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My Million Dollar Journey Online: A Testament To Vision And Courage



TODAY is a day I am CELEBRATING in a BIG WAY. And I share my message to encourage those of you with BIG DREAMS, A VISION FOR A BETTER LIFE, A LIFE OF FINANCIAL FREEDOM DOING WHAT YOU!


So if you are a heart-centred entrepreneur, healer, coach, consultant, health or well-being practitioner, teacher or creative, this message is especially for you!


Many of you know (and for those of you who don’t, let me catch you up), I first began my online entrepreneurial journey in 2006 with the launch of my gluten-free cookbook and website at the time. It went gang-busters and I spoke at events, was on TV cooking shows, was approached by sponsors for my blog and gained lots of incredible opportunities as I travelled around the world from that experience. But I let that venture 'die' not long after I experienced incredible healing on my global journeys and learned of so many ways to self-heal (including removing all the toxins that interfere with good health). So I could not, would not, identify with “Gluten-free” anymore. Not when I knew the lies told and what else is possible. 


So I invested massively in mentors all over the world in healing modalities, internet marketing, business training, and personal and professional development - to the tune of $500,000 over 10 years. 


After I had left my marriage, and separated in 2007, by early 2008 I went on a four-year world trip, fully financially free and independent from my property investing and a lot of skills learned in my Gluten Free self-publishing, blog and speaking. What many of you might not know is that my husband at the time when I married him was $250,000 in debt (and kept a heck of a lot of other secrets from me too, which ultimately his psychology and behaviours (putting it nicely) led to me untangling from his web of deceit). In just 6 years I helped shift that $250,000 in debt to $1,300,000 net worth in property assets with passive cash flow matching my income as a Paramedic. When we separated and did a 50-50 split, the truth was he got the better immediate deal (including the primary residence in Port Hedland), but I wanted the "hell out of dodge!". 


Plus, I KNEW while assets could be split, he couldn't get half my brain ----- and it was me who did all the work to build the financial freedom. 


Within 6 months of that split, I implemented everything I knew without hesitation and rebuilt my net worth back up to $1,300,000 and retired from my career as a Paramedic, financially free... now with the space and time and energy (and emotional freedom) to triple my passive cashflow strategies in another short 6 months while traveling, using my laptop!


But I was still in the learning phase really. Learning and implementing, but sort of 'dabbling.' I wasn't yet clear of my Soul's purpose (or more to the truth I knew it deep down but felt I wasn't ready for it, thinking "Who am I to lead people to transform their life when I was still figuring out my own!?")


So I distracted myself with more relationships.... dysfunctional ones. Always helping them get out of financial pickles and transforming their lives, at the cost of growth of my own. 


Back then, the naive younger version of myself had an idea that I wanted to help a man catch up to me and feel confident, not intimidated because that always then led to him pulling me down. Well, guess what, that still happened. And my strategy didn't work. It always led to more grief, pain and dealing with the fallout of emotional trauma from narcissistic abuse.


It was in early 2016 that I finally surrendered to my Soul's calling, claiming myself FIRST, including self-care, self-love, and a HUGE vision for my life. 


On this day 7 years ago, I relaunched my online coaching and course creation business with a FREE Beta 8-Day Training "Design Your Life, Live Your Dreams" 


I was 4.5 months pregnant, still hurting deeply from painful emotional wounds from my previous abusive relationship, facing a future as a single mother (and no interest or support from any other parties), aware that my properties were lagging behind in the GFC fallout but were catching up with a painful realisation they were fast becoming a money-pit.


But I took action and started. I began helping people to transform their lives with my energetic alignment and healing techniques, life-transformation strategies, online marketing skills, and being a savvy entrepreneur... and a bucket load of resilience. 


That led to me building an incredible client journey to EXPERIENCE true authentic alignment and living live on their terms. Some have continued through my "Know thyself" experience in The Awakened Soul Program, to a deeper immersion and preparation for becoming the CEO of your LIFE in "Soul Goal Academy" and then some also with their increased self-awareness, personal power and bigger dreams activated wanted to learn how I built my 100% lifestyle freedom online coaching and course creation business with my group training "Confidence, Clients & Cash KICKSTART!" group training. I even hosted two Bali Soul Sister Retreats (2017 and 2018), and a few years ago clients wanted more so I opened up my 12-month "Love, Light, Leadership Academy" MASTERMIND.


Recently, I've added a front-end super affordable "Manifesting Circle" membership to help people get started and gain quick wins with short 'focus' training. 




And during this time I faced enormous challenges:


❌ My son was waxxine (intentional typo) injured at 7 months which threw us in a spin focusing on his healing, and mine (it took a solid year and a bit to bring him back to incredible health. 

❌ 4.5 years of no consistent sleep (due to the above injuries). Single, focusing on my baby and building my business was enormously taxing. 

❌ Narrowly walked away from bankruptcy when my properties turned pear-shaped and rebuilt my financial life from scratch (since 2018). 

❌ MASSIVE BETRAYAL: Experiencing not one, but TWO actual friends I'd known for years whom I mentored steal not only my content but one of them also tried to recruit from my community (I have a loyal following so I had more than a dozen inform me of what I had already intuitively suspected). But then both also threw our friendship under the bus... GUILT most likely. But fuck, those experiences hurt more than my divorces (yes, I've had two marriages). 

❌ Conn-vid bs --- like all of us. 

❌ Balancing homeschooling and parenting with the business building as a single mum. 

❌ Given 30 days’ notice to move during the crisis experience after living 5 years in my home and stable. Into the throng of housing shortages and a flood of rental applicants. I followed my intuition which guided me to an incredible home that I live in now and have been in for 2.5 years. 

❌ Two emergency health scares with Quincy's which ultimately helped me leverage my business even more. 

❌ Several times wanting to completely quit, because I had allowed some poor quality clients who were not truly committed to taking radical full self-responsibility for their entire experience (focused on fear, lacked clarity, flip-flopped like a fish out of water) slip through who drained the fuck out of me which can also have you doubting yourself in a big way. I've since put in stringent qualifiers to make sure I ONLY work with people I CHOOSE to work with because they are A+ clients. 

❌ I'm sure there are more.. but you get the drift. 







And I've created that, because of all the beautiful people who trusted me to help them transform their lives and businesses online to live life on their terms. 




Here's the thing... 7 years, was much longer than I had hoped it would take to hit my goal of reaching my first million in business. 


I had many challenges, that most people would have used the excuse to quit. 


Some of those challenges slowed me down.. which was good for me to reevaluate and redesign, and often let go of what wasn't working --- including a lot of limiting beliefs and negative stories I used to tell myself, and others. 


But here's the other thing... 7 years of consistent results, skill development, pivoting and innovation, intuitive guidance and lots of guts.... just like when I split from my second husband and it took me just 6 months to double my net worth again, I KNOW that within these next 12-18 months I WILL make my next million in 12-18 months or less. And all because I am helping so many others also create their own freedom - emotionally, mentally, spiritually, physically, and financially. 


So I don't know who's meant to read this... but if you have read this far, I believe this message is for YOU. To encourage you, to believe in yourself, go for your dreams, and embrace the challenges along the way with an attitude of victory NO MATTER WHAT!


Feel free to share some love with me ----- I'm OPEN TO RECEIVING ♥️


Love, Light & Manifesting Miracles, Magic and More!

Xx Katie Joy


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