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How do you thrive after a setback?

inspiration Feb 18, 2021
How To Thrive After A Setback
My message right now is - DON’T GIVE UP! Especially on someone or yourself, or something - a goal, an ideal, a vision just because IN THE MOMENT it ‘looks’ like it might be dead.
Because most likely, it might not be.
This summer has been harsh. It burned my vegetable garden to a point of what I FIRST THOUGHT was ‘irredeemable’.
I even temporarily pulled back, ALMOST giving up hope, which those thoughts meant I gave less attention and care - I even literally stopped watering some of my plants because I thought they were ‘gone.’
Dead. ☠️
Gone ❌🚫
But I’ve been made a fool.
This week, after weeks of heat, and still going, some of my plants 🌱 that I would have bet my life on were DEAD, have sprung to life.
I’m humbled.
It hit me in the HEART ❤️ immediately.
And the question I asked myself was... 

Where in my life have I given up - hope, attention, passion, commitment, because I decided that something wasn’t working, or ‘showing up’ the way I expected it to be?

When have you done that too?
These plants have GOD-Force ENERGY thriving through them, in spite of the odds against them.
Just like us.
And I’ve realised, God is AMAZING!
It takes an enormous amount of trust, faith, belief and drive to overcome the doubts that something will succeed.
But when we surrender to breaking down so we can break through so we can be in alignment with God, and the life-giving energy, is when we really find out who we are, the depth of who we are, and thrive against all odds!
Tune in. Reconnect with your heart and soul. Listen to your higher self and have faith that you can and will be guided by God. And you will thrive too.
Katie Joy
P.s. don’t give up, on your ideals, on your vision, on healing, on your goals, on your vision for a greater world for ALL of us.
If there is ever a time to be listening and TRUSTING in your higher self and God, it is right now. Up-level your commitment in trust and faith, and you will thrive ❤️🌱