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5 Natural Ways To Boost Your Energy

energy energy healing health & well-being mental health natural ways to boost your energy Oct 28, 2022


Are you feeling tired, or downright exhausted?

Are you a parent like me, with a constant stream of demands and responsibilities that come with looking after a child(ren)?

Not feeling motivated to go for your goals because of a lack of energy?

Maybe you just know you are not operating at your best energy level yet, and want to fine tune your frequency so you can be your best self and live out your best life.


Then this article is for you! I'm going to share with you my top 5 natural ways to boost your energy. 



1. Sleep 


Sleep deprivation caused by a consistent lack of sleep or a reduced quality of sleep can lead to serious health problems, and it sure is a fast track to depression, poorer judgment, reduced awareness and making poor quality decisions.


Getting enough sleep increases your immune system function so you get sick less often, helps you to stay at a healthy weight (or release extra pounds that you may be carrying), reduces stress and improves your mood. It definitely increases your energy levels, and improves brain performance, as well as you’re more likely to communicate more effectively and calmly with others. 


2. Hydration


If the body doesn’t have enough water it won’t function well and increases the risk of health risks and diseases. Even minor dehydration can affect physical and mental performance. A lack of water will make you feel sluggish, possibly constipated (reducing elimination), experience brain fog and even headaches, dull skin and hair, fatigue, weight gain and dry mouth. The adult body is made up mostly of approximately 60%-70% water. So that goes to show you how important it is for your health and well-being. 


With proper hydration, which for most adults is about 2-3L of alkaline and mineral-rich water you will regulate your body temperature, prevent infections, deliver nutrients to cells, keep joints lubricated, and keep organs (especially your brain) functioning properly. Being well hydrated also improves sleep quality, your ability to think clearly improves, and positively affects mood.


3. Nutrition


A poor diet can lead to many ailments. Processed foods and foods grown with pesticides and herbicides build up toxins in your body, which negatively impacts your energy levels, disrupt the quality of your sleep, lower your immune system, reduces your cognition, slows down your stomach and bowel, and leads to weight gain, tooth decay, heart disease, stoke and many more other health risks.


A diet packed with nature’s foods, unprocessed and grown without pesticides or herbicides, along with meat (chicken and fish) that are organic or free range (including eggs and dairy) will improve your body’s ability to absorb the nutritionally dense foods to uptake the vitamins and minerals needed as the building blocks to create great health and vitality. When you think about food, rather than just think about the calories or the impact on your body, ask yourself “is this brain food? Will it help me to think more clearly, give me the performance edge and make me feel well?”


4. Movement


Not getting enough physical activity not only impacts you reducing your physical health but it also negatively impacts mental health and well-being. A lack of sufficient movement increases the risk of depression and anxiety. It also increases the aging process, increases the risk of chronic fatigue and decreases muscle mass which is required for optimal strength and metabolism. 


Being physically active not only improves your brain health, it helps to manage weight, reduce the risk of disease, strengthens muscles and bones, and improves your ability to perform even the simplest day to day activities let alone the peak performance tasks.


5. Elimination


Elimination in this context refers to physical detoxing, emotional detoxing, digital detoxing and environmental detoxing. 


  • Physically, reducing or preferably removing toxic substances from your diet. Eg MSG which is a neurotoxin found in so many processed foods. Even going on a regular fast to clear old energies and releasing toxins from your brain and body.
  • Emotionally, addressing and releasing old emotional wounds, unhealed trauma, so you can benefit from healing and moving forward. 
  • Digital detox, taking some regular time off all the devices and head out into nature to recalibrate and reboot!


Environmental detoxing. Are you using substances in your home and on your body that are toxic and polluting your energy field? Check what you are using for deodorant, soap, shampoo and conditioner, hair products, skin care, make up, laundry detergents, cleaning products etc. Ditch the chemicals and switch to organic or cloth fiber products instead.


To access more of your energy to be in flow and create the life you want with the vitality to live it, make sure you prioritize getting the best quality sleep every night, hydrate your body with plenty of clean, alkaline and mineral-rich water, eat the best quality clean locally grown foods that you can, move your body and practice regular detoxification to eliminate toxins from your body and environment.