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15 Lessons for Crafting a Life of Abundance: My Journey to Time and Financial Freedom

Nov 17, 2023

[Note: I originally wrote this as a social media post on facebook earlier this week. And it struck me to share it as a blog article, for easy reference.]

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Wednesday is normally my “no office contact” day of the week.

But because we went fishing 🎣 early yesterday morning, I shifted a few hours of behind the scenes creative work to this morning from 6-8 am.

Then it was school prep and run.

Back home for a bit more creative work (because I’m focused on my book 📕 goal and wanted to complete the micro goals I had set for myself today).

Then the gym for a weights session (upper body today). 🏋️‍♀️🧘‍♀️

I always enjoy an easy lunch on a Wednesday. My most favourite is laksa 😋

Then, because I’m already smashing such big goals and manifesting them in my life and business, as well as the end of the year is drawing nigh I’m already looking at renewing my vision board AGAIN! (oooohhh gosh where did 2023 go, right?!)

I’ve had a Canada/Alaska rail and cruise 🚢 tour on my bucket list forever. And it’s still a little ways off but close enough that I can feel it likely to be a priority focus in 2-3 years time. And B will be old enough to thorough enjoy it too.

I envision wrapping up such a spectacular trip into a good 4-6 months of travel and adventures.

So I grabbed a few travel magazines for my new vision board I’m creating.

Then, I bought a free-range cooked chicken ready for a chicken and champagne 🥂 lunch tomorrow after my friend, Glenda Howes and I get Lomi Lomi massages 💆‍♀️ from one of my local Aussie clients, Sheree Kake, who I have helped to launch her business.

I can’t wait to share that update with you tomorrow.

I know some of you are wondering, ”Katie, how do you get to live the lifestyle that you do?!” I know, because of the messages with the same or similar questions landing in my DMs.

I do have an amazing lifestyle. One with freedom - emotionally, mentally, physically, spiritually, and financially…. Because I’ve built it that way.

Many years ago, I retired in 2008 from my career as a Paramedic fully financially free from investment properties. I had a business then too but it was a fledgling and wasn’t profitable until I learned and applied many more skills.

In 2016 I focused on my online business model, which is group coaching-centric but supported by many online programs and tools that I have created over the years.

Each course I have built is a digital asset.

So in effect, I’ve build digital real estate.

And the volume equivalent to my own little city!

I’ve also built systems to support everything, and mapped out my processes over the years, so my focus and energy is efficient. They also become useful for the selective times I outsource to get help (which honestly isn’t a lot).

I’m a tech geek. Some of you might not know that. But I have well over 10,000 hours building funnels, websites, graphics and more. I’ve built all my programs from scratch, every single particle.

I’m a strategist extraordinare, it’s one of my ninja strengths. I’m unique and unusual in my approach, always aligning the Energetics to the individual with each of my clients. All aligned with integrity, transparency and honesty as key values.

I’m very focused on the Energetics of everything so before any action I’m tuning in and aligning before activating. Then it’s full force, and expedient like a ninja on triple crack!

Im super creative and innovative —- now this is where the balance of having lots of physical time to workout, kayak, fish, even meditate all help me to marinate and percolate insights and ideas before I apply them. So even when I’m having fun it’s productive to my ability to manifest!

But here’s the key to living an abundant life on my own terms, which you can borrow and apply for yourself.

Because the truth is I’ve faced many trials and tribulations, many gains and many more losses. But I always bounce back up.


And the biggest insights I share now include:

✨ Never compromise your vision, values, goals or your soul. It might take you a bit longer to get results, but ALWAYS do it with Integrity.

✨ Learn to harness and master your energy and develop advanced emotional intelligence skills. The biggest barrier for most blocking them from achieving success is a lack of inner standing and poor skills lacking in the ability to process emotional energy.

✨ take radical responsibility for all areas of your life. Don’t play the blame game - that’s victim consciousness energy. Rise up and surrender to your Soul and allow God’s insights to guide you.

✨ Do what you love EVERY DAY. Prioritise fun and self care, even if it’s micro moments when you first begin because you’re currently juggling a lot of responsibilities.

✨ Have a clear vision for your life and business. If you float in the wind 💨 you’ll be whipped around in it. Anchor your actions to your highest vision.

✨ Believe in yourself. And be wise enough to find a mentor/coach that you trust and value to guide you to get the results you envision for yourself.

✨ Don’t confuse knowledge with being successful. Most people say “I know that” but don’t APPLY what they know, too scared with not being “perfect” or fear of what other people might think. You WILL SUCK when you start something new. But like ALL SKILL DEVELOPMENT, with more practice and even more so when guided by an experienced coach (who walks their talk and doesn’t just bleet ‘knowledge’) you WILL get better.

✨ Dream BIG, take consistent action, and don’t ever quit.

✨ The backbone of success is a high self-esteem, so do whatever it takes to build that and reclaim back any power you have ever given away to others (sure they may have tried to take it from you, but the truth is, you have always given it away. So stop that!)

✨ Realise it’s the journey that matters, not the destination. It’s about who you become; become the best possible version of yourself.

✨ Help more people, add a tonne of value to others to acheive their goals, and you will accomplish yours. The bank of good will is far more powerful and abundant than a bank full of dollars earned from stepping on top of others. Do that at your own peril.

✨ Be grateful, focus on your gains not the gaps and appreciate everyone and everything, including yourself and current circumstances every single day.

✨ Make your purpose to live joyfully every single day. You win in health, wealth and happiness while sprinkling a lot of magic 🪄 to everyone you connect with.

✨ Don’t confuse “that’s who I am” as a personality trait. Most of the time its not just identity that keeps you stuck it’s a lack of skills that is also the true reason. Develop your skills and you will also shift and strengthen your identity. Constantly be investing in developing your skills in all areas of your life - business, marketing, sales, tech, emotional, social, and most importantly communication and negotiation skills (these last two the majority of the world truly suck at so avoid conversations, invoke a lot of confusion and drama for fear of conflict and miss out on a tonne of opportunity).

✨ Question EVERYTHING! Especially challenge and question your own limiting beliefs and BS stories of why you can’t/won’t/ don’t - wah wah wah! Hold higher standards for yourself and LIVE them!

I’ve got more…

But it’s time for school pick up. [It was when I first wrote this as a social post, but as I repost this here in my blog, we're about to go off fishing while you read it!].

Did you find value in this blog post? If yes, let me know below 👇

I appreciate you all xx