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3 Quick Tips How To Activate Your Vision Board For Success

activating your vision board for succes getting results from your vision board how to bring your vision board to life making a vision board work for you tips for activating your vision board using a vision board for manifestation and goal achievement Feb 03, 2023

Have you created your vision board for this year? Now that you've completed it, are you wondering, "What now? What do I do next?"  ...because you want to know how to bring your vision board to life.

Maybe you've just completed my recent 7-Day Vision Board Challenge (and if you haven't and want to, or you did and you want continued access, you can now get unlocked full access here  for complete help with turning your vision board into reality.)

In this article, I'm going to share some tips for activating your vision board now.

When it comes to making your vision board work for you. Most people jump into thinking their next step is to come up with an action plan, and a list to break down all the steps. 

But there is something really important to do first, and every day, to manifest your vision and goals.  

You see, if the next step is hitting the ground running with a 'to-do' list before you do this key thing, it means you are operating from your head and from the limitation of what you already know. It also comes from the hustle and grind mindset of "I make things happen!," which is all about control and manipulation. In essence, it's driven by fear. The fear of it not coming true (and therefore experiencing disappointment), the fear of not trusting anyone else to help you ("no-one can do it as good as me,") and even the fear of failing but because you're so driven and ambitious and out to prove yourself, failure is not an option.

With this strategy of creating your action list next without this key thing, you simply end up doing more, more, more... which usually ends up in a ground-hog day kind of hustle-and-grind experience, with a few 'pops' of manifesting magic thrown in for good measure.

But the problem with that is, when those moments of manifesting what you want show up, you often second guess yourself or maybe even consider it 'just good luck.'

But the problem with that is, when those moments of manifesting what you want show up, you often second guess yourself or maybe even consider it 'just good luck.'

All this simply keeps you stuck up in your head, and disconnected from your heart... and most likely VERY DISTANT FROM the potent and powerfully positive effect when you first implement this key thing. 

So what is this key thing, to do NEXT after you have created your vision board, but before you create an action plan and build out your to-do list?


ACTIVATE your board with Co-Creative Source Energy.


What does that really mean?

It means connecting with your heart, and your Soul to listen/see/hear/feel in to your intuition, while aligning your mind and body to EXPERIENCE the energy of what you are claiming and calling in, "as done!" Without attachment to how it shows up, or even without attachment to the form you visualise, by allowing it to be "done" as "this or something better."

It also means, being in an emotional state of deep gratitude, with all your senses activated experiencing your vision as a MEMORY. "And so it is!"

By co-creating with Source energy, you surrender trying to control and manipulate from fear of it not working out, and shift instead into faith and intuitive guidance with a positive outlook that experiences incredible magic, synchronicities and manifest more of what you want, often faster than you ever expected!

So how do you do that?

FIRST, (and if you are new to this, it is best to close your eyes to do this exercise, after you have read my instruction), imagine your vision with all your senses: see the evidence of that reality already existing, hear what positive things you say to yourself as a result, and hear what others are saying to you and about you that lift your spirits and put a smile on your face. Also feel in your body what the key emotion is that comes up for you as a result of truly imagining this experience as a MEMORY. 

Keep imagining your mind movie of your vision in motion, playing out as if it is done and you are REMEMBERING it. At first you may feel clunky. That's OK. Just stick with the imagining process, writing and rewriting the script, as it gets clearer, brighter, and excites every cell in your body. If you struggle with this at first, stick with it, because like anything that you practice, you get better at it until it becomes a habit. 

When you go through this activation process of REMEMBERING your vision as a MEMORY, you will experience it as done. Through this process you are co-creating

Here are... 


3 quick tips how to activate your vision board. 


Make it a daily focus: Spend time each day reviewing your vision board and visualising your goals as already achieved.


The best time to activate your focus on your vision board is first thing in the morning, just as you're waking up, and then again last thing at night, right as you are falling asleep. The reason why is because these are the times that your brain is slowing down, and your brain waves are often in an alpha wave, which means you are most relaxed while still awake enough to instil your vision and activate it. This is not a once-off exercise. It is a practice, which will take conscious effort at first, but with consistency and by becoming a habit, life will feel miraculous!


Get involved: Take actions and make decisions that align with your goals and the aspirations depicted on your vision board.


With daily practice of activating your vision as a priority, allow yourself to be in a state of curiosity and interest in all the opportunities around you. LISTEN to your intuition and the nudges you get, and take inspired action on those. "Inspired" means "In" "Spirit". In other words, IN FLOW WITH SOURCE ENERGY. When take inspired action, you are listening to your intuition. Even if, the intuitive hits feel like they are not directly connected. You see, when you claim what you are calling in and "see it as done," while surrendering to Source/The Universe/God Energy to co-create with you, that power has much more insight and access to people, resources and knowledge than you can access with your limited little self. But when you listen to your Soul, and partner with Source energy, magical things 'seem' to happen. God energy will move the people, resources and organise events on the chessboard of life, to co-ordinate a meeting of the worlds, with you realising that which you have focused your energy on attracting, now in your reality.

 "Inspired" means "In" "Spirit". In other words, IN FLOW WITH SOURCE ENERGY.

Stay positive: Cultivate a positive mindset and surround yourself with supportive people who believe in you and your vision.


A positive mindset is paramount for your ability to successfully manifest your vision and goals. Most people might think about the Law of Attraction as the focus on 'attracting' (the thing that is 'out there') what you are calling in to your reality. And that is true, but the bigger truth is, it's not so much about the focus on the 'thing' or 'event' or how you want your reality to look like, whether that's your home, a career or business, a relationship, great health or even money. What allows those things to manifest is your ability to BECOME the type of person, the energy frequency, that is aligned with that experience to show up ....and dock in your reality. So that you can have it, and keep it. 


One of the best ways to BECOME THE VERSION OF YOURSELF THAT ATTRACTS AND ALLOWS what you are claiming and calling in to manifest in your reality, is to surround yourself with like-minded, like-hearted people who are also invested in their personal and professional development through the use of spiritual practices to live a holistic and meaningful life. If you are seeking such a community, along with getting clearer intention, developing intuition and mastering manifesting, then join us inside our new Manifesting Circle membership. You can check out all the details here. In it, you can also get the full unlocked access to my complete 7-day Vision Board Challenge where I go through everything you need to know about activating your energy to align with your vision so it will manifest. 


So to sum up how to activate your vision board for success, you must FOCUS your vision "as if it is done," take inspired action that is aligned with your vision, goals and aspirations, and cultivate a positive mindset which is easier done when you surround yourself with people who are raising their standards and hold you accountable to raising yours, in how you show up for BECOMING YOUR BEST SELF. Will I see you inside the Manifesting Circle? Our community will be waiting with open arms for you, happy to support you on your path of spiritual development and manifesting success!