How To Expand Your Capacity For More Fruitful Results

peak performance personal growth results Jan 28, 2022

When it comes to thriving, being productive and fruitful with our results, plants and humans actually have a lot in common.


As a Spiritual life coach and business mentor, I often share analogies from my passion of gardening, specifically for self-sustainability, and producing food.


I’m ALL about producing real, tangible results - in my garden, my life, my business and with my clients.


And, I like to focus on doing that the fastest way possible!


So I’ve been doing a little experiment over the past 6 weeks

I wanted to share with you how when we expand our capacity, we thrive and produce bigger and better quality ‘fruit’ (results). And when we stay limited in what we know in our comfort zone, we limit our ability to reach our potential, and worse, retard our natural pathway of growth.


The tale of three paprika plants and their pots (capacity).

Take the example of the three paprika plants in the picture. They are from my garden. All three plants are the same age. The two paprika plants in front in the red pots of the larger potted one at the back, are struggling, even though I give them the same about of water and worm tea or fertiliser. Yet the paprika plant in the larger pot, is growing at twice the rate, greener, healthier looking, and producing bigger and better tasting fruit (just in case you are thinking “but Katie, isn’t a Paprika (bell pepper) a vegetable?” A paprika technically is a fruit, not a vegetable, because it has seeds. But I digress).



Back to the three plants. The one at the back is BIGGER and PRODUCING BETTER RESULTS.




Because, there is more space to grow, to build a deeper and thicker root system, more bioavailability uptake of nutrients in the soil, a bigger base to create more strength in the whole plant systemically, and as it grows and gets not only bigger but more prolific with it’s leaves, it has a bigger uptake of sunshine for photosynthesis, producing more food for the plant. Chlorophyll, which gives the plants their characteristic green colour, absorbs light and energy. So the bigger the plant (and more leaves) the bigger their results.


So by giving the now larger plant the opportunity to thrive by expanding its capacity (comfort zone), it’s evident that without that opportunity it would be really unreasonable and unrealistic for me to expect the same quality results. Right?


Humans, when they choose for themselves to expand their capacity, and find ways to do it regularly, they also grow, flourish, vibe higher, radiate more light, have more energy, and produce better results.


So why do some people “doing the right things” not get the same results as others who appear to be doing the same?


It’s as simple as this. You can convince yourself or others, that you are “doing all the right things” but if you are doing those in a ‘small’ (limited) mindset and capability, then you can only expect to get the small results. If you want bigger and better results, you must give yourself the opportunity to ‘re-pot’ yourself in a bigger container for more capacity. That could look like, finding some new friends who are already achieving the results you wish to create in your life. Raise your standards. It could be hiring a coach on a one-to one basis, or better still join in on a group training (for more community support), to accomplish the results you are aiming to reach. Whatever you do, you need to MOVE from the limiting space you have been operating from to shift into a space which encourages you to grow, supports your efforts, and not only guides you but cheers you on as you expand your capacity!


In this way, humans are the same as plants.


The challenge is...

When we want a different outcome (result) in our life, yet we stay stuck in the limited space we’ve been operating in for far longer than required. This can be due to subconscious limiting beliefs, such as fear of losing or leaving behind friends, family or opportunities; fear of failure or doubt about one’s capacity to grow or achieve the results dreamed of; self-sabotage because of guilt or manipulation deployed if one doesn’t believe they can genuinely achieve what they want without resorting to such tactics (this is often inadvertent maladaptive behaviour stemming from limiting core beliefs).


The problem with being in that space for too long is, those subconscious beliefs that keep you stuck in fear and resistance from expanding, left too long end up with ‘root rot’ of your own mind, and ability, spiralling your self-esteem down into the gutter.


So how do you expand your capacity?

To make the shift from being in a place where you KNOW you have been hiding out too long in a comfort zone and limiting your results, to getting the results you truly desire you need to leap outside of your comfort zone.


It’s time... to choose for yourself, TO GROW!


✅ Learn.

Take up something new. Discover what you don’t yet know. Take a deeper dive on an interest or skill that you know a lot on, and become more masterful at it. Never stop learning.

✅ Expand your capacity.

I have a saying I share with my clients all the time “the more comfortable you are at being uncomfortable, the more successful you will be.” That’s because when you are willing to be with the discomfort of learning something new, and you practice, you become better, and before you know it, it’s your new 'comfortable'. Rinse and repeat.

✅ Take up new and exciting challenges.

You must follow your heart, and do what excites you. To do anything less then it feels like a chore, and you are less likely to stick with it. If you don’t stick with something on a consistent basis, you can’t possibly expect the most optimal results, right?

✅ Do what you love; it’s never a chore, instead it's fun! “Delight to excite” yourself into regular consistent action.

This is a reinforcement to the point above, because it really is THAT important. If what you are focusing on doesn’t put a smile on your face, have you bouncing out of bed, or so focused that you lose all sense of time, then it simply doesn’t excite you enough. Sure, there will be moments which are uncomfortable as you stretch and grow, but that’s normal to feel that way, and when you stick with it, you realise quickly how you have expanded your capacity.

✅ Focus on doing the right things DAILY, not just “sometimes.”

If I miss watering my plants for even one day during our hot Australian heat, they will die. So will your dreams if you do not nurture them daily.

✅ You are the average of the people you spend most time with - including YOU; raise your standards, and you raise the quality of your life and results.

✅ Like a gardener is required to nurture, care for and guide the growth of the plants, a mentor is the same facilitator to activate growth in you on your journey. You only know what you know, and don’t yet know what you don’t know. A mentor or coach helps challenge you to expand your comfort zone.


All of these options require you to invest your attention, time and energy mindfully and wisely. The key is be consistent! For just like a garden that needs regular daily attendance, so do your goals for them to flourish and bare fruitful results.


And remember.

When you’re green you grow, when you’re ripe you rot. Stay green!