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Why Trusting Your Intuition And Being An Advocate For Yourself Is SO Important

health intuition & spirituality Apr 18, 2021

This is a follow up from my recent medical emergency post “Are You Trusting Your Gut?” 

Thank you to all of you who have read my recent medical emergency story (previous post) which is more importantly about trusting your intuition and being an advocate for yourself AT ALL TIMES, especially in the medical industry.

Since taking the antibiotics from 6pm Friday night and again at midnight, by Saturday morning I knew I “missed the green and white bus” 🚑 so to speak, thank God!

Yesterday I even had enough energy to take my son to his friends birthday party for an hour and a half so he didn’t miss out. Then my neighbour graciously cared for him until early evening, allowing me to crawl back into bed to continue to rest.

This morning, I have woken up and my throat feels so much better. I even desired a coffee today, which I haven’t eaten or drunk much in the past three days.

Plus I have energy this morning!

And my body first woke me up early am with “right! Time to get up!” The thing was it was only 1:30am! 😂

So all good signs!

And smiles 😃

I’ve had a lot of time to sleep, meditate, reflect, pray, visualise and tune INWARDS even more. That journey within is always a sacred space, a haven, to connect with Source.

Sleep is a great healer. Apparently, so is penicillin which helped in this case. But I trust mostly in the Divine healing of thyself.

I fasted (didn’t feel like eating anyway).
It was hard to swallow so I didn’t drink much water, but I sipped on warm herbal teas.
I slept.
I visualised my body working for my highest good to collectively harmonise and heal.
I explored thoughts that popped up that wanted addressing.
I commanded my body to set course for vital health at a cracking pace.

One of the things that I became profoundly aware of these past few days is the danger of going into judgement (of self or accepting others’ judgement), that can impede the openness of someone willing to do the deeper healing work.

What I became acutely aware of was when we’re sick, while everything manifests physically from first an emotional level, it is not always a ‘block’ that causes you to be sick, but also the willingness and readiness to release that which may have been suppressed and so well hidden to express that in order for it to be released.

Read that again. Because they are not the same thing.

One is a block. The other is a WILLINGNESS TO EMOTIONALLY CLEANSE. Which can have unpleasant side effects just like when you do a physical detox. But totally worth it.

Something I’m familiar with is working to release energy blocks with myself and hundreds of others I have worked with.

And there are so many layers for us to let go of in order to transmute those energies and transcend into higher realms of love and spiritual power.

But we can’t just go digging deep into those complex layers without first doing all the inner work to learn to harness and master our energy first.

And then I repeat, it’s layers.

It’s also the way of the healer. And as an Empath, if you’re one too, know that our key role is to transmute all low level energies into love.

That’s no easy task. It’s a lot of work. But I believe, it’s what we AGREED to do for our mission on earth, at this time. Specifically for this time. It’s a challenge. But you know what? I wouldn’t have it any other way.

We are all awakening. Some faster than others. That’s OK. Our job is to love, support and transmute negative energies.

Our role is to heal ourselves. And in that process, our light shines brighter for others to see their own dimmer switch to awaken, face what needs healing within and empower themselves to let go of all the suppressed emotions from generations past, not just their current life time journey.

When we awaken to who we really are, and practice with vigilance harnessing and mastering our energy, we get to master manifesting within our own lives.

What does that look like?

The vision of mastering your own energy means you are calm, clear-minded, insightful and at peace even when the chaos and storm is brewing around you (whether it’s your health, finances, relationship troubles or even the global agenda).

But you don’t harness and master your energy by taking a magic pill 💊

Like an athlete, you need to consistently train, practice your mental, emotional and spiritual skills just like an athlete would practice their drills. There is sacrifice, letting go of all the things not aligned with your goal, so you become FOCUSED and able to direct your energy with the mightiest power, Divine Force working through you.

The more you clear your energy bodies - mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically, the faster you become at manifesting vital health, flowing wealth, and functional loving relationships.

As a result of this past week, I’ve pushed out the pre launch of The Awakened Soul Program for 2021 by a week. So that I could rest. And the beautiful thing is I have a whole new level of Awakening and Wisdom to share when we do open the doors for this years intake.

If you’d like the details how to Awaken to your Intuitive Power, Heal your ancestral wounds, and Manifest more of your authentic soul-aligned desires, you can sign up for the waitlist here.