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Episode #49 | My Powerful Morning Ritual: Do This ONE Thing First!

How do you create your best year yet? If creating the life of your dreams, beginning with this year, were easy — everyone would be living their dreams. 


And they can, with the right inner understanding of how to do it!


So why do most people keep reacting to life instead of creating something delicious, beautiful, meaningful, and fulfilling?


What if I were to share with you the ONE MOST IMORTANT AND POWERFUL RITUAL that I use every single day that transformed my life and the lives of those of my clients who put this into action? Would you want to discover this for yourself and implement it too? 


That’s what this episode is about—the one most important and powerful morning ritual—that,  when you do this ONE thing first, —- will make it possible for you to transform your life and create a life that you absolutely love!


So let’s get into it!


That’s where in this episode Katie will teach you HOW to use this powerful tool:


In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • What most people start their day with, and then wonder why it sucks!
  • The difference between reacting and creating - both “reacting” and “creating” have the same letters, but not the same sequence. How you organise your thoughts and where you focus your mind matters 
  • What to do first to amplify the results from this ritual (get clear on what you are creating)
  • The simple but most powerful tool that Katie (and high performance individuals such as Olympic athletes) uses as her priority morning ritual
  • The reason why creating a new relationship with your self and your future self - a new state of being to embody your vision. So it’s not ‘out there’ but ‘in here’ — you’re already living it. 
  • What are you imagining - why what you focus on is creating your reality
  • How to do this ritual correctly, to get the results you want (sign up for free workbook)
  • What to do when it doesn’t feel like it’s working (do something that you already have the neural pathways to believe you can do eg make a tuna sandwich)
  • Another powerful way to align yourself to use this tool effectively
  • Katie’s free gift to help you get clarity first to create your best year yet

Ready to make 2024 your best year yet? ♥️🔥 👈 Download my FREE, 33-page workbook designed to help you get clarity and insight with your goals and into momentum, empowering you to create your best year yet. 🌟


Also check out the previous episode, “How To Create Your Best Year Yet: 7 Powerful Questions To Ask Yourself” to help you set your intentions and clarify your goals to create your best year yet!

In this episode I mention my free giftto help you create your best year yet –  a 33-page workbook. This workbook is designed to help you get clarity and insight into your goals and create momentum, empowering you to create your best year yet.


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