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11 Things To Do To Quickly Realise Your Dreams And Goals Into Reality

goal setting Mar 29, 2021

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Hey there, I’m Katie Joy, The Global Butterfly. In today’s episode I’m going to share with you 11 things to do to quickly realise your dreams and goals into reality now.

So, one of the key things I wanted to just check in with you and ask you, what are soul aligned heart-centred goals, what are they?

A lot of people know what goals are, or they think that they know what goals are, but they don’t necessarily activate them. But one of the key things to understand is that there is strategy to create a better quality experience for our life in many different ways. So, emotionally, mentally, physically, financially and spiritually. Definitely spiritually.

So, why even create a goal? Well, I wanted to just check in with you. There’s three main reasons why, and the first one and the most obvious one, is dissatisfied and what more satisfaction in one or more areas of your life. And two, we often tend to move away from something that’s painful though. A lot of people focus, and me too included some times, it’s like the goal becomes to moving away from something that isn’t very pleasant. And then there’s a third reason for a goal. The better reason is when we design our goals to move towards a bigger vision for our life and our life purpose. When we do that, we’re really going to be activating something truly special.

So let me share 11 things to do to quickly realise your dreams and goals into reality.


Tip #1 – Address the root cause, and the symptom will dissolve itself

Number one is to create an effective solution that you need to solve the root problem, not the symptom. I used to be a paramedic and often people would complain of their symptoms that would show up, but clearly most often unless it was trauma, but if it was medical it was always something that was symptomatic of a root cause, was the same thing with creating a goal for your life. Why do you want to create that goal? Is to create something that’s a better quality of experience for yourself. So, what is the addressing the root cause that’s creating that dissatisfaction, is really important so that you can really set a goal from around that, rather than the symptom, because when you set a goal around shifting from the root cause or clearing that out, then the symptom’s going to dissolve itself.

Tip #2 – Set a clear intention of what you DO want, not what you don’t want

Number two is set a clear intention of what you do want, not what you don’t want. Putting our attention on our intention is so important because whatever we put our focus on, our energy flows to that. And if we say, “I don’t want to be broke.” Or, “I don’t want to be fat.” Or, “I don’t want to be in a bad relationship.” We’re just going to keep getting more of that and it’s not a lot of fun. So really focus on your clear intention of what you do want. Get clear on that vision of what that looks like, feels like, sounds like, and then create that, put your energy into that.

Tip #3 – Know your reason WHY

Number three, know your reason why. Why is that intention important to you? If you don’t have a really strong why, then the inevitable is going to happen. That when you’re faced with your first challenge or the first big challenge, if the why is not bigger than the mountain or the challenge itself, then it’s very tempting to give up or just go back into your comfort zone. And it’s not a lot of fun in the comfort zone because it might be familiar, which is what really it is about, but it’s not very comfortable, in fact its suffering and we tend to yo-yo back and forth in wanting to move in and out of going towards the goals and then going back to the comfort zone. But the more you have a strong why, a reason why you’re going for the goal, the more likely that you are to succeed with it.

Tip #4 – Become aware of the negative programs

Number four, become aware of the negative programmes, the stories and the beliefs that you have associated to the goal or the lack of having it and experiencing it. When you set a goal, what are you telling yourself is available or not available to you? What are you saying to yourself and others of what you believe is possible or not possible? So, becoming aware of our stories that we say determines the beliefs that we have around it, and then we’re able to be able to shift those stories and beliefs to be more empowered, moving towards the goals that you’re wanting to create, that you’re setting a clear intention for.

Tip #5 – Do a reality assessment of where you are at NOW

Number five, do a reality assessment of where you are now. It’s a real checkup so that you can create an effective map to head in the right direction of realising your goal. It’s like setting a GPS in the car. If you don’t know where you are and/or in this case it really is more related to … you need to be able to have an awareness of where you are to where you want to go. And when you do that, if you don’t have clarity about where you are, then you’re not going to know how to get out. Imagine the old days of having the physical maps and then trying to work that out. If you don’t know where you are on the map, you wouldn’t know where to start from. And this ties back into number one of really understanding what is the root goal, the root cause or the reason why you’re wanting to create this new goal for yourself. And then when you are doing an assessment, you’re going to have a clear map to step it out and move forward with.

Tip #6 – Know the power of Positive Language: your words create your reality

Number six. This one, the power of positive language. Your words create your reality. And this ties back into the stories and the beliefs. What we say, every word we use, it resonates with a vibration. And every word we use literally shapes the way that we experience our energy and experience life reflected to us. So for example, let’s say your goal is to be your ideal weight, and maybe it’s to release 10 kilos or 20 pounds. Now, notice I said not to lose weight, because our mind doesn’t like to lose anything, but we can certainly reach our ideal weight and that might mean to release something or to just simply align with it, a healthier version of yourself.

But with regards to the power of language, it might be that, for example, shifting is part of your strategy is to shift from having processed foods and junk foods to having more healthy foods and maybe even eating a little less of the junk, but more of the organic, healthy, nutritious food. And during the transition period, often what makes us hungry is lack of adequate water. So instead of hydrating yourself, maybe there might be this initial belief or story that comes up that says, “I’m starving.” That’s language, right? Or, “I’m so hungry, I could eat a horse.” Which isn’t likely. Even if you could eat a horse, you wouldn’t eat a whole horse, you’d maybe eat a steak, but that’s really gross, and by the by.

But the point is the power of the language. Become aware of the words you’re using that shapes the images that are activated in your mind. Because that also helps set the feeling, the emotion in your body, and then how you feel is going to help drive that behaviour. So, if you’re using words that are positive and powerful, they’re going to drive you towards positive action. If you’re using negative or language that isn’t really supporting you for your dreams and your goals, well then your behaviour is going to match that as well, and you end up sabotaging what you truly want to create for yourself. So, make sure you tune in to the power of positive language.

Tip #7 – Appreciate and love yourself with what you have already created in life

Number seven, appreciate and love yourself with what you’ve already created in your life and know that you can and will achieve a goal with the right mindset, attitude, story, beliefs and action. It helps to shift your awareness from being locked up in your head to being more open-hearted, and living in the vibrational frequency of love. When you’re in that vibration, you’re attractive, you’re radiant, and you’ll be more magnetic to people and resources that align with you and your goals. So really stepping into the emotion of appreciation because what you appreciate goes up in value. If you lack that appreciation and love for yourself, well then you can only emit that you attract the same energy that you’re releasing, it will reflect back. So, if you want to experience a better quality of energy in your life then be more appreciative of yourself in life as well as loving yourself as well.

Tip #8 – Get a mentor or coach to help you reverse engineer your goal

Number eight. You want to get a mentor to help you reverse engineer your goal, and it might be a mentor or a coach and certainly a community that’s going to help you implement that and be in an environment that’s supporting you to be positive and really help you shape those new stories and beliefs that are going to help you also take action in those positive affirmative action steps to help you map it out from having someone who’s already walked the path before you, help you map it out to understand what needs to happen, not only to achieve that, but the milestones in between, and how to shape your thoughts and your beliefs and your stories and your attitude. How to take the effective right action that is more ease, graceful, joyful, and abundant while you are experiencing the journey towards achieving and accomplishing your goal, realising your dreams.

Tip #9 – Write your goals down and make a plan

Number nine, here’s a key one, you’ve got to write them down. You got to write down your goals and make a plan. You want to allow for the practical steps and the intuitive, magical guidance that comes along with it. So, writing down a goal and having a plan is like having a backbone of the body. It gives you structure and support and then having the intuitive guidance in taking the intuitive action as you go along, that’s like having the free full range of motion with your muscles and your tendons in your body. That allows you to have that flexibility and adaptability that moves as you respond with that internal GPS because you’ve got some strong structure, but you can have the playfulness of flexibility along the way.

Tip #10 – Take immediate effective consistent action

Number ten, take immediate, effective and consistent action. This is where a lot of people tend to give up, they still focusing on the magical pill or the rainbow and unicorn and it’s like, “Oh, I’ve done one step, or 10 steps and it still hasn’t accomplished.” Well, you want to be able to take massive, effective, immediate, consistent action. And using that to respond, like paying attention, responding to the feedback. The reason of failure is only feedback, and just tuning into that so that you can then step through each step and enjoy the process. Just look at it and go, “what did I learn? What could I do better and be more effective?” I love this question, what am I not yet aware of that when I become aware of it will make all of the difference? And so you can use that to really shift yourself moving forward. Kind of snuck in a bonus one there of using a power question.

Here’s a key one though, they’re all important, but this one is paramount. If you do all 10 steps and you miss out on this one, number 11, the masterful magical one, then it’s really all for nought really.

Tip #11 – Celebrate every step big and small

Number eleven, you want to celebrate every step, big and small, along the way. And that allows you to really implement the gratitude and the appreciation, the self love and allows you to enjoy and shift your energy into the magical wonder of really acknowledging the imprint of the belief and the attitude and the action that you’re taking and really appreciating that. So, make sure you celebrate every step along the way and celebrate others too, because that’s really important because it’s our subconscious mind. It says, “I’m celebrating you. Because it also reflects that it’s possible for me too.”

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