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Episode #50 Real Talk! Let's Talk About Negative Self Talk And How To Shift It

Do you experience a lot of negative mental chitter-chatter? You know, the critical and judgemental self talk?


Are you aware of how it impacts your ability to make the changes you are choosing to create your best year yet? Or of how it interferes with your ability to manifest?


Do you feel like you have a ‘negative nelly’ in your head who reminds you with negative suggestions such as:  you’re “not good enough,” “others can do this better,” “what if it’s not perfect?”  “what if I fail, again!?” 


Ready to know the secret to relieve yourself of persistent negative self talk patterns?

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • The impact of negative self-talk on your mental well-being
  • Of some of the overlooked impacts of negative self-talk
  • What is negative self-talk?
  • Some common examples to identify the patterns of self-talk in your own life
  • An example of a shift in perspective to replace negative self talk with positive affirmations —Katie putting on the 20 kilos - you masterful creator you!
  • Some practical tips to identify and shift negative self-talk patterns in your own life


So, what are you creating? Are you using the power of quality questions to direct your focus on creating your best year yet?


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Also check out the previous episode, “How To Create Your Best Year Yet: 7 Powerful Questions To Ask Yourself” to help you set your intentions and clarify your goals to create your best year yet!

In this episode I mention my free gift to help you create your best year yet: a 33-page workbook. This workbook is designed to help you get clarity and insight into your goals and create momentum, empowering you to create your best year yet.


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