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How To Slow Down To Speed Up - 9 Ways To TAP INTO YOUR FLOW STATE

goal setting inner transformation peak performance personal growth Jan 10, 2022

I used to hustle, bustle and struggle to get sh*t done. But all that did was build up stress to a point that I was anxious 😬, irritable and snappy at anyone who “got in my way.”

That was because deep down I used to believe I had to work REALLY hard, and constantly, to get what I want.

I also didn’t believe I deserved what I wanted without doing a lot of things to get it. So while I would say what I wanted, I’d more often think fearful thoughts of not getting it, and focus on what I didn’t want instead.

And to make things harder, I was once of the belief that if I didn’t get ‘it’ somebody else would.

That’s scarcity 101 right there.

But then, I also experienced plenty of random manifestation too, which back then (in the days of ‘hit and miss’ manifesting) I would say out loud “look what I manifested!” But secretly in my mind I would think “Gosh, I was lucky!”

But luck has nothing to do with manifesting. Neither does labouring REALLY HARD to get results either.

Sure, there’s work to be done. And plenty of it. But not the kind of ‘push’ most people (and I once used to) think is required.

The truth is, if it feels hard, if it makes you anxious, if you feel tired and burned out, if you feel “off balance,” if you struggle to get the results you really want even if you’re taking lots of action, then those are symptoms of being out of alignment with your Soul.

And when you’re out of alignment, like a wheel alignment in a car being out and causing extra wear and tear on the vehicle and the driver, your own mis-alignment will have you cause more wear and tear on your life as well as burn unnecessary energy (and strain the brain) to simply do even the most basic things.

When you’re in alignment, you’re IN FLOW.

When you’re IN FLOW, you are present IN time and space.

You are neither worried about the future, nor anxious about the past.

You don’t carry the weight of fear of repeating past patterns or mistakes in your future, and you don’t have any attachment to low vibrational frequencies like anger, sadness, grief, guilt, or shame.

Frequencies that disrupt harmony, peace, and the beautiful sense of calm all disrupt our ability to create.

Frequencies that align us with manifesting with ease and the courage to go take ALIGNED action set us free in an experience of energised delight and JOY 🤩 in the journey, not just the end result.

I mean, think about this for just a second…. If you’re only focused on only celebrating the outcome, the end result, that’s a pretty fleeting experience, and ONLY WHEN you get it (the result), right?

What if you could experience something better, and get exceptional results not just at the end, but every day?

What if you slowed down, to "smell the roses" along the way?

What if you slow down to have the awareness of all the signals and synchronicities already lining up for your desired outcome, and celebrate all the ‘dots connecting’ every single day?

What if you actually allow yourself to be in a state of faith and positive expectation, just like you would be when you book a holiday 6 or 12 months from now and know with certainty that you’re going, so you talk about, think about, dream about, even write about all the magical experiences you will have when you are ‘there’?

What experience would you have of LIFE FORCE GIVING ENERGY would you now have?

What could you possibly create with new vibrant energy now running through your calm and relaxed mind and body?

What would you deliberately create?

Here are 9 Ways To TAP INTO YOUR FLOW STATE (so you can reduce stress, boost your energy, and connect with a power higher than your own). 

  1. Begin your day with a morning meditation and breath practice.
    This is key to quieten your mind for setting a clear positive intention for your day, to calm your mind and body for playful responsive aligned action. It's not much fun, or easy, to create a positive vision and plan of action when you are tense, or focused on your current problems. Remembering to actively put yourself in a calm and peaceful state of mental and emotional well-being will have your body respond with energy and inspired into action in a relaxed effort-less way.

  2. Make decisions and LIVE according to your priority values
     We make our best quality decisions when we are relaxed. The opposite is true too, that when we are stressed 'under the pump' and reactive to stress, we shut down our critical thinking part of our brain and go for a 'flight or fight' response instead. These are fear-based decisions. When we are calm, and centred, we 'see' with our insight (spiritual eye) better and often new solutions, or even follow a 'hunch' to take action in the direction that is better for our optimal vision, mission and impact we are creating. When we are calm, we are more focused on making decisions in accordance with our highest values, and make our day to day choices that lead us in alignment with those priorities. 

  3. Listen only to high vibrational music and practice living in silence for silent communication with your Soul.
    Frequencies matter. Your brain is a frequency machine. Your body is a sensory input machine, a 'receiving' tower. Your nervous system (brain, spinal cord [and nerves]) is the main 'backbone' of the structure - quite literally! Your senses pick up all the signals in your environment, and your nervous system responds to this input to determine if you are 'safe' or under 'threat'. The thing is, the input doesn't determine that. For its just input. Its neutral information, with no bias. What gives it meaning is YOU, based on the sum of your conditioning, beliefs, past experiences, attitude, programming. These all determine your PERCEPTION of what what you are experiencing, not the experience itself. Deep, I know. But this is where I work with my clients in an unusual, but exceptional way, to help make the deepest, most profound shifts. So that you can begin to harness and master your energy by design, not my default from your subconscious programming. 

  4. Get a daily dose of nature
    Mother nature sets the frequency tone naturally for peace, harmony, and divine order. The more we spend time in mother nature, and bringing her into our living spaces (light, air, water, earth, fire --- though, make sure it's the kind you contain like with a candle or in a fire place) the more we sync up and calibrate with her for her to positively influence our energy system for balance, natural order, and well-being. 

  5. Practice gratitude. Shifting your focus to being thankful for all that you have attracts more of the same quality.
    Being thankful elevates our energy quickly to be in harmony with peace and being present in the moment. When we are thankful for what we have now we feel joy. When we are grateful for what we expect to manifest with faith and positively anticipation we energise our system and attract the people, resources and circumstances that help us realise that vision. We must BE the frequency that resonates with that which we are calling in to receive. TUNE IN. Be GRATEFUL, even for the challenges you currently face, for they provide the opportunities for you to create NEW EMPOWERING MEANINGS, and you will attract more delightful results.
  6. Support your mind and body with highly nutritious food and information
    Remember that I just said that our bodies are receiving towers? That is, they taking in input. Information. The food and beverages you drink also contain information. Information is "in-form-at-ion." Which means "in form with energy." If frequency determines energy (how low or high you vibrate), then what you eat and drink also aligns or mis-aligns you with your vibrational frequency. Are you eating high-vibrational foods to raise your frequency? If not, or only sporadically, and you are truly committed to your journey as a spiritual being learning to harness and master your energy, then begin making your best choices to eat only clean, chemical free organic foods that mother nature intends for our best health and well-being. Shift your eating habits to include alkaline rich water and foods and you will benefit with a high-vibrating mind and body with the capacity and energy to attract and receive the reality and results you set your intention to manifest. 

  7. Listen to your intuition and allow it to guide you
    It's harder to listen when there is a lot of noise clanging in the background. When it comes to your mind, if you are chronically stressed, anxious, worried, fearful, or riddled with self-doubt, you lock yourself up into your left-side of your brain, in what I call "the tower of terror," and disconnect from your right-brain (your intuitive, creative portal), throwing yourself out of balance. It's like putting your phone on flight-mode then expecting being able to receive calls. You're intuition signals can't get through! 
    But when you are balanced, and aligned in a whole-brain, well-being, aligned state, you can listen clearly, and even the slightest whisper is heard, felt or 'known' with you able to immediately respond and take aligned-action. 

  8. Accept yourself. Accept others.
    The greatest disruption to our success in manifesting the results and the reality we truly desire to experience, is CRITICAL JUDGEMENT. Of ourselves. And of others. When we go into critical judgement we reject, don't accept, ourselves and others. The problem with that is, we ultimately are all one, connected through energy, each expressing a unique version of reality (remember earlier I said that you reality is based on the sum of your conditioning, beliefs, past experiences, attitude and programming)

    And on a subconscious level, we network with each other, providing the signals that you resonate. If you 'resonate' with someone it's because you are 'familiar' or 'like' them on an energetic level. 

    Reality, including other people, are simply mirrors for the opportunity to see within ourselves what we reject or accept within ourselves. Until we do the deep inner work of integrating those parts of ourselves and others that we reject (mostly installed when we were a child), we will struggle with the same energetic patterns and experiences that 'lock' or block us in place. 

    If you want true inner peace, harmony and joy in your life to manifest your best reality, you need to accept all parts of yourself and resonate as the best version of you.

  9. Focus on Unification not Vilification.
    This strongly connects with the previous point. But, when it comes to conflict, focusing on unification not vilification causes you to take radical responsibility to up-level your thinking to focus on the common value you are both (or collectively) expecting to experience, and communicating to achieve that, rather than from the ego-state of who is right or wrong. Whether you are 'attacking' or defending' both focus on conflict, rather than resolution. Both create and activate 'war' responses from your energetic being, which triggers a 'fight or flight' response. So shift your intention from being right or wronged (victim consciousness) to a more empowered state of being of taking radical responsibility for how you participate in EVERYTHING and EVERY EXPERIENCE that you create. 


Breathe. Now go do that!

And take new action to slow down, to speed up your frequency so you can raise your vibration to a higher attraction set point to manifest more of the ideal results and experiences within your reality that you want! 

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