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Goal Magic For Kids: Teaching Kids (and Yourself) the Power of Clear Plans

Feb 07, 2024

Unlock the secret to turning aspirations into accomplishments! Join me on a journey inspired by my 7-year-old's quest for Pokémon Shield. Learn the transformative goal-setting hack that not only fuels his dreams but also holds the key to your success. Discover the magic of clear plans, chore charts, and goal thermometers—a winning formula for manifesting desires. Let's have some fun as we go on a path that empowers both young minds and seasoned goal-seekers alike!


The Goal-Setting Dilemma


Got a goal but not sure how to get ‘there’?


So did my son ‘B’.


Here’s a hack to manifesting that most people miss. Here’s what I did for B.


He told me the other day, “Muuuum! I reeeeeally want to get Pokémon Shield!” (It’s a Nintendo game.)


I said, "Kiddo, outside of your birthday and Christmas, you’re going to have to offer a way to earn it to save up for it.” 


He’s 7, going 8 now. 


And I’m big on teaching him about responsibility, goals, money and entrepreneurship.


I also want him to value what he has. 


The human tendency leans toward not valuing that which is free but mostly valuing that which requires effort to acquire.


So while he told me a few ways he could come up with the money for the game ($70), including chores, collecting cans for the recycling exchange, and even picking lemons 🍋 from my tree to make lemonade to sell, he lost focus and didn’t want to follow through.


The Power of a Written Goal Plan


So today, I helped him create a written goal plan. 


What a shift in behaviour instantly!


The goal plan I crafted for him included his goal as a visual—in this case, the Pokémon Shield video game.


A chore chart relevant to his age and skill level. It included some rules. I explained that each of the 10 chores was worth $1 per week when completed daily. At the end of the week, when all tasks and chores were completed daily, he’d get $10. For any chore not done for 7 days, he loses $1.


Visual Aids: Making Progress Fun


The chore chart is to help him focus, track, stay accountable, and reinforce the behaviours aligned with his goal.


Healthy habits too.


I included a visual aid along with the chore chart to make tracking his progress in accumulating the funds fun.


He got so excited! 🔥 


“Mum! I can DO this!” 


He understood that he could hit his goal as early as 7 weeks, “before the next school holidays!” He squealed! 


Strategies For Quick Wins


“Yes…🙌” I said. “But want to see the magic of how getting clear on your goal and having a goal plan to manifest works?”


He nodded.


“Ok. How much money do you have in your wallet?” I asked.


He ran to get it.


It was filled with coins, which he emptied out on the table. 


I was really surprised! So was he!


I used the opportunity to help him count the coins as a maths exercise. 


We counted $23.40


Then promptly coloured in the money goal thermometer.


Then I said, “Want to take the boxes of recycling water bottles and juice boxes (and kombucha cans) to the recycling centre to see how much you can get? 


He couldn’t wait! 


So we took them down, and he cashed in $13!


We added that to the coins in the jar and coloured in the money goal thermometer.


The key here is to include incremental numbers AND percentages so you can see how much you progress towards your worthy goal!


And the outcome?


B hit a little over 50% of his goal in under an hour of us beginning this process.


He's excited. He's inspired. And since we got back from gymnastics, 🤸‍♀️ he’s initiated jumping in the shower without a prompt from me, took his dirty clothes to the laundry and after he ate dinner took his bowl and cutlery to the kitchen sink. 


Boom 💥 


Everyone is winning here!!


I also encouraged him to think about researching (and I will help him) to find the game on sale (which they often are). And I got him to think about the extra money saved that he could put toward another goal.


Why Set Your Goal Thermometer Higher? Lessons in Financial Wisdom


So why does his thermometer 🌡️ show $80, when he only needs $70?


I’m glad you asked.


Because I'm teaching him to ALWAYS spend less than you earn. To always create a buffer. 


It's the beginning of teaching him how to be intentional with his money, along with principles in delayed gratification to save (instead of using credit), experiencing the joy of positive anticipation, that rewards come with effort, and that with a clear goal and plan to get there and a way to track and measure, he is empowered to get what he wants.


So if this inspires you for your own goals or to help your kids with this, let me know ❤️


I use these same principles for myself and my clients. 


And if you need some help, reach out! 


Helping people get what they want and crafting a clear action plan is my thing!


Applying Winning Psychology To Your Goals



Have clear goal posts 🥅 

Know the rules of the game. ✅ 

Have a way to track and measure 📏 

Check in regularly with your goals and progress. 🏃‍♂️ 

Create a visual aid for your progress 

Make it easy and fun!

The psychology of winning will have you in momentum, hitting your goals in no time!


Synchronicities and Opportunities: The Energy Shift Effect


And a wonderful thing happens when you shift your energy to get excited and get into momentum: synchronicities occur, opportunities show up and possibilities expand.


Do you see yourself implementing these simple but powerful goal-setting and goal-getting practices with your kids (or for yourself)?

What has been valuable in this article for you? I would love to hear from you, so leave your comment down below.