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Thai Pumpkin Soup

energy health & well-being recipe for success thai pumpkin soup Jul 01, 2022

Want something healthy to eat, that is quick and easy to make, so that you can keep your energy high and dedicate more of your precious time to doing the things you love the most - like building your online business? Perhaps playing with your kids (or grandkids) or helping them to learn? Or simply working on a project that excites you?!


There truly is nothing that beats a delicious heart-warming soup, especially on a cold winter's day or evening. 


And I love to pause mid-day to give myself a lunch break from my creative work or working with my clients online (usually from my home office) with something quick and healthy; This recipe is all that and delicious too. It's also just as yummy cooked the day before and reheated when you want it.


This Thai Pumpkin Soup recipe was inspired by my dear friend Peita Pearce, who made a version of this for us not so long ago to enjoy along with a curry buffet when we celebrated her birthday. 


Given that Thai food rates in the top two of my most favourite cultural foods (Vietnamese food is an equal winner for me), her yummy soup inspired me to make a version of my own. 


My mother gifted me some sweet potato from her garden, and I immediately thought I’d try it in this version of this recipe. It makes it a thick and creamy soup.  


It’s hearty with the beef stock, and truly delicious! 


If you want to add coconut cream to this soup it would also be just as divine! While I haven't done that yet, I plan to the next time I make it.



You can download a copy of this recipe by clicking the button link below.

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