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Transforming Lives Through Food And Love - A True Story

intuition & spirituality love service to others Sep 25, 2021
I just served dinner to a most phenomenal person.
His name is Lex.

Let me tell you the story... 👇

It’s about intuitive guidance, trust, faith, and a power much greater than you and me...
I had planned on making a butterflied lamb roast for dinner tonight.
But then, last minute at 5:45pm felt this urge to make “Chorizo and Prawn Risotto”.....
MMMmmmmmmmm yum😋
So I got to prepping all the ingredients for it (because it was one of the planned meals for this coming week that I bought the veggies and chorizo sausage for at the markets, and I had prawns in the freezer. Many of you know I love to go fishing. So, not the bait kind! ðŸĪŠBut the yummy ones for human consumption.)
BUT... once I had everything ready, I realise I was short on Arborio rice.
So I jumped in the car with my little one, to dash to the local store to get some.
The minute I parked, I saw this dear man sitting against the wall reading a book on the sidewalk near the entry, with a sign standing next to him saying “I’m homeless and need help.”
HE WAS READING A BOOK! I’ve NEVER in all the years I’ve traveled this world (7 continents and 59 countries) have I EVER seen a homeless person focused on reading a book!!!
As I walked toward the entry, and therefore toward him, without even thinking I opened my purse and grabbed $10 and handed him the note with a warm smile and “here, get yourself something to eat.”
As I walked into the store I was praying that money would bless him a thousand times over.... and as I left, I said goodbye, but in the car all the way home I just kept thinking “I need to hurry up and make dinner and take it back to him”.
So I did. I made dinner infused with love, then quickly packed it with a picnic pack of fruit, organic muesli bar and protein ball snacks. Plus, the risotto dish plus a garlic bread stick. Steaming HOT and smelling divine.
I hadn’t even served up my own. I just jumped in the car with my little B and we took this meal care pack to Lex.
I’m telling you I know his name was Lex, before I knew it.
Because it was only on arriving back to the store car park and incredibly able to park my car in the bay open right next to the store entry, and him.
I got out, with my little B waiting in the car, and asked him his name.
Then offered him dinner and could see a HUGE pile of food and bags of goodies now stacked up next to him.
I asked “Have you eaten yet?”
He sad “yes, people have been so kind.”
I said “I hope you have room for this while it’s hot. It’s super delicious!”
He was touched.
Something intuitive told me to sit.
So I did. Next to him.
After learning his name I asked him “what’s your story, Lex?”
It turns out he lost his wife 5 years ago. She was incredibly sick and ended up in hospital. She was given medication (Penicillin) which she reacted to and died (in hospital).
That anger never left him.
My heart gulped with tears for him.
He was a cab driver, but lost his job.
He tried Uber, but that didn’t turn out well.
He couldn’t keep up with his mortgage —— grief overhanging him.
He ended up homeless.
We sat there, deep diving about the state of the world.
We talked about feeling suicidal, and I shared my own deep dark lowest of the low moments.
We connected heart to heart and chatted deeper...
His knowledge and awareness was amazing but didn’t surprise or shock me.
It seems MORE PEOPLE KNOW AND ARE AWAKE, than actually are not. Most just don’t yet realise THEIR PERSONAL SPIRITUAL POWER... YET!
During the time I was making the dinner to come back and give him, I was guided deeply by Spirit telling my heart “you need to tell him he is deeply loved.”
So as I sat there on the cold bitumen in my gym gear chatting with Lex, I paused and said to him. “You are deeply loved. And my sense is this is a Soul lesson you have chosen to experience the gift of ABUNDANCE, the ability to ASK FOR HELP and TO RECEIVE.”
He gulped back and his voice quivered. “Yep, you are right,” he said. “That’s absolutely my experience.”
“Hang in there, Lex,” I said...... “Humanity WINS! GOD Wins... and your time is coming to use aaaaaaall these experiences to help so many others who are yet to go through the spin....and you’re discovering just how abundant the world is and how generous people really are.”
“Oh yes!” He said..... “People are so generous and I agree there is so much abundance. Thank you too for being so kind.”
He told me of a story how earlier in the day, wild and windy as it was, he sat by the wall and he watched a woman walk out of the store to her car. As she walked past she dropped a $20 note. Lex got up to grab it for her before it blew under a car, and handed it to her as he said “Miss, you dropped $20.” She snatched it and walked off, leaving him feeling deflated because of her attitude and dismissal of him. But another woman saw his kind gesture and came to him handing him a $20 note saying “I witnessed your good deed. You have a kind heart. Here, please have this $20.”
I’m telling you. My life is blessed and so touched by the interaction with Lex today, and trusting my intuition to make him dinner and take it down and sit with him for awhile to connect, chat and hear his story.
I departed blessing him, and giving him a hug. We connected heart to heart.
I’m in tears of gratitude as I type this.
I want you to know.
That whatever situation you are in.
Yes, the outside world is super crazy right now...
P.s. I felt the last minute Soul nudge to make risotto, and obviously guided to do so because it meant I needed Arborio Rice. Which meant I needed to go to the store. Which resulted in me crossing paths with Lex. If I had ignored the strong intuitive nudge to make risotto (and made the lamb roast instead) I would have missed this most incredible opportunity to be of service to a human who needed a message of LOVE.