every decision we make + every action we take sums up to the reality we experience.

I didn’t like the sum of my decisions and actions back then, so I refreshed my thinking and began the journey to renew my reality.


Two years later, I was free.


β˜‘οΈ No longer living in what I felt was the most isolated hellhole on the planet (they say you either love it or hate it there). I was the latter.

β˜‘οΈ I no longer was in a toxic marriage that was destroying my sanity and my self-esteem

β˜‘οΈ I was financially free after investing in property, publishing and online business (2006)

β˜‘οΈ [For public record, I helped my ex-husband get out of enormous debt, created millions (4+ million in property portfolio) with 1.3 million in net worth, and recorded it in my mentor’s book, 1st edition (Steve McKnight). When we split, I said, “just choose half the assets,” to avoid being gaslit, manipulated, or dragged through months or years of BS. Once that was done and a financial agreement was in place, what initially took me 6 years to create, from getting out of debt to wealth, then took me 6 months to get back to my financial set point—tthat’s the power of belief, having a mentor/ coach, and taking massive action.

β˜‘οΈ I relocated back to Perth, then 6 months later retired from my career as a Paramedic, financially free.

β˜‘οΈ I travelled πŸ‘œ the world for 4 years full time, financially self-funded, and invested 500K in adventures, mentors, coaches, and what I call my “University of Life” experience.

Since then, I’ve been quietly helping hundreds and hundreds of others to reframe their difficult circumstances and turn their lives around, with an attitude to “Design Your Life, Live Your Dreams.”

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