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7 Things I Learned From Watching The Movie "Sound of Freedom"

Aug 25, 2023

This is a movie in which many forces are involved, trying very hard for you NOT to see. 


There are divisive reviews across the channels about this movie. But what type of human, would criticise any movie (based on a true story) that takes a stand for humans, especially children, to be safe and free from the horrors of human trafficking? In my opinion, only those who lack a moral compass, or would perhaps experience consequences from this global agenda being exposed. 


If you are a parent, a grandparent, a caregiver, or simply a goodhearted human who is sickened by p3tafiles (spelling intentionally to eliminate being suppressed), then listen up, because I’m about to share my personal lessons from this movie, and highly recommend why you should go see it, preferably at the cinema. 


Before becoming a mother, for many years, I worked in my career as a Paramedic. It was a period of my life when I experienced the underbelly of society. The things I saw cannot be unseen. The experiences I have had, some of them have taken MANY years to process, neutralise and clear from my nervous system. But none of that is close to the depths of the belly of the beast of what is happening under our noses, across all societies, in all countries, on all continents. 


I’ve always been driven by my vision to serve others to teach the knowledge, tools and skills to design their life, live their dreams; to have their own freedom. 


Now that I am a parent, and my son is seven years old, the impact of this movie has put a fire in my belly with the rage of a wildfire to make sure I ramp up in all ways possible to contribute in ways that I can participate in helping all humans be empowered so they never become subject to these vile crimes. 


So Here Are The 7 Things I Learned From Watching The Movie "Sound of Freedom"


  1. The Power of Initiation: Witness the initiation of unsuspecting viewers into the harsh truth of human trafficking.

    I went to see the movie alone. I went to the first screening in Western Australia, at 10 am. The cinema, while not full, was also a decent turnout for that time of day, filling half the seats. I was friendly and initiated some general chit-chat with people prior to the movie. And I learned from those conversations, that not everyone who attended the cinema to see the movie had any previous idea about the global agendas or the human trafficking issue “in real life”. They were simply attracted to viewing the movie. Wow! That had me brushing away a tear that ran down my cheek before the movie even started. They were about to be initiated. And people responded as good-hearted humans do to this topic, with sadness AND with a sense of “this can’t happen anymore!!”

  2. The Unseen Reality: Human trafficking isn't confined to 'poor' countries; it thrives in our very midst.

    The movie highlights that there are over two million - TWO MILLION - people, mostly women and children, who are trafficked per year, and the numbers are rising. Do not for one minute think this only happens in ‘poor’ countries. Children and women in first-world countries, including Australia, New Zealand, the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada, are just as targeted for the sex trade. MANY of the perpetrators paying for the sex slave trade are from these very same countries. Did you know that there are more laws to protect the location and identity of p3tafiles than there are to protect our children? You gotta ask “Why?”

  3. Entertainment Industry Exposé: Unveil the dark underbelly of the entertainment world, where dreams turn into nightmares.

    Are you aware that the Entertainment industry is rife with finding ‘talent’ under the guise of “making your dreams come true,” but often are involved with grooming children and women for indirect or direct human trafficking? And it’s not always the hidden slave trade, that is important to become aware of. 

  4. A Darker Side of Fame: Explore the hidden shadows behind child stars and the exploitation they endure.

    Do you think Young Talent Time and Disney Kids are innocent or a gateway for some modern-day slavery? How many child stars have you seen grow up with their lives turned inside out and to the world they are painted as “crazy” or need to be “rehabilitated?” Many famous people whom you admire, or once admired, whom you pay to be entertained by them through movies, concerts and the like, are actually more likely slaves to their ‘handlers’ and system. Curious? Check out 

  5. The Power of One: Learn how a single act of bravery can ripple into a tidal wave of change.

    During the movie Sound of Freedom (Jim Cavezal plays the role of Tim Ballard). He goes to great extremes to rescue ONE child in particular. Just one you think? Why just one? Why not all? But he can’t get them all out. And the successful story of him going to such incredible, almost impossible, lengths at his own sacrifice, now ripples in millions of hearts across the world, raising the collective consciousness for more of us to help the many. That’s the power of ONE. Remember that YOU TOO might be just ‘one’ person, but the power of one reaching many is already evident. So I decided to never discount the positive impact I can have by just being ‘one’ human taking action. 

  6. Confronting Empathy: Prepare to be challenged as an empath, to feel and act against this global crisis.

    If you are a ‘Sensitive’ or ‘Empath,’ who like me experiences energy with intensity, the movie “Sound of Freedom” IS confronting, revealing, and challenging without setting your nervous system on fire. At least if you have been doing a lot of the inner work for yourself, have a good mastery of energetic boundaries, and you have no unresolved deep trauma (especially if related to this topic). Go and watch it. Breathe, and remember, you are just watching it. Those kids, and millions more, have lived it, and millions more are still living it. They need us to KNOW about this so we can collectively do something about it. What would you do if this was your own child caught in this dark web?

  7. Igniting Purpose: Discover how this movie fueled a fervent determination to empower others against these atrocities.

    I walked out of the cinema with a fire in my belly determined to take my business to the next level. My purpose is to use the funds to reach and serve more people (specifically women, parents and children) to empower them with knowledge, tools, and skills so they don’t become a victim of these circumstances through the need for resources because of poverty or lack. 

  8. BONUS: Have you ever heard of a movie with so much attention and people booking tickets, being made available for only four days of screening? Strange, isn’t it? There is a real attempt to suppress this movie and sweep it under the carpet as quickly as possible. The reality is “Sound of Freedom” generated more than $14 million at the box office on opening day in the USA and passed the $80 million mark in less than two weeks, per Box Office Mojo. The film now sits at $127,602,227, making it the first indie release post-pandemic to cross the $100 million mark at the domestic box offer, reports Variety. [Source]  When I purchased my ticket online a little over a week ago, Hoyts Western Australia only had the movie listed for four days, Thursday 24th to Sunday 28th August. Now, they’ve extended it. But wait. Guess by how many days? Just another four! So it’s only been listed for the cinema for eight days viewing. I don’t know about you, but given the statistics for people wishing to view this and the box office smash hit, that seems awfully sketchy, doesn’t it? 

“Sound of Freedom” is one of those movies that transforms you. You will not, cannot, come out of the cinema the same. I guarantee it will put a fire in your belly, and your own Soul will guide you with how you can take some action to bring these crimes to attention, and ideally, to an end. No matter what that action or role is. Perhaps to simply shout out to tell others about the movie and to go see it. Maybe it’s getting involved physically to be part of the operations worldwide. Perhaps it’s to donate funds or to build a business with the vision and mission to also empower people with the knowledge, tools and skills to create their own freedom and power. 


But it starts with you seeing the movie. I highly recommend it. 




We, God’s Children, are NOT for sale.