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15 Signs That You Are A Healer

empath energy healing intuition & spirituality Apr 13, 2021

Are you an Energy healer but perhaps don’t even know it? Or maybe you do, but not sure yet what to DO with that? 


What is energy healing? It’s the ability to shift unseen energies for healing of the individual (self or others) and for the greater good of the collective. 


You may be drawn to healing roles such as a psychologist, doctor, nurse, paramedic (like I was), vet or maybe even a role in social services. Even if you are drawn to these roles, you may also be pulled to ‘alternative’ therapies as part of your integrative practice. But more likely you are drawn to a different kind of healing service, like massage, reflexology, reiki, acupressure, aromatherapy, emotional freedom technique (EFT), kinesiology, sound healing, shamanic healing, distance healing, neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), Psych-K, crystal healing or one of the many ways energy healing can be facilitated. 

If you’re still on your path of awakening to your intuitive abilities to serve you in your role as a healer for the global collective consciousness shift, there may be some signs below to guide you awakening to your full potential to heal.


15 Signs That You Are A Healer



1. Strangers gravitate to you and tell you things they wouldn’t share with anybody else

Random people, or even dear friends, seek you out and share stuff with you that is quite intimate, or sacred. You may be out at an event or at the shopping centre. People just open up to you, and share their heart and soul. It just tumbles out of their mouth, and sometimes feels like a ‘dump’ on you. They leave feeling lighter, while often you may be left feeling the energetic load they just deposited. As an awakened and skilled energy healer your leadership role in the global consciousness shift is the ability to transmute this into love energy. 


2. You’re highly sensitive to other people’s energy and emotions

Your nervous system often feels like you have double the wiring, and highly sensitive, even reactive, to the outer world. It can leave you feeling exhausted and burned out. You feel other people’s energy. You’re highly aware of the emotions of others around you. Maybe you even tap into the emotions of others at a distance too. If so, you are likely to be an Empath. You’re Highly Sensitive. The core role of an empath is to be a healer and transmute low vibrational energies to love.

The journey of the Empath Healer is a difficult path. It’s not easy. But it's worth it. And there is a reason for the trials and tribulations you go through in order to learn to harness and master your own energy.

If you’re not yet initiated as a healer, or you are still a ‘wounded healer’ you will likely take on these energies of others and often confuse them as your own. If you are not yet skilled in healthy boundaries or in your ability to quickly transmute these energies to raise your vibration again, and contribute to raising the global collective vibration, you will hold onto these energies as your own, which become ‘energy blocks,’ manifesting them with imbalanced health as dis-ease, illness, suffering, or disharmony with relationship difficulties or disruption to cash flow with financial energy blocks and hardships. 


3. Crowded places are not your thing; you often do everything you can to avoid them

Gah! The overload and overwhelm of all the thought forms, or dense or negative energy that you pick up in your body can be intense in crowds, unless you are with a highly elevated vibrational group. You can’t help but pick up on these energies, even if it’s just a sense of dread or doom that you feel in your body. Or a gut feeling that wrenches you with an uneasy feeling. 


4. You have experienced high levels of drama or trauma in your life, which you have developed resilience and emotional skills to overcome (or recognise this is your path to learn these skills)

Narcissistic abuse is a common experience for Empath healers. And it’s likely you have had more than your fair share of entanglements with sociopaths or psychopaths who have played games with you. You will recognise these entities as the ‘charm and harm’ type. Who idolises you then devalues you and ultimately results in an unconscionable discard leaving you feeling confused and chasing every thought to try and understand what happened!

Most often, healers have experienced traumatic family dynamics from the time they were born, or from a very young age; having grown up in a family unit not feeling fully safe, seen or valued.  Often there is the childhood experience of neglect, abuse, substance abuse or addiction, or a parent simply not being emotionally present. Growing up you could see through people’s agendas, misdeeds and lies, but possibly you were shut down for your abilities and truth if you spoke up. Survival, emotionally, mentally or physically, of course is a common theme.

You learned to adapt to carry on. BUT, these adaptations no longer work for you. If you haven’t yet resolved them, they are limiting you from fully activating your leadership role as a healer at this time. 

For you need to heal yourself, before you can truly heal others with mastery. 


5. You have been through, or going through, a ‘dark night of the soul’ to clear old energetic patterns that no longer serve you.

This can feel lonely and isolated. Like no one else ‘gets’ you. It’s a spin cycle, as often most of the old relationships in your life, and roles you have played, start to fall away. All that you have known, that the ego has clung to in order to ‘survive and feel safe’ is breaking down. As scary as that might be, it’s actually a wonderful thing. Your soul is calling you to awaken.

Like the caterpillar that has finished its role in consuming, then spins its cocoon to literally let go of every cell to liquify and transform, you too will alchemise through the ‘dark night of the soul’ ready to soon emerge and fly, like a butterfly. 


6. You know you’re a spiritual being, having a human experience

Maybe you felt like you were born on the wrong planet! Or maybe you have always been more aware of the spiritual world and quantum field of consciousness. You know you are more than your body, or at least have always suspected so. You love to drift off in deep thought. You ponder deeply and ask ‘Why?’ questions often. You’re open minded and a critical thinker. You seek truth, you sense energy, so you happily delve into the world of the spirit, which can be during your wakeful state or often in your dreams where visions or animal totems often appear to you. You know you are multidimensional and other realms appeal to you, which may cause you to withdraw and be introverted, perhaps even seem ‘aloof’ at times by others, as you detach from others to seek solace, being on your own and re energising away from others so that you can recharge with Divine Force energy.


7. You’re the ‘black sheep’ in your family, the odd one out.

You’re intuitive, sensitive to energies of your familial patterns and the family drama, and quick to take on the burden of responsibility. 

Your empathic gifts for feeling deeply about your own pain and that of others are not in vain. Your soul contract is to participate in healing unresolved familial pain left unresolved to by your ancestors.

Take a moment to consider the family ‘ties’ and contributions to not only giving you life, but transferring energetic coding. Close your eyes for a moment and imagine your parents behind you, then their parents make four. Now add their parents, which make eight. And just five generations back, add their parents and that is now sixteen people added. Six generations double again and make thirty-two. Seven generations now makes sixty-four. Eight generations make one hundred and twenty eight. Double that just a few more times and by the time you are twelve generations back you have over four thousand people who have collectively put together their DNA and their energetic coding to make you.

That’s quite the ‘wild fire wall’ to stand up to. And it takes a brave soul. You are AMAZING! You chose that soul contract to be brave enough to heal your family, and play a part of the collective consciousness rising. Yay you!

Everything is energy. Energy unresolved becomes energy blocks. Your role is to bring healing, balance and harmony to your familial lines and resolve your family karma. 

Karma is passed down through the generations, and looks like turbulence in health such as cancer, negative health patterns, drug and alcohol addictions, and failed marriages that end up in violence or divorce, family fallouts, incarcerations, the abuse, the mother/father wounds, and abandonments.

Being the ‘odd one out’ and sensing the pain and suffering of the family, as well as enduring your own has shaped you for your role and the resilience has prepared you and empowered you to bring change to your familial dynamic. To heal yourself, you heal your family in generations past, present and your future. You heal the world. That's a pretty magnificent role you've taken on and playing; kinda sucks though without the handbook, right? (Don't worry, I've got you covered... keep reading).


8. Often you feel alone, and that no one else ‘gets’ you

You often feel like your struggles are unique, taking on burdens that others dismiss or simply don’t see. This can lead to the tendency of feeling lonely. 

It’s likely you are known for being overly sensitive, so tend to withdraw and maybe even shut people out. You know you’re different, but it doesn’t always feel good to be called different, or ‘crazy’ by those who cast judgement on you or put you down for your difference, rather than celebrate you. So out of fear of criticism or judgement or not being accepted for who you are, it's often easier to withdraw, and be alone.

The thing is, in order to heal, you need to feel safe. So it’s important that you gravitate to and embrace your tribe of like-minded souls, where you can open up in a safe, and sacred space to heal, and enhance your abilities to then help others to heal.

Know this, you are different, because you’re here to make a difference in the world, with your ability to heal, with love and light. 


9. You’re highly sensitive and anticipate other people’s needs, often at the expense of your own.

Because you’re so aware of other people’s emotions and often due to the early childhood survival strategies to anticipate meeting other people’s needs in order to meet your own, these patterns usually perpetuate into adulthood. 

But it also creates internal conflict. Why? Because when you believe your way of the world is ‘normal’ (and it’s not), the mistake often is believing other people should be just as good at reading and anticipating your own needs. This can lead to a pattern of not asking for help or being explicit with what you need. Your needs left unsaid and unattended to, can create emotional discordance within, even resentment. The thing is, the programming of meeting other people’s needs, and expecting yours to be met by others, defaults to codependency, rather than learning to meet your own needs in a satisfactory way, or practicing asking people with discernment and non-attachment. The fear of not having your needs met is heightened by the fear of rejection with a “no”. So you don’t ask. Until you learn to do so, with grace and non-attachment. There is a critical distinction to be aware of; asking and accepting a ‘no’ is a request. Asking and expecting a ‘yes’ is  a demand. The idea of being rejected is so painful and overwhelming that the pattern of habitual programming to take care of everyone else is a distraction and plausible ‘cause’ why you rarely take the time to have your own needs met, even through your own actions, giving time, energy and resources to yourself. 


10. You feel COMPELLED to help others, no matter what.

Related to point nine above, this is often a dual force. To avoid the pain of not having your own needs met, and knowing what that feels like, you lean in and help others. If you’re in the stage of your journey as a healer where you are still trying to ‘fix’ others, it is often a root cause related to poor boundaries and lack of ability to discern what is your energy, and what is others. What is their karma, and what is yours. What is their responsibility, and what is yours, as well as what is not.

Working on healthy boundaries, giving time to yourself and practicing self care is a spiritual discipline that leads to wisdom and the ability to actually discern energy, so that you know what to transmute, when to transmute and how to transmute without interference to yourself or others. 


11. Exhaustion, low energy and burnout are regular cycles you experience, so you retreat to regroup and gain energy, but that often hurts your life financially, professionally and your health.

Low vibrational energy, fear, doubt, worry, lethargy, body aches and pains for inexplicable reasons or cycles of exhaustion and burn out are classic symptoms of irregular or non existent boundaries - emotionally, mentally, physically, spiritually or financially. Over-giving is linked with co-dependence. Taking care of other people’s needs at the cost of your own, is playing the role of the Martyr. Believing or acting like your needs don’t matter, or are less valuable or not as important than anyone else’s is a magnet for the takers, narcissists, and vampires to you. They will bleed your energy dry.

So don’t do that.

The way to enhance your vital force energy is to first love yourself, and to create healthy boundaries with consistent practice of application. If you’ve regularly taught people over the years and perhaps decades that you place their needs above yours, there WILL BE pushback. So expect that. It’s YOUR JOB to stand in your power, with love, kindness and grace. If you want your situation and your health to change YOU need to BE the change. And it’s not comfortable. But the more you get comfortable being uncomfortable, the more you will stand in your power with love and light. Those that you previously allowed to use you for your energy will fall away and create space for energy givers, who contribute to your life force energy, and co create a wonderful reality with you, instead of you sacrificing your dreams, goals, body, mind and soul for theirs. 


12. You prefer nature to the concrete jungle.

Being in nature revitalises you. Even if it’s for a short time. As an apprentice healer on your journey you may not yet be comfortable being alone with your own thoughts out in the wilderness for too long. But as an awakened soul there is nothing else that provides as much pleasure. Either way, you need to be grounded, connected with Mother Earth, as the frequencies and ‘hub bub’ of the concrete jungle and the busyness of buildings, people and industrialisation makes you feel off balance and even frenetic.


13. You absorb other people’s negative energy like a sponge, even when you try not to.

Because you’re so sensitive and aware of emotional energy, it’s pretty hard to take when you’re around others especially if they are negative, even if they are ‘nice’ on the surface. You can feel the low vibrations and ‘bad vibes’ of anyone, especially when they try to hide it. Even with healthy boundaries, being privy to the sights, sounds, and feelings of others can often simply feel “too much.”


14. You are a peacemaker, often at the cost of your own sanity.

Whether it’s because you sense bad vibes or ‘fighting energy’ and want to help provide a resolution or perhaps it’s simply so that you don’t have to feel the runoff, you naturally want to step in and help create peace. After all, life would be so much better for everyone, including you, when all is right in the world, wouldn’t it?


15. Addictive tendencies are a challenge for you.

Family karma plays a huge part in this. And because as energy healers we’re often bonded invisibly to others sometimes we take on the patterns to unconsciously carry the burden, other times it’s because we literally are trying to escape the sensory overload. It only works marginally for a little while, but the body habits can carry through the repetition long after there are any benefits left to gleam. The beauty of experiencing and overcoming any addictions, be it food, drug or alcohol, work, sex, or anything that controls our life, is to discover how to harness and master our energy, to control positive and powerful thought, to consciously create and live the best version of ourself and our life.


How to activate your ability to heal and step in to your role as a healer


If you found yourself nodding all the way through, and wondering what next, you don’t have to go through some long winded certification or training for years to become a doctor, a nurse, or a role in the medical model, to be an effective healer, unless you feel one of those arenas are your soul’s calling. 


But you don’t need to go into one of those modalities in order to heal others. Simply by working in a field that you love, allows you to emit more love which is healing in its own right. You can use your gifts and by trusting your intuition, allow that to guide you in how to apply yours. Do you have the gift of healing with written words, or of speaking? Or perhaps the gift of discernment or insight in order to counsel others? Perhaps you know you have the gift of physical touch, able to sense and transmute energies. Or, your Soul's calling is simply through random acts of kindness, touching souls with love everywhere you go, holding space and providing hope for those who connect with you. Know that you can transform not only your life and business, but the lives of others, through love. 


You can benefit from radical healing of your body, mind, soul, relationships and even your financial health when you tune into your intuition, and heal your relationships by clearing the energy blocks, raising your vibration and tuning into your intuition. 


You can learn more about awakening to your intuitive power, healing familial wounds and manifesting the life you love to live here - Get on the waitlist for The Awakened Soul Program


Love is the frequency that unlocks your access to it all. 


Did this article resonate with you, or bring to mind someone you know? Feel free to pass on this article to someone else who will benefit from it. And if you felt any shifts simply from reading this, share below what ah-ha’s you’ve had. I'd LOVE to hear from you :)

Xx Katie