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3 Energising Rituals To Use Daily To Get Into Peak Emotional State

energy goals how to achieve your goals using visualisation peak performance success success rituals Dec 09, 2022

Have you ever wondered how to get yourself energised or motivated to take real "peak performance" action that is aligned with what you're really trying to create; that feels rich and juicy and really feels good?


If you struggle with self doubt or fear of rejection or failure when it comes to showing up as the best version for yourself, and for others, then these three energising rituals that I use daily to get into peak emotional state may just help you too.

If you apply them. Which, I encourage you to do.  

Before I share the three strategies with you, let me first give some context so you have understanding why and how to use these tools. 


Words are powerful. They are language. The words you use are either a wand or a weapon; and with words we create a story inside our head, or in conversation with others. We create beliefs, and stories.

Using these narratives we paint a picture with words defining whether we're good enough or nor good enough. Or we make assumptions. And when we're paying attention we can catch those stories and change the use of the words so that instead of weaponising those words against yourself, which lowers your frequency, then your energy, and you feel pretty bad; especially if you're telling yourself "I'm going to jump on a sales call and what if they don't buy?"

Or you're thinking about your story about making the money in the bank, or making the conversion of the sale (and getting that coaching client or student in your course), or worse worried about being rejected and told "No!" Right? 

If you've got the narrative going on like the one above, those words are weaponising against yourself and that narrative is creating a focus in your mind that is allowing you to then imagine the worst case scenario. Which means, you're already activating your 'fight and flight' system and preparing yourself for rejection because that's the story you've been telling yourself, so physiologically you have a response which lowers your frequency, and you feel less energy. You feel avoidant. Right? In that emotional state, you don't want to do it. 

So, what if instead, you actually have words that you're using as a wand to help you move your focus in the direction of where you want to flow that energy because your intention is clear.

Wherever your attention goes your energy flows.

So what if you were actually creating a narrative in your mind's eye, and in your body, having the actual response because the narrative - if it's useful - will connect your energy field with a powerful outcome, with you experiencing yourself really showing up and serving, being fully present and helping someone, giving amazing value, whether it's on a sales call, whether it's an interview that you're going on, whether it's having a difficult conversation with a partner or a friend and just imaging the best case scenario, then you're going to feel much more connected to that and you're going to feel really energised with it and take action to move towards creating that. You'll be more present because you don't have your nervous system fired off in 'flight and flight,' instead you're in 'rest and digest' so it's really important to have this awareness around words or language, and being the director of your brain (your command station), being mindful of what you are putting in your operating system. And your body will respond accordingly. 


Watch the video above for a demonstration of how this is activated in you as I guide you through a short process to show you.


So here are the three Energising Rituals

Use daily to get into peak emotional state for being fully present and taking massive aligned action. 

1. Visualise [Language and Focus]

First thing in the morning, as I wake up, in that 'sleep-wake' state I practice visualising my highest vision of how I'm creating my life. I may focus on a specific BIG goal, or a daily goal. Then I run the 'movie' in my head, imagining the best outcome with a focus on how I'm positively FEELING. I imagine what I see, how I feel and what I say to myself and others. I run that movie in my mind while I lay in bed until I'm truly connected with it (and literally grinning like a cheshire cat!). 

2. Intention Prayer [Words are a wand or a weapon. Use them intentionally as a wand to empower!]

Whether I'm about to jump on a client call for an energy balance, discovery session or strategy session, I will clear the pathway of any negative mental chatter (which is the ego trying to find a way to be certain and safe), by declaring a prayer of Intention. It might go something like this "Higher Power, I command that you work through me for the greatest good for my client and myself. Utelise me for the benefit of humanity, with love, harmony and peace as the common goal."

Watch the video above to get another version of an Intention prayer. 

You can use an intention prayer for any experience:

  • Before you jump on a client call
  • Before you get on a sales call
  • Before you approach someone to have what most would consider a 'difficult' conversation (when you have a clear intention for the highest good and you know how to use effective communication skills, 'difficult' conversations no longer trouble you or trigger you).
  • Before you speak on a zoom call or on stage
  • Before you do a facebook live
  • Before your write any content

There are a lot of applications for using an Intention Prayer. Can you come up with some of your own?

3. Anchor Music [Physiology]

Using a certain piece or music, or a playlist that gets you 'pumping' and 'jumping' is a great way to quickly elevate your energy in seconds! This strategy will disrupt negative thinking or feelings such as self-doubt, or depression with a power move. It's impossible to stay stuck in negative thought loops when you are moving your body, which not only fires off new neuronal pathways in your brain but physically releases happy hormones such as dopamine into your body, without relying on any external sources to activate it. Even the music, if you create a certain music anchor, then just the thought of that song, can and will fire off your peak emotional state of being if you practice it enough.

One of my favourite music anchors is "Are You Ready For This?" By Jock Jams



Finally, the key to using these three energising rituals for peak performance is committing to practicing them. 

Leaving your mind to default you will be running mind movies anyway. Mostly of the worst case scenario kind, generating a frequency of fear, doubt, worry, anxiety and activating a 'fight or flight' response with your nervous system. Which simply put means you end up approaching your situation with a sense of attack or defence (if not consciously, then definitely subconsciously) or being avoidant which feeds hesitation, and procrastination. 

Use positive words to create empowering beliefs and stories, that directs your focus on amazing outcomes, and feeling great NOW. So that you take immediate soul-aligned action that is in the highest good for you and others. 

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