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A SIMPLE But POWERFUL Manifesting Story PLUS The Power Of Intuition

empath intuitive nudges manifestation manifesting manifesting with intuitive guidance telepathy Mar 12, 2023

A powerful SIMPLE Manifesting story that happened today + The power of intuition


On our drive home this morning back from Bunnings to pick up some seedlings for the garden 🪴 I pulled into my local grocery story to run in and grab some coriander and a choc milk for my son (as a treat).

Being brief to run in and out in under 5 minutes, and because I was parked in shade, I allowed B to stay in the car to play his Nintendo. He didn’t want to come in.

So I was super quick. And as I literally ran from collecting the coriander to getting a choc milk, I passed the potatoes 🥔 and heard “grab two potatoes!”

Now, I’ve planned our meals for this week and didn’t intend on using potatoes so I thought it odd. BUT, I know better than to question that intuitive nudge.

So I picked out two potatoes, then grabbed the choc milk before passing through the checkout and back in the car. I was less than 4 mins as I had timed myself.

Not even 30 seconds after pulling out of the car park, and now headed home, B asks “mum, do we still have the air fryer?”

I answered, “Yes, why?”

He says, “I’d like homemade hot chips made in the air fryer for lunch please.”

My jaw dropped. I still am in awe anytime this happens.

I asked, “how long have you been thinking about wanting homemade hot chips?”

He says, “since when you went into the store so I told you with my mind.”

Now we’re both Empaths. We both have activated psychic abilities, and we have a very special telepathic connection, but the power of that seems to be his big superpower. I honestly get no private thoughts as he can join mid conversation with me when I’m thinking to myself and he will ask questions directly related to better understand what I’m thinking.

Anyway, he got his potato chips.

Manifesting is about knowing what you want and being clear about it. Plus having the positive expectation you’ll get it. Then take action. In B’s case today he had a mental conversation with me, which I intuitively picked up and was being utelised by The Universe to help orchestrate his desire into reality.

The key take aways here:
❤️ Know what you want and take action
❤️ Listen to your intuition - it will lead you to manifest your dreams AND be utelised to help others manifest theirs
❤️ Pay attention and celebrate these moments. Most people dismiss them. But when you acknowledge these synchronicities and moments of magic, you realise they occur even more often than you might first think!


Do you have a fun manifesting story to share?

P.s. he’s loving the home made hot chips!