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How to use intuition to build your business

business intuition & spirituality results trust Jun 10, 2022

How to use intuition to build your business

Using your intuition to guide you to create your business, can mean the difference of ‘hustling’ and often barely getting ahead in your business, or building a successful one  aligned with ease, energy and effort-less joy. 

But it begins with clearly knowing what you want to create.

Imagine living life fully on your own terms now. Not ‘later’ off in some distant future far, far away. 

What would that look, sound and feel like for you?

Would it simply be having the ability to command your schedule to work for you, with balance and ease so you can enjoy quality time with yourself and your family, while you also connect with your ideal clients to help them with transformative results, create awesome inspiring content that also lights you up, and your Paypal or Stripe account regularly alerting you with notifications of payments being received?

Can you see yourself letting go of any previous struggle with overwhelm, over-commitment and overthinking to instead embracing a light and enjoyable pace of life, with a balance of priorities and even have ‘free space’ in your schedule to “just be”, all while you feel fulfilled and at peace with your work and the impact you have on the world - beginning with you, your family, your local community and the world at large? 

Would you feel more at ease, being able to work from home or anywhere that you choose, because all you need are your ideas, a laptop and your passionate desire to connect and communicate with your ideal audience whether that’s on social media, through your email, or local networks to be of service and provide value to others in alignment with what’s most important to you?

And …most importantly, listening to the quiet whisper of your Soul because she rarely makes some loud obvious demand, but rather a subtle request for you to take a direction or act on an impulse, often backed up with a flash of insight or a “gut feeling” or “urgent pull” to take immediate action on something in particular; whether that’s to prioritise your focus on a specific task, or drop what you’re doing at your desk and head to the store to pick up the groceries to make for dinner, and on your journey you see someone or something that sparks inspiration or the answer for a solution you have been looking for. 


Essentially, building a business to meet the success of your imagination requires lots of decisions. 

So you could boil down our goal with this conversation into “how to use intuition to make decisions?”

Which will ultimately apply to all areas of life.

But since so many of my clients come to me seeking how to trust their inner guidance more to create their ideal lifestyle business, I’m going to apply these concepts to the context of business. 

So here are some key tips to help you use your intuition to build your business in a way that feels divine, light and enjoyable for you so that you are energised, focused and paid abundantly for the results you help others create. 


Know the difference between emotions, ‘feelings’ and intuition. 


Intuition is NOT simply a ‘feeling’ and it’s most definitely not an emotion. Intuition is a ‘knowing’ that guides you to take action in alignment with the direction of your highest request. 

Too often people call their ‘gut feeling’ their intuition, when rarely it is not. A gut feeling is more connected to survival and driven by the need to be safe (therefore rooted in fear) and reactive behavior. 

Intuition is a higher level of consciousness, with a capacity to sense energies and has a character of “knowing” information without necessarily having clear ‘reason,’ but that which elevates one to healthier choices and positive, sustainable change. 

A ‘gut feeling’ will tend to lead someone to make an ‘avoidance’ choice. They’re also often rooted in avoiding a past experience or fear of a negative outcome in the future.

Emotions are energy in motion. They are responsive to your thoughts. Your thoughts are not your intuition. But what you focus on, will energise images in your mind as your reality. 

For example, you focus on an offer to work with a mentor which partly excites you but also scares you. Your thoughts are focused on how you made a previous choice to work with someone once before who didn’t truly deliver on what they offered, so you feel upset and the emotion of disgust might rise up. In this scenario, without conscious awareness of an unresolved experience and embracing wisdom and discernment, the person experiencing this is likely to move away from another opportunity to work with another coach because of their “gut feeling.” 

Whereas intuition will guide you TOWARDS a new outcome that fills you with the energy of clearly knowing you have made the right choice, and you will often feel lighter with a broader perspective and access to higher emotions such as willingness, courage, love, joy, peace. It’s a presence that is connected to the ‘now’ moment, and when you take action on this intuitive nudge even though you may not see past the ‘present urge’ you sense it is leading you in the right direction for your best experience. 


Know yourself


When you know clearly and confidently who you are, what you stand for, what you value, what your vision for your life and business is, and what your goals are, you set your mind’s focus on the target with what you are creating. This place of being has you operating with a clearer mind, more connected and in tune with the subtle energies of your body and environment, and at a greater capacity to respond to the tiniest indicators that your Soul is communicating with you, to guide you. It’s then easier to listen, and take immediate action. 


Prioritise self care


Making sure you schedule regular time to take care of yourself is important. When you prioritise time and make space in your busy schedule to slow down, be fully present and listen to your body, and pay attention at taking care of your needs, you shift yourself from a ‘flight/fight’ response that is induced from stress, and move yourself into ‘rest/digest’ calm state of being where you are able to access your intuition and ability to create. You’re able to solve problems with more ease. Inspiration rises and helps you take action with ease. You are more productive with less effort. 

Your body is always communicating with you. When you slow down and pay attention, you will pick up on the nuances it ‘speaks’ to you. 


Expand your knowledge and your experiences and always be learning. 


Intuition is energy, it’s information. For you to be able to receive it and interpret it, you need a framework of knowledge and life experience for that information to be translated. The best way for you to improve your accuracy in both tuning into your intuition and ‘reading’ it is to always be learning, expanding your experiences in life and enhancing your knowledge. 


Heal from trauma, past and present.


If you have unresolved trauma, which many people do, then what you ‘intuit’ will be filtered through your life experience and expectations. When there are unresolved traumas ‘looping’ in someone’s mind, body or energy field, then the chances are their nervous system is activated to view everything through the lens of “threat” so they can stay safe. 

When emotional trauma, from a past or present event, is cleared, then the mind and body can move into a focus on thriving. The brain and nervous system then assumes it’s safe, and can move into ‘thriving’ goals. Intuition will be received to meet these life-enhancing targets and met with the positive expectation of achieving them. 

Even if you think you can compartmentalise issues (past or present) in your life so you can lock your focus on building your business, these often hidden energies drain your system, and have you on the defence, putting in more effort (and struggle) to get ahead. 

When you heal ‘trauma loops,’ you clear energy blocks within your system, and allow both your brain to be in a more calm state and for it to tune into higher frequencies for you to listen to your intuition with more clarity and inspiration. Making your best decisions from this place of being is easier. Much easier. 


Raise your vibrational frequency. 


When you raise your frequency, you raise your vibration. Or simply put, you have more energy. You feel lighter in your physical body, as well as your mental and emotional bodies too. You move yourself into a state of experiencing more personal power, clarity, love, joy and peace. 

You feel good in your body and are able to balance your emotions quickly. As a result, you’re able to harness and master your energy more effectively. With a higher vibration you have greater self-awareness and a finer attunement to living in a ‘flow’ state where intuition guides you. 


A final word


Building a business requires a balance of both left brain (conscious data analysis) and right brain (intuition and creativity). When you have them working together in synchronized action, you experience working “in flow.”

In my own business, I plan, research, reflect, review and analyse. But it’s the consistent inclusion of practicing daily tuning into my intuition and trusting it to guide me with my next best steps. 

As a result, some incredible outcomes have occurred that manifested beyond my left brain approach only; Such as, shamanic journeying for a few hours to then have clarity of an offer which I took immediate action on and within 48-hours had manifested over $22,000 in the bank with additional monthly income for 12 months. Another time is holding back on a start date for an offer, rescheduling it, which when it felt right it took off with incredible results attracting the most amazing people and new clients. One of those clients mentioned they were “glad the event happened now and not two weeks ago because I would have missed it as I was busy!” 

I’ve used intuition to guide me when to start something, when to hold, when to stop, when to rest, when to take action, when to speak up, when to use discernment and possibly the thing I love best about trusting my intuition is knowing who to say “yes” to the requests of those who want to work with me and more importantly who to say “no” to because even if they ‘look’ like the right fit or have the funds to pay, my intuition just KNOWS the person is not actively ready, willing or committed to their transformation. Working with anyone like that in the self help industry will have you feeling drained, exhausted, second guessing the value of what you offer and wanting to quit your business in a heartbeat. It’s that painful. 

So my personal experience and advice would be… build a business that is aligned with your highest values, that offers a great service or products (or both) for a specific market to help them get specific results. Know who your ideal clients are, and know with as much clarity who is not. But most of all, quit over thinking and instead partner with your intuition to guide you with every step of the way. You’ll experience more joy along your journey and celebrate a lot more regular delightful results for yourself and your clients or customers. 

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