Creating A Vision For A Better Life

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Like detoxing for the body, when you stop putting the junk in, your body has the opportunity to let go of more of the toxins held within your body; so too when you stop putting junk programming into your mind, your mind can let go of the limiting beliefs, the negative stories, and let go of the fear of not getting what you want, so you can align with what you DO want. 


Let me ask you a question. When I ask you, “What do you want to be, do or have in your life? What would you like to be different?”


Whether it’s out loud, or to yourself, are you quick to state what you DO want? Or, are your first thoughts about  what you are currently experiencing and then say to yourself “I DON’T want… This or that?”


If you found yourself thinking first “I DON’T want……” [to be broke, to be fat, to be sick, to be unhappy, to be in this toxic relationship anymore, or fill in the space with some other image or awareness of what you DON’T want] then you’re not alone. 


As a coach, when I ask my students who come through my self discovery of the soul course [The Awakened Soul Program]* for the first time, and faced with the first challenge of ‘climbing their mountain’ I asked “What do you want?” What are your desires, dreams and goals? MOST people usually first respond by focusing on what they DON’T want. 


But here’s the problem with that... 


Everything is energy. We are natural creators. 


Whether that is creating what you want, or what you don’t want.


And where our focus goes, energy flows. Which means, what we put our attention on, gets our energy to expand and experience more of it. 


So when we keep cycling our focus on what we don’t want, in the effort to ‘push it away’ the truth of the matter is, we attract more of it. 


Have you heard of the term “what you resist, persists”?


It was the renowned Swiss psychiatrist, Carl Jung (1875–1961), who taught us that whatever you resist persists. What he meant by that is the more you resist anything in life, the more you bring it to you. That’s because when we persist in putting our focus on something that we ‘don’t’ want, we are ATTRACTING it.  



What we think and feel, we make real. The more we think about something, and energise it with feelings, the more you activate what you are focusing on and attract it into your reality. The more you see evidence of it in your reality, the more you use that to validate that as true, or not true about your life. Because that’s your experience. 


But did you know that it is YOUR THOUGHTS that are generating the experience in the first place?


So what happens if you switch your thoughts to focusing instead on something, an experience, an outcome, of what you DO want?


The exact same thing happens to your benefit, if you keep your focus on what you are NEWLY creating…. AND ENERGISE it with powerful positive feelings, flooding your body again and again with the experience in your mind seeing the vision of what you want as if it is done and keep your heart connected with deep gratitude for the positive change, as you take consistent action aligned with your new vision.


But the thing is, most people struggle with one or two things:

  1. Difficulty connecting with, or expressing,  what they DO want, because they’ve been living out of alignment for so long with what brings them joy, what lights them up, and what excites them; or
  2. They have a good idea of what they want to create new instead of what they are experiencing in an area, or many areas of their life or business, but they can’t hang on to the positive experience in their mind, body and soul long enough on a consistent daily basis; instead being distracted by the pains, challenges and conditions of their current reality, often finding themselves having to resist it, fight it and even argue with it, then questioning if a new reality is even possible. 


Your current reality is simply the expression of your most consistent dominant thoughts up until now. 


If you want to create change, and the fact that you are reading this (or watching the video, or listening to the podcast) that means you do want to create change in your life, and that you are ready, and seeking a way to make change happen.


If that is true for you, then you must learn to harness and master your energy. What that means is understanding how the mind works, like a computer, as an operating system with programs. And the programs, like tv programs, are the films we run in our mind. They are the words (or script) we say to ourselves on a regular basis, over and over again. They are the beliefs we have, and the stories we tell ourselves and others. 


One of the tools to help you switch your focus from thinking about the undesirable or no longer ‘wanted’ life experiences that you’ve already participated in creating or co-creating, to manifesting a new reality, is to use a vision board. 


A vision board is a tool to help you stay focused on what you DO want to create in your life. 


It’s a fun, wonderful way to use as a trigger or an anchor to keep your attention focused on what you ARE creating now for your new, and better reality to manifest so you can experience living in that wonderful experience instead of the one you are having right now. 


But as I mentioned above, there can be some difficult beliefs or negative stories running in your mind, through your ‘operating system.’ When you know what they are, and are able to identify them and be aware of them, you can then let go, and allow yourself to instead direct your focus on what you DO want to create for your best life instead. 


So I have a unique approach to creating vision boards. Since so many people often struggle to make them work, or do but it seems like it’s ‘hit and miss.’


And it’s a good thing to know why a vision board fails, so you can then create a vision board that gets results. 


I have a gift to help you out with that. It’s my latest ebook “5 Surprising Reasons Why Vision Boards Fail.” And you can get it now, in your inbox simply by clicking the link below and letting me know who to send it to (your name) and where to send it (your email address). 





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