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Intuition & Money - Clear The Blocks To Have More Energy, Time & Money

intuition & spirituality money Apr 07, 2021

There’s a lot of decisions for us to make each day.


T-shirt or blouse? Go to the gym or go for a walk? Fresh juice or a shake? Blog or podcast? Work at home or go into the office (even if that is a cafe)? Facebook live or post? Risotto or roast? Speak your truth or stay quiet to keep the peace?


But what about the bigger decisions?


Like, to send your kid to school or to home-school? To rebrand your business or not? To move house location to an area further away that lights you up with joy or stay in your local area that you know? To move on from a relationship because it’s become toxic or to stay because it’s “better the devil you know”?


With so much information in this day and age, that when it comes to decision making, it can sometimes seem really difficult to make the ‘right’ decision. It can be really easy to get sucked into overwhelm, in paralysis by analysis, ping ponging between the pro’s and the con’s, putting off or avoiding making a decision, or just simply procrastinating on making a clear decision.


This is an epidemic of today’s society, which often leads most people up into their head, into left-brain analytical focus, and caught up in a cycle of over-thinking, and often seeking outside of themselves looking to make the right decision; such as thinking about calling a psychic, asking a feng shui expert, or even seeking advice from your inner circle such as your mum or a friend!


Or maybe you’ve been asking the Universe for a sign to help make this BIG LIFE decision. Which way to go? Show me!


Your super power is listening to your intuition.


Often it’s the quiet voice inside your head or that gut feeling that nudges you to guide you, but if you’re not listening you can easily miss the signals from your Soul, your Higher Self which is trying to communicate with you and guide you.


Listening to your intuition and acting upon it, is the ultimate in trusting yourself.


So why do so many not trust their intuition?


Why is it that it can often feel so hard to trust yourself?



The programming and patterns of thinking that loop in a seemingly never-ending, exhausting, cycle of fear.


Fear of being wrong because for as long as you can remember you have listened to other’s truth and life experience and allowed theirs to override yours. Fear of the unknown and how you are going to be supported if you make that big leap. Fear of change or taking the new (and less familiar) action even though you know it’s the way you feel pulled to go.


When we ignore out intuition for so long, told we’re wrong, default our power to some other ‘authority’ (parent, teacher, medical practitioner, government, etc) we can end up being co-dependent letting others do the ‘critical thinking’ instead of tuning inward and honing in on your intuition.


Learning to listen to my intuition has been quite the journey. Especially as during my twenties and thirties I experienced a series of toxic, even abusive, relationships. The red flags were all there. I didn’t even need hindsight to see those. You know, the “I knew I should have done that, instead of this” moment, right?


But the journey of tuning into my intuition, being still, listening and ACTING UPON it, is what gave me strength to leave toxic and dysfunctional relationships (partner, friends, colleagues), to allow myself to be guided to the most amazing healers for my soul and business mentors to help me grow my financial independence, to take the gift of my story and share it with my audience, to move house in the middle of a launch and open up the doors to new business opportunities not just a new home, to meditate and be inspired by an idea ‘download’ and take immediate action on it to bank over $22,000 in less than forty-eight hours.


Most of all intuition is what helps me attract my ideal clients, who are often ambitious yet sensitive. And with it, I’m able to hone in on subconscious blocks and old wounds that are holding them back, or helping them to comprehend complex relationships my client has with a partner, friends, their boss or co-workers. Clear those blocks, align them with their Soul’s truth, awakening their access to their own intuitive senses, and they become activated with their desires and dreams able to navigate their way to bring them into reality.


So yeah, I believe our intuition is our superpower.


We were all born with it. We all have it. So why is it that it seems to be so embraced and activated by some, and others are tapped out and disconnected from it?


Your intuition is associated with your sixth chakra, your third eye. Being intuitive is a sense. A feeling. A trusting. It’s an awareness that often can’t be logically explained but you just ‘know’ something. When you ‘know’ something that is called clairsentience. But intuition can also include being psychic, clairvoyant, claircognizant, clairaudient, a medium, or even Clairalience (clear smelling) or Clairgustance (clear tasting). For me, all of these are highly activated, but it’s been a journey to trust and learn how to read the signals.


It’s even saved my life on occasion, like when I was in a hospital ED with acute appendicitis and the doctor wanted to send me home and reschedule my surgery in a month, I stood my ground and demanded to speak to the Mister (the top doctor) who dedicated me to the first surgery the next morning at eight o’clock. I was admitted, but my six thirty am, I suddenly awoke with the clarity to hit the nurse’s call button, then passed out. Many hours later that afternoon, when I woke up, five doctors came beside my bed to explain how lucky I was to be alive. They had a full team working on me for five hours to suction the gangrene from the burst appendix from my abdomen. If I had listened to the ED doctor, abandoning my intuition to default to his ‘authority’, I would have been dead.


Despite the obvious wins from trusting myself to listen to my intuition, I have to constantly remind myself to check in. To slow down and lean inwards to pay attention to what my Higher Self is telling me to guide me. In any given moment.


There are enormous benefits and life-winning advantages to figuring out how to listen to your intuition. When you do, you will:


  • Save you a heap of time too’ing and fro’ing in a loop of endless “what if this?” “what if that?” in fear of making the wrong decision.
  • Save a tonne of energy that you’ve previously wasted running round in circles, weighing you down, or even holding you back from taking action with your dreams and goals, or even the simple tasks to manifest them.
  • Not only save you a LOT of money from making poor decisions based in fear, but also when you listen to your intuition you can be guided to make a lot more money often with so much ease and simplicity, you’re left in awe!


Ready to save a lot of energy, time and money? Awesome.


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Now, I’d love to hear from you.


How do you mostly listen to your intuition? Are you stronger in one sense over another? Do you hear it? See it as a download? Know it? Smell it? Taste it?


What’s a recent experience you have had where because you listened to, and followed, your intuition, that is saved you energy (or your life), time and money?

What do you struggle with when it comes to paying attention to, and listening to your intuition?


I really would love to know in the comments below.


And if you know of someone who regularly struggles to make decisions for themselves, please forward this post to them.


The wonderful thing about your intuition is it is an innate superpower. It never switches off. It’s available 24/7. And best of all, it’s free to use. You can connect with your Higher Self and access your intuition for as long as you like and as often as you like. The key is to ask high quality questions.


When you use your intuition you will always make the ‘right’ decision, the best ones for your highest good and the highest good of others. It will always guide and navigate you to your best destination.