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You're Invited! To My FREE 10-Day Online 'Soul Alignment & Business Energetics' Experience


To my FREE 10-Day Interactive Group Coaching ‘Soul-Alignment & Business Energetics’ Experience.

🗓 Dates: Monday 5th December - Thursday 10th December 2022.

❤️ It will include:

✅ A private Pop-Up Facebook Group (the hub)

✅ 10 DAILY SHORT video lessons (approx 10-15 mins each day for most days).

✅ 3 LIVE Group Coaching “Conversational Healing” Calls (Mon, Thurs, Mon).

✅ 1 LIVE Group Integration & Invitation Call on Day 10.

If you’re ready to get to the heart of what is holding you back, clear the generations of negative thinking and self destructive programming, then get excited because I’m about to offer an unprecedented and very generous FREE 10-Day interactive group coaching experience - “The Soul Alignment & Business Energetics” Experience.

🧘‍♀️ It will be like a blissful dip in a pool of calm, while having fun connecting with a community of like-minded, like-hearted souls, while I coach you and facilitate deeper conversations for healing and alignment.

😍 Over 10 days…

💫 You will discover how to reduce stress, release anxiety, rebalance your mind, body and soul and activate your full potential.

💫 You will literally shift your stress to success.

💫 I could easily charge $2,000 or more for it. But I’m going to make it available FOR FREE because with times like now, and so much stress and uncertainty, I want to give you the opportunity to find your way, and fast.

💫 I’m just going to light up the path. You will need to take the steps. But it doesn’t have to be hard work. In fact, it can be fun , joyful and even sooooooothing to your mind, body and soul.

💫 I’ll show you how.

❤️ If you’re ready and willing to take the time to do the inner work needed to be aware of some of the obstacles preventing you from healing or finding that inner peace, then this opportunity is for you.

❤️ If you’re trying to start or grow your business but feel stuck or like you’re “spinning your wheels” then this is definitely for you.

🎟️ Registration is required, and then you will be given all the final details and access to the private pop up facebook group, training and live group zoom call links. Are you ready to say "yes, YES!" to your success? If it's a "Heck, Yes!" then register here now so you can join us (it will be held in a seperate facebook pop-up group):