PODCAST 31 | Using Intuition To Get Results - With Energy Healer - Lavarna O'Malley

Lavarna O’Malley is an Energy Healer. Has a home-based practice for 22 years before working remotely, while travelling. Was still working 1:1 with clients and wondering “how can I do things differently?” This is for you if you are:

- [ ] A teacher, healer, creative, coach or consultant

- [ ] Over just working 1-1 with clients

- [ ] Wondering how you can ‘steer your ship’ in a new direction, but still feel like it’s your Calling.

- [ ] You want some help to SEE things differently, so you can DO things differently, so you can succeed in a more soul-aligned way in both your life and your business.

- [ ] You struggle with making sales, because you think it’s ‘salesy’ and ‘slimey’ and want to know how to INVITE people instead. 

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