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4 Quick Tips To Raise Your Vibration

5d consciousness energy mind & body Feb 21, 2021

Those with a 3D consiousness will never understand the 5D information, language or technologies NOW ALREADY available, and rolling out in larger scale SOON unless they start cleaning up their vibration NOW!


So how do you do that?


You have to understand who you are and your mind/body connection.


You need to be aware that we are ENERGY. 


Everything is energy.


To heal and experience the freedom that comes with a 5D consciousness (and above) you need to raise your vibration.


What is your vibration?


It’s your emotional state.


E-motion, is energy in motion. The higher your vibration, the more joy, peace, bliss and abundance that you experience. You also tap into your Higher Self and access all-knowing because you are connected to God source energy.


You feel great when tuned into a higher frequency, enabling you to access information that is not available to you in a lower vibrational state - like: fear, anxiety, dispair, anger, apathy, grief, shame etc.


Urgh. Just typing those words feels so HEAVY! 


Again, everything is energy.


You are a co-creator.


You create with intention.


Intention begins with thought, but what fuels it is the emotion you load the intention with.  So it’s really your E-MOTION (remember, energy in motion) that you manifest your desires with).


If you’re pissed off, angry, sad, fearful, jealous, envious, resentful, you will create more of that.


If you direct your energy to focus on feeling grateful, peaceful, appreciative, joyful, blessed, love, you will create more of that.


There is a big revelation coming to the world on a large scale............ soon.


Very soon....


And the higher your vibration, the more you will be prepared for the information download about to occur.


There will also be mass technologies unveiled and released. But again, these medical technologies will be based on YOUR INTENTION for the outcomes. 


So if you are not already mastering your energy, now is the time to kick into gear and learn to harness and master your energy so you create the desired outcomes you set for yourself.


And here’s a question to help you focus your subconscious mind on (because it’s only when your conscious mind and subconscious mind are in ALIGNMENT that you allow the flow of creative energy to manifest your thought/feeling you desire to create)...


So here it is...


What will your life look, sound and feel like for you now that you know you are only capable of successful outcomes?


Let go of the timing you put on when it should be manifested. Instead focus your energy on simply taking the consistent aligned action UNTIL you have manifested the creation you set in motion.


Raise your vibration to match the frequency of what you desire to manifest. Just like dialing into the preferred radio station to get clear signal of the music or news you want to hear.


Tune in to your Higher Self.


To do that, you need to intentionally activate your energy to raise your vibration and tune into a higher frequency.


To do that, you need to:

✅ Eat organic, whole foods (and eliminate processed toxic foods)

✅ movement - exercise, doing whatever feels good for you.

✅ hydrate... drink lots of alkaline water (no flouride, no chlorine = no tap water).

✅ meditate.... be still to tune in and listen to your Higher Self and follow your intuition.


There is more, so much more to do for your daily practice... but this is a start, or if you’re already doing it, it’s time to up-level! 


What are you going to take action on now to begin raising your vibration, to tune into a higher frequency and allow life-force healing energy to flow through you? 


Xx Katie 


P.S. I planted more seedlings....